No.: 458/2007

Date: 22 July  2007

The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva,

            Please circulate this Communication to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on human rights defenders, also this of interest to: 

·         Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers

·         The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

·         Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

·         The Independent Expert on Minority Issues

CC    Mr. Dyke and Mrs. Harrison, Amnesty International, London

         UNESCO and various news media


Seid Metinpur

A Southern Azerbaijani prisoner of conscience

Seid in his wife’s words

Here is a modern Prometheus and enchained; enchained for discovering the secret of ‘immortality’; but there will come a time for undoing the chains, after which the wounds shall be healed.


Dear sir/madam


Please find enclosed a new Communication on Mr. Seid Metinpur for safeguarding human rights of this distinguished human rights defender of Southern Azerbaijan, who is being persecuted arbitrarily by Iranian authorities. The documents provided for your attention are:

Table 1: The translation of a short essay by Mr. Metinpur’s wife to introduce her husband for whom defending human rights is the ‘secret of immortality’ and the engine of the national movement of South Azerbaijan

Table 2: The Communication form for the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on human rights defenders, using published information and those from our own sources

We would like to remind you that this is our second Communication on Mr. Metinpur (the first Communication is: 446/2007 on 4 March 2007). However, he was released on 3 March 2007 after compiling an arbitrary case against him. This second Communication is on a separate account and coincides with the Anniversary of the May 2006 Mass Protests. His name was included in our collective communication (Ref: 457/2007 on 4 July 2007).

We would like to stress once again that in compiling this Communication, we have not consulted with Mr. Metinpur’s family or anyone else for that matter. It is necessary to mention this to manage the risk of reprisal by the Iranian authorities against him and his family.

Mr. Metinpur is one of more than hundred individuals who are being persecuted for marking the anniversary of the May 2006 Mass Protests by the nation of Southern Azerbaijan. It is known that he is being subjected to torture and therefore if you have not already acted on this case and the case of Mr. Jelil Qenilu, we would urge you for an immediate action. Thank you in advance for your care.

Yours sincerely,

Boyuk Resuloglu

Chairperson of the Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis


Table 1  Mrs. Etiyye Metinpur’s Essay on her Husband

For Seid,

Now, it is 43 days but I have not been without him even for a moment. I believe in him and every minute my belief on him is getting stronger.

I am addressing Seid, who has never talked behind anyone; has not taken cover behind any philosophy; he has never manipulated others by flattering some and betraying others; he has persevered in search of the wellspring of humanity; his lifelong ambition has been to be himself. He has never resorted to violence or illegal means in order to achieve his beliefs.

In May 2006, we all bear witness that how he took the risk in order to remove the risk of violence from the [national] movement [of Southern Azerbaijan]. It was full of risks to Seid to deliver a speech among the fellow protestors. Knowing all the risks, he accepted them for the reason that he is a man of substance.

He is neither a person contemplating plagiaries of ideas, nor an activist without a knowledge-base, but he is an individual who believes in himself.

All his traits are in tandem to make a highly polished individual and as such, an extremely ripe or vulnerable one for arbitrary treatments and subsequently to be jailed without trial. I am calm deep in my heart, as there is no able individual in the whole world to undermine this faith in any slightest way. On the other hand, the inability to undermine such a faith induces a perpetual restlessness on the perpetuators.

Here is a modern Prometheus and enchained; enchained for discovering the secret of ‘immortality’; but there will come a time for undoing the chains, after which the wounds shall be healed.

Date: 10 July 2007

Document: The Source Document               

متن زیر نوشته ایست از طرف عطیه برای سعید به عنوان یک دوست

برای سعید

۴۳  روز می گذرد و من هیچ لحظه ای بدون  سعید نبوده ام . به او ایمان دارم و هر لحظه در ایمان قلبی ام به او استوارتر می شوم .

به او که پشت هیچ کس سنگر نگرفته ، نقاب هیچ فلسفه ای را به چهره نزده ، کسی را به اوج نبرده تا کسی دیگر را بر زمین نکوبد ، از بسیاری لذت ها چشم پوشیده تا گوهر انسانیت به دست او لکه دار نشود ، تمامی تلاشش بر این بوده که خودش باشد و خودش .در مسیر عملی کردن باورهای خود کوچکترین عمل خشونت آمیز و غیر قانونی را مرتکب نشده است .

