The Problem of Southern Azerbaijan

Say (Ref.): 546/ 2011
İlaygün (Date): 5 Sept 2011

The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva

Please circulate this Briefing Note to the following:
• Working Group on arbitrary detention (also for Fair Trials);
• Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression
• Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance
• The Independent Expert on Minority Issues
• Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges;

CC To Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the UN General Secretary
Also to: Mr. Boehner, Mr. Cantor and Mrs. Pelosi ofthe US House of Representatives
Mr Dyke and Mrs. Harrison, Amnesty International, London
Human Rights Watch and Human Rights Server, UN Habitat


Mr. Abbas Leysanli And Mrs Feranek Ferid

Dear sir/madam


TUrmu and Tebriz, the twin cities of Southern Azerbaijan watching over Lake Urmu from West and East, brought their environmental campaign to a climax on 3 September 2011 and this document updates you on the key events further to Briefing Note 1 (Ref: 545/2011 on 30 August 2011), as follows:
• The protests materialized just before 6.00 p.m. as per time in Tebriz and jus half an hour later this bold act materialized in Tebriz; both inspired each other.
• The Azerbaijani activists brought to life the protests orchestrated in the cities centres to the screen of GünAzTV, the national TV of Southern Azerbaijanis broadcasting from Chicago, not before long circa 18.30 and this was a concrete proof for the event.
• Protests then materialized in many districts of both Urmu and Tebriz
• Protesters surrounded the provincial governor’s offices in both Tebriz and Urmu but to prove that they were only focused on campaigning for saving Lake Urmu, they did not capture the offices.
• The protesters were in control of the streets and had upper hands over the security agents.
• All the Azerbaijani police forces had withdrawn from interfering with the wishes of the protesters.
• The Iranian authorities bear the full responsibilities for swamping Southern Azerbaijan by occupationist forces dispatched from Persia, who intimidated the public, disturbed the peace, committed arson, opened fire against peaceful protesters, arrested hundreds of peaceful protester, opened fire against them and wounded many; it was reported that one individual in Urmu and one in Tebriz were killed by the invading forces.
• The triumphant protestors carried on with their peaceful protests till very late in the evening
• The provocations were instigated by the invading forces, depriving the protestors of their human rights to protest.
• All the slogans were in Azerbaijani Turkic and focused on the deliberate disaster of Lake Urmu.
• All the other major cities of Southern Azerbaijan were militarized by the invading forces of Iran and in spite of these tense conditions, mini protests materialized in Salmas and Qoshachay.
• The demands of the protestors are clear and an example is presented in Table 1.

This Briefing Note just aims to provide you an overview and therefore we have not compiled the names of the detainees which have been published in Southern Azerbaijani websites. The various media outside Southern Azerbaijan have covered the news in some detail but they were comparatively economical with truth. For instance, the BBC covered the event ( but was contented with technical detail. In the circumstance, not providing the full information but sufficing to the official news is the appeasement of the Iranian authorities. Equally, we hold that silence is only the appeasement of the Iranian aggression again the Southern Azerbaijani environmentalists. We therefore expect actions from your office and equally from Amnesty International. We are surprised for insufficient actions from all the democratic and human rights organizations. Such silence also encourages the Iranian opposition groups to fuel their misinformation campaigns and carry on with their racist propaganda by misappropriating the events as the acts of the Iranians against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although the policies of Iran are disastrous to Southern Azerbaijan, but the ongoing protest are only for saving Lake Urmu and the Iranian-centric oppositions must stop politicizing this campaign. If all of the democratic measures are exhausted, the nation of Azerbaijan in Southern Azerbaijan will explore all the other options. We also draw your attention that the Kurdish terrorism and their sympathisers are plagiarizing the ongoing Azerbaijani protests as a pretext for inciting racial conflicts, one possible example is given in Table 2. Disinformation sustained by the democratic organisations encourages such terrorist sympathizers to feather the ongoing Southern Azerbaijani popular protests for their own nests by misappropriation.

Although we aaim to compile the names later, we would like to bring our concern to your attention that the Iranian authorities are increasing harassing Mr Abbas Leysanli, the veteran activist of Southern Azerbaijan in Erdebil. Mrs Feranek Ferid, has also been reported to be detained, who is a veteran feminist, human rights defender and an activist of Southern Azerbaijani activist.

