The Problem of Southern Azerbaijan


No.: 519/2009

Date: 17 December  2009

For the attention of Mr. Ban, kKi-moon, the General Secretary of the United Nations;

The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva,

Please circulate this letter to:

·         Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

·         The Independent Expert on Minority Issues

·         The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

CC  Mr. Drewery Dyke and Mrs. Ann Harrison, Amnesty International, London

Also:   Helsinki Committee for Human Rights/ Oslo bransh

Dear sir/madam,


Please find enclosed General Communication 6, outlining the ongoing unacceptable conditions imposed by the Iranian authorities in Southern Azerbaijan.  We have consistently reflected in our past communications that Iran not only fails to fulfil the due “responsibilities to protect” Southern Azerbaijanis but is deliberate in violating THEIR human and national rights.  Our reasons have included: collusion of the Iranian justice system with the will of racially motivated Iranian politicians; the subservience of Iranian security agents and paramilitary nebulous forces to repress with their iron fist and deny Southern Azerbaijanis even the most basic human rights of education in mother language; the virtue of the Iranian politics is founded on telling lies even using religion for the preservation of their imagined supremacy of their “Aryan race.” In fact, President Ahmedinejad was re-elected by this very “virtue” of cheat and telling a lie.  The achievement of this brand of governance is very costly to Southern Azerbaijan, where the Lake Urmu is drying and thereby poised towards a catastrophe by meeting the fate of the Aral Sea in a few years time; the environment in Southern Azerbaijan is deteriorating; climate change has its toll on the nation and yet the Iranian authorities have no policies other than fragmenting Southern Azerbaijan and detaining activists arbitrarily and at will. Unfortunately, we do not have adequate resources to provide you with all the evidence for the above claims, although we reckon you are aware of the situation.  We have planned to provide you with the following by close of this year:

1.      This communication provides you with an overview since the last one (Ref 518/2009, 26 October 2009)

2.      A Communication on Mr Seid Metinpur

3.      A Communication on Mr. and Mrs. Fershi

This Communication is an outline of arbitrary detentions and the sentences issued by the Iranian authorities to Southern Azerbaijani activists.  They are just few examples of gagging activists after prolonged court proceedings, indecisions and constant harassments and threats.  As a rule, their trials have been carried out in closed courts often without access to lawyers of their choosing and if they have a lawyer, their service and representation are hampered by a host of obstacles.

Whilst the focus of the international media has been on the hyped Iranian presidential election and its consequences, one positive outcome was to expose the illegitimacy of the Ahmedinejad’s administration as a pretext for the future international interventions should the Iranian Nuclear threat realise.  At the same time, this episode also exposed the naivety of the international organisations by not challenging the propaganda to overlook the ongoing singular Iranian racial policy in favour of the Farsi-speaking ethnic minority.  Even credible international human rights organisations have forgotten their obligation towards non-Farsi speaking nationalities in Iran and are upbeat about pan-Iranist velvet revolutionaries, who are nothing more than disguised theocrats.  The integrity of the Universal Human Rights Declaration is now undermined as its defenders fail to defend the anti-racist movement in Iran but are entangled with the Iranian politics, although speaking up against the Iranian authorities is a good thing but this is not systematic and therefore insufficient.

Below we present instances of arbitrary acts of the Iranian authorities against Southern Azerbaijanis by presenting you with 8 reportages.

Reportage 1: In relation to the marking of the Anniversary of the National Government of Southern Azerbaijan, which was formed in 12 December 1945 after a democratic election but was violently overthrown by the Iranian invasion in 1946, the following individuals have been deprived of their liberty (One of the sources:

  1. Mustafa Evezpur,
  2. Hidayet Zakir,
  3. Ehmed Valayi,
  4. Jelal Mehemmedi,
  5. Mehemmedrza Mehemmed-khani,
  6. Ibrahim Asmani, and
  7. Isa Qurban Elizade.

All of the above7 activists were arrested on December the 9th in Tebriz.  Also another group of activists were rounded up on December the 9th in Tebriz while taking part in a private party. They are:

  1. Seid Chelebianlu,
  2. Rza Gerdani,
  3. Jemal Tesudian,
  4. Behram Behimi,

Although some have been released on bail but the point is that this is a ploy by the Iranian authority to gag the Southern Azerbaijani activists, particularly when they are marking anniversaries.