 در خرداد ماه ۸۵ همه شاهد بودند که چگونه خود را به خطر افکند تا حرکت به خشونت نیانجامد . سخنرانی در میان آن جمع برای سعید سراپا خطر بود و او کاملا آگاه از این خطر ، ولی چون انسان در باورهای او اصالت دارد این خطر را پذیرفت .

 او نه به پز روشنفکری قناعت کرده که زحمات فلاسفه و روشنفکران دنیا را نشخوار کند ونه عملگر بی علمی است که چشم به دهان دیگران دوخته باشد و مهم تر از همه ی اینها به باورهایش ایمان دارد .

همه ی این ویژگی های انسانی دست در دست هم داده اند تا سعید به یک مجرم تبدیل شده و بی محاکمه زندانی شود . من در اعماق قلبم آرامم چون هیچ قادر زمینی را توانایی آن نیست که ایمان را به زنجیر کشد و این ناتوانی آرامش آنها را تا ابد سلب خواهد کرد.

" پرومته ی در زنجیر ، به همان جهت که راز پیروزی خود را یافته است ، از بند نیز رسته خواهد شد و جراحاتش درمان خواهد یافت  ."


























Table 2           Communication on Mr. Seid Metinpur

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General on human rights defenders

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

United Nations

1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

FAX:  (41 22) 917 90 06

1.         Information regarding the alleged victim

1.1       Full name

            Seid Metinpur (His name was also transcribed by Amnesty International from the Arabic script according to Farsi, as Sa’id Metinpour)

1.2       Age

            20 September 1975

1.3       Sex


1.4       Profession or occupation


1.5       Place of residence (or origin, if relevant to the violation suffered)

            The Southern Azerbaijani city of Zengan, in Iran

1.6       The victim’s affiliation, if any, with an organization, association or group engaged in human rights work:

            Please refer to the attachment

1.6.1    Name of the organization, association or group

Please refer to the attachment

1.6.2    Name of the person heading the organization, association or group

            The victim is a human right defender and a webblog writer. He is independent and as far as we know he is not affiliated to any organisation because any organisation not affiliated to Hezbullah is normally persecuted in Iran, especially in Southern Azerbaijan.

1.6.3    Nature of human rights work the individual performs

1. He was outspoken in defence of Rza Abbasi (see our Communication: Ref: 433/2007 on 3 January 2007-02-28)

2. He is an arduous campaigner for the mother language of Azerbaijani Turkic, see the attached list

3. He was detained recently, see our Communication Ref.: 446/2007 on 4 March 2007

1.7       If the alleged violation is against an organization:


1.7.1    Name of the organization


1.7.2    Nature of the human rights work/activities it is engaged in

            An important theme in victim’s activities is the defence of mother language and promoting the Turkic identity of Southern Azerbaijanis against monolithic Farsi identity spearheaded by racist policies of the government of Iran for the last 80 years.

1.7.3    Territorial scope of its work (national, regional, international)

             His activities cover the whole of Southern Azerbaijan and in particular his own region of Zengan

1.7.4    Affiliations with other human rights organizations, if any

1.7.5    Name of person(s) heading the organization

            Not Applicable

1.7.6    Additional information on the history of the work the individual or organization has performed, if submitted, may be helpful in assessing the complaint/allegation.

2.         Nature of the alleged violation

            All relevant information regarding the violation allegedly committed against the human rights defender, or organization, association or group, including:

2.1       Date

            25 May 2007, night time

2.2       Place

A street in Zengan

2.3       Description of the events/incident

            The victim was arrested together with his wife. He was taken to a detention facility in Zengan but his was taken to their house, where the agents of the Ministry of Information had searched the house for some two hours ending with the confiscation of his computer, books and other material. The agents had warned the victim’s wife not to campaign for her husband.

            Source information:


2.4       Nature of violation suffered or threatened (The information must indicate the connection of the alleged violation to human rights activities performed.)

