No.: 450/2007

Date: 25 April  2007


To the Leader of the US Congress and Congressmen


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Dear Leader of the US Congress and dear Congressmen


We wish to bring to your full attention our categorical denial, refuting substantial details in the

statement issued by the Iranian “