Reportage 2: The prison authority in Erdebil is increasing their pressure on the jailed Southern Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience in a variety of ways including exposing them to dangerous criminals or those who are drug addicts or are inflicted with illnesses.  These prisoners of conscience were jailed on 29 October 2009 by an arbitrary prison sentence of one year and their names are (One of the sources:

  1. Vedud Seadeti
  2. Rehim Qulami,
  3. Behruz Elizade

Also the other prisoners of conscience in Erdebil prison include:

  1. Eli Abbasi
  2. Mehemmed-eli Narubi
  3. Mehemmed-rehim Narubi and
  4. Omer Chayraz

Reportage 3: Southern Azerbaijanis orchestrated their protests against racist jokes while the Iranian velvet protests (so call Green movements, which has nothing to do with the environment) were being staged managed by pan-Iranists.  We have provided you a detailed account of the protests (Ref:  516/2009 on 3 June 2009) and now confirm that a group of Southern Azerbaijanis have been arbitrarily jailed in Tebriz prison for exercising their democratic rights for 91 days and 30 lashes postponed for 2 years.  These prisoners of conscience were tried in a closed court and were deprived of the right of access to a lawyer and their names are (one of the sources

  1. Abdullah Sidduqi,
  2. Ferid Baghirzade
  3. Armin Shakiran Vehidi
  4. Barat Dad-ger
  5. Babek Mineqi (a filmmaker)
  6. Esger Qedimi

The following activists are still subject to the prolonged indecision related to the same episode:

  1. Nadir Bekhtaver
  2. Jahanbekhsh Bekhtaver
  3. Mehdi Imani
  4. Eli Imani
  5. Hamid Hesenzade

And yet other activists are undergoing the Iranian kangaroo court procedures are (one of the sources:

  1. Behnam Sheykhi
  2. Mahmud Ojaqlu

Reportage 4: The prisoner of conscience Eli Huseyn-nejad Esl has been detained by Iranian authorities in the Southern Azerbaijani city of Maki (Maku) in the province of West Azerbaijan for more than two months but his family still has no information on him (

Reportage 5: Ibadet Mededi Nigarstan is another prisoner of conscience in Tebriz prison deprived of his liberty by Iranian authorities for taking part in the May 2006 Mass Protests, which swept throughout Southern Azerbaijan against the racist cartoon published in an official Iranian daily periodical.  This prisoner of conscience was sentenced to 34 months of imprisonment on 16 December 2006 but after his appeal, the Iranian authorities still arbitrarily sentenced him to 8 months (one of the sources:

Reportage 6: Jemshid Zarei was also jailed on 22 November 2009 in Tebriz prison.  This prisoner of conscience was arrested in 11 May 2008 and was arbitrarily sentenced to 6 months of punitive imprisonment but this was reinforced after the victim’s appeal on 9 February 2009.

Reportage 7: A group of Southern Azerbaijani activists were arrested on 23 May 2009 for marking the Anniversary of the May 2006 Mass Protests and they were tried recently with arbitrary sentences passed as follows (one of sources:

  1. Ferdin Muradpur (6 years)
  2. Murtaza Muradpur (3 years)
  3. Resul Bedeli (2 years)
  4. Eli Bedeli (6 months)
  5. Emin Pasha Qarabaghı (6 months)
  6. Jelal Receb zade (6 months)
  7. Areş Eshqi (6 months)

Reportage 8: There is no end to arbitrary Iranian Kangaroo courts against Southern Azerbaijani activists and one such was stage on 20 November 2009, where the victims were ( :

  1. Hesen Abdullahi
  2. Mehbub Budaqi
  3. Feraz Zehtab
  4. Hebib Averide
  5. Hesen Asyabi
  6. Mehemmed-rza Hashimi

Or another trial staged on 11 November 2009 trying the following victims: (

  1. Jemshid Zarei
  2. Vehid Sheykh Beylu
  3. Nima Pur-Yaqub

Nearly 50 names of Southern Azerbaijani activists listed above for just one month, who are either prisoners of conscience or victims of Iranian arbitrary acts of suppressions and gagging orders.  None of these victims are engaged with minding the business of the Iranian authorities but they follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as without agreeing to these principles and acting in accordance with them, it is ridiculous to contemplate democracy.  Therefore, the national movement of Southern Azerbaijan rigorously upholds the identity of the Azerbaijani Turk in Iran and demand the right of education in mother language through the reinstatement of the official status of the Azerbaijani Turkic Language in Iran, all in accordance with the Universal Human Right Declaration.  Now that even the credible international organisations are appeasing the singular racial policies of Iran by indulging with the short-termism of the Pan-Farsist Green movement, the UN’s High Commission on Human Rights remain the only organisation entrusted with the mandate to defend human rights in Southern Azerbaijan.  We rally for your strong representations against the Iranian authorities reminding their responsibilities for the protection of the nation of Southern Azerbaijan by stopping their singular racial policies.  

Thank you in advance for your campaigns

Yours faithfully,

Boyuk Resuloglu : chairman 

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis

Azərbaijani Turkic

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