            The victim is an outspoken human right defender and apparently the agents were trying to arrest him since 22 May 2007. The authorities characteristically cover up all their activities and therefore there is no official communiqué. For instance, they have deprived the victim’s wife of any information, see: In support of the victim, the Iranian Alumni Organisation has issued an statement ( stating that the act of the arrest in the mid-night was rough and in violation of Articles 22, 32 and 39 of the Iranian Constitution. The details on the mannerism and the act of arrest are sparse but one can be quite sure that it would have been full of bullying acts and intimidations.

2.5       If the violation involves or includes the arrest and/or imprisonment of an individual or group of human rights defenders, information is required on:

            In general, there is reliable information that the victim has been transferred to the infamous Evin prison and has been tortured (


2.6       Identity of the authority involved (individual and/or ministry and/or department)

            It is invariably the Ministry of Intelligence involved with these types of illegal acts. The names of the individual agents/police committing the act of arrest are not known.

2.7       Date and place of arrest

25 Maay 2007, a street in Zengan


2.8       Any circumstances under which the arrest was made that are relevant to the violation

We present the circumstance using the information by Amnesty International (MDE 13/068/2007) on 7 June 2007 “Throughout May 2007, Iranian Azerbaijanis demonstrated to mark the first anniversary of protests against the publication in a national newspaper of a cartoon which was offensive to many Iranian Azerbaijanis. In the course of the May 2006 demonstrations, up to 19 individuals were reportedly killed and hundreds arrested.

During the May 2007 demonstrations, which asserted Azerbaijani linguistic and cultural rights, demonstrators shouted slogans such as “Türk dilinde medrese olmalıdır her kese” (Schooling in Azerbaijani Turkic for all). The events resulted in a considerable increase in tension in a range of the areas where Iranian Azerbaijanis live. The authorities have increased the security presence in mainly Azerbaijani cities and Amnesty International has received reports of scores of arrests, harassment of demonstrators and passers-by in cities such as Tabriz. According to the Committee for the Defence of Azerbaijani Political Prisoners (Azerbaycan Siyasi Mahpuslarını Müdafaa Komitesi, ASMEK) website, more than 500 political activists have been detained or have been the victims of enforced disappearance in recent weeks. On 7 May, the Minister of the Interior was summoned to parliament to respond to concerns over the use of force and violence against demonstrators, expressed by parliamentarians from Azerbaijani regions.”

2.9       Nature of charges, if any, and the legal statute invoked

            There is no imputed charge, as the Iranian authorities religiously cover their track to hide the heinous face of their racist acts.

2.10     Potential penalties the individual or group faces

            The charges against Southern Azerbaijani activists when emerge from the underworld of Iranian disinformation, are normally nonsensical and Amnesty International has made this very point in many occasions. Despite the arbitrariness of the charges, penalties are nearly always are severe and sometimes even reaches as much of punitive one year of jail sentence together with hefty fines and the infamous act of flogging.

2.11     Place of detention, if known

            It is gathered to be Wing 209 of Evin prison, Tehran.

2.12     Term of detention

            No information has emerged from the underworld of Iranian disinformation system.

2.13     Information on the provision of access to legal counsel and family members

            As far as we know, Mr. Metinpur had no access to a lawyer and this is typical.

2.14     Steps taken to seek administrative or judicial remedy, nature of the remedy sought, legal entity before which proceedings have been taken, and stage or result of such proceedings

            The campaign for safeguarding the victim’s human rights is strong, including an Urgent Action by Amnesty International, a report by the Borderless Reporters, and Iranian Alumni Organisation.

2.15     If the defender is being prosecuted in the courts for any activity in defence of human rights or related activity, or as a consequence of such activity:

            No information has been released by the officials and therefore we do not know of the intentions of the officials.

2.15.1 The date and location of the trial


2.15.2 The court hearing the case


2.15.3 The relevant appeal procedures


2.15.4 The penalties the group or individual faces


3.         Perpetrator(s) of the alleged violation


3.1       Name(s), if known

            We consistently maintain that the authorities are extremely careful to cover their track on matters related to the politics of or national and human rights of Southern Azerbaijanis. So all the perpetrators are harboured dearly by the authorities.