Also, Southern Azerbaijan needs your support, otherwise racist elements in Iran and terrorists are already engaged with feathering this peaceful environmental campaign for their own nests and in this way, they aim to perpetuate the damage being inflicted on Lake Urmu. We are very hopeful that you will act according to your mandates to save Lake Urmu and make representations for the reinstatement of human rights of the Southern Azerbaijani victims of the aggression by the Iranian authorities.

Yours faithfully,
Boyuk Resuloglu

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis

Table 1 One of Typical Communiqués issued by Southern Azerbaijani Activists Laying Down the Demands of the Protesters

The Source Document is given in Oyrenchi News:

This statement is a communiqué warning against the racist invading Persians and demands the followings:
1. Release immediately and unconditionally the arrested, detained and all the prisoners of conscience
2. Release the embanked water in all the dams constructed, [which all have been constructed in recent years] and stop animosity against the environment of Azerbaijan
3. Discard all the dams constructed on ad hoc basis without studying their impacts
4. Reinstate the status of Azerbaijani Turkic as the official language of (Southern) Azerbaijan and as one of the official languages of Iran and stop disallowing educatin in Azerbaijani Turkic throughout the Turkic territories of Iran, including Kerej and Tehran.
5. Stop sabotaging against the national heritage of Southern Azerbaijan.
6. Observe freedom of expression and press in all media based on Azerbaijani Turkic without fettering them
7. Stop plundering Southern Azerbaijani natural resources
8. Maintain sustainable factories and industry in Azerbaijan to help job creation programs
9. Governance in Southern Azerbaijan must be undertaken by Azerbaijani natives elected democratically by Azerbaijanis without the interference from the invading central forces and without meddling acts of the Guardian Council.
10. Stop denigrating and insulting culture against the honourable nation of Azerbaijan in Southern Azerbaijan by Persian Media.
11. Remove immediately all the corrupt and repressive forces and their headquarters from Southern Azerbaijan including the basij (paramilitary mobilization forces) and the agents of Ministry of Information (notorious Ettelaat)
12. The authorities with any business in Azerbaijan must stop politicization of Southern Azerbaijani affairs and they must retrained against their racist mindset and habits.
13. The Iranian authorities must comply with their international obligations specified by self determination clauses for all the ethnic nations in Iran and specifically for the 35 million nation of Turks in Southern Azerbaijan.

Table 2 An Instance Seemingly Showing that the Apparent Sympathisers of Kurdish Terrorism are Feathering Southern Azerbaijani Environmental Protests for their Own Nest.

A Brief Analysis of the Coverage of the Southern Azerbaijani Environmental Campaigns by sympathisers of Kurdish Terrorism
The captions implants slanderous such as looter but does not expressly states it and then gives a number of captions related to the protests in Tebriz.
Another caption states:

“This video, handed to us by a trusted activist, claims to show a wounded protester in Tabriz”

This implies that the protestors/activists are working hand-in-hand with this site owners
1806 GMT: We're keeping our eyes on Urmia and Tabriz, but we have other dramatic developments today in Iran.

The text suddenly is dubbed with the information concerning murderous PJAK/PKK acts and their Iranian counterparts. This is completely irrelevant to the title of the page and protests in Southern Azerbaijan. The dubbed text reads as:

Iranian officials are claiming that they have killed 30 Kurdish dissidents, alleged members of the PJAK, in the mountains near the Iraqi border.
A member of the PKK in Turkey confirmed the developments:
"After realising that the Iranian forces are not only targeting the PJAK party but targeting all Kurds and their achievements, for this reason we announce that from now on we will start fighting the Iranian forces side-by-side with PJAK fighters," Dozdar Hamo told Reuters
"From now on we will start to cooperate directly to support the PJAK and together defend the achievements of the Kurdish people."

1759 GMT: HRANA is now confirming the existence of protests, arrests, and clashes in Tabriz and Urmia. Without independent media, so far the student movement is still the only source regularly updating. However, activists in Iran have also been able to confirm that live ammunition has been used in Tabriz and Urmia.

The above text all of sudden concerns Southern Azerbaijan.

The coverage then is completely meddled and is neither here no there. A crafty way of creating confusion and distracting straight environmental campaign orchestrated by Southern Azerbaijanis.


Azərbaijani Turkic

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