No.: 451/ 2007

Date: 2 May 2007

The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva

                Please circulate this letter to the following:

·         Working Group on arbitrary detention;

·         Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges;

·         Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance;

·         Special Rapporteur on torture.

CC      Mrs. Harrison, and Mr. Drewry, Amnesty International, London

Mr. Hadi Musevi

Dear sir/madam,


We are submitting a new Communication regarding the case of Mr. Hadi Seyyid Javad MUSEVI, a young Southern Azerbaijani national, a citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran, deported recently from Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Iran. He had been seeking asylum in Baku since September 2005. He then applied to the asylum-seeker status through the office of the United Nations for the asylum-seekers in Baku, requesting settlement in a third party country.

Some reports indicate that Mr. Musevi was an activist of the national movement before leaving Southern Azerbaijan.  Nonetheless, his application was turned down by your office in Baku and was not granted the status of refugee. Fearing for his life, he resorted to live illegally in the Republic of Azerbaijan for a year and half. However, he was arrested on 7 April 2007, as soon as he had declared his situation to the Immigration Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan and was jailed immediately. Regrettably he was deported to Tehran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, mid night on 11 April 2007.

We are submitting the case of Mr. Musevi for your attention purely for safeguarding his safety and human rights irrespective of his creed and belief. We are not filling the usual form, as undoubtedly your office in Baku will have his full details. We have no knowledge of the role of Mr. Musevi in the national movement of Southern Azerbaijan and cannot confirm whether or not he was active before leaving Southern Azerbaijan in the first place. It is regrettable that, the BBC website ( and some other websites have issued a news item, inadvertently or otherwise, regarding him an activist of the national movement. This and other sensational journalism have created the risk of compromising his safety. Now we fear for his safety and have no doubt that he is under grave risk of torture. He could even be tortured to make false confessions against the national movement of Southern Azerbaijan.

We have tried to contact Mr. Musevi’s family members, relatives or friends and to learn about him as much as possible, particularly his arbitrary arrest, present whereabouts and conditions. However, under the atmosphere of an incredible intimidation, no one is prepared to provide any information as the Iranian authorities can use this against them and against Mr. Musevi. Submitting this Communication is therefore our own initiative alone.

We hold that the authorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran are responsible for the safety of Mr. Musevi during the ongoing arbitrary detention. Now the justice for Mr. Musevi is before you and you are the only remaining authority empowered to act on behalf of Mr. Musevi to safeguard his human rights and protest him from possible torture.

We thank you in advance for your care.

Yours sincerely,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis

Azərbaijani Turkic

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