3.2       If they are members of the security forces, their rank, functions, the unit or service, etc., to which they belong

            Please refer to 3.1, above.

3.3       If they are members of a civil defence group, paramilitary or other forces or an armed group, details on whether or how these groups relate to the State (e.g. cooperation with the State security forces, including information on chains of command, if available, State collusion with or acquiescence in their operations)

             Please refer to 3.1, above.

4.         Steps taken by or on behalf of the victim or organization to seek a remedy at the national level

4.1       All relevant information regarding whether a complaint was filed

            There is no opportunity to complain. Ironically, this was the point that the victim made in defence of Mr. Rza Abbasi, another human right defender, whose human rights were violated by Iranian authorities. We attach the appropriate text for your information.

4.2       If so, when, where, by whom and before which authority


5.         Steps taken by the concerned authorities

5.1       Whether or not an investigation or inquiry into the alleged violation has been initiated and/or concluded

             This is not really relevant in Iran when the victims are promoting the national and human rights for the nation of Southern Azerbaijan. The authorities are then most brutal and many organisations collude with one another including: the judiciary system attached to the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Interior responsible for prisons, the police and many paramilitary organisations. We are definitely not expecting any governmental investigation.

5.2       If so, by which authority, ministry or department of the Government

             Please refer to 5.1, above.

5.3       Progress and status of the inquiry or investigation at the time of submission of the allegation

             Please refer to 5.1, above.

5.4       Whether or not the investigation or inquiry has resulted in charges or other legal action

             Please refer to 5.1, above.

5.5       If so, the reason why the result is unsatisfactory

             Please refer to 5.1, above.

5.6       Measures, if any, taken to protect person(s) under threat

             Please refer to 5.1, above. 

6.         The violation alleged may not be the result of one incident or event, but may be a continuing violation owing to conditions, policies, practices or laws that obstruct the promotion, protection and/or realization of human rights

More background to this is given in our report:

-        Various General statements and Urgent

-        Our report: 427/2006 on 26 December 2006

-        Our report: 424/ 2006 on 13 December 2006

-        Our report: 447/2007 on 4 March 2007

6.1       All relevant information regarding such conditions, policies, practices or laws


6.2       The nature of the prejudice suffered by an individual or group(s) working for the defence of human rights because of the above

            Some of the symptoms of the racist policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran include:

·         Undermining the economical integrity of Southern Azerbaijan

·         The environment of Southern Azerbaijan is approaching a disaster, where the Iranian authorities regard our homelands as their backyard.

·         They are balkanising Azerbaijan and undermining its territorial integrity.

·         The prejudice is widespread, as our mother tongue is treated in contempt and as a sure sign of separatism. There is no single classroom in our mother tongue and the nation is extremely upset about this and this is not tolerated anymore. The authorities are even violating their own Constitution with appropriate provisions for education in mother tongue.

6.3       Methods used to impede the work of human rights defenders on the basis of the above conditions, policies, practices or laws

            Intimidation, detention, imprisonment, flogging, financial crippling of the victims by releases on bail or fining and also shutting down businesses under the official seal.


6.4       Agencies (State, non-State) employed to harass, intimidate and/or injure human rights defenders on the basis of these conditions or in implementing such laws, practices and policies

            Security agents of the Ministry of Intelligence, paramilitary units of Basij and Pasdar, and the police        

6.5       Possible measures that can be taken to remedy the situation

            International campaign

6.6       Any action taken by individuals or groups at the national level to reverse the conditions, policies and practices or for reform of the laws that are contrary to the rights recognized by the Declaration

There are very few outspoken members of parliament and therefore not much hope for any outcome.


Name and full address:

Mr. Boyuk Resuloglu,

Ayna, Sherifzade 1,


The Republic of Azerbaijan

Telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address (if possible):

Tel/Fax: +47-99399225

Email: or


Note that DunAzHAK is an NGO devoted to the defence of human rights of Southern Azerbaijanis.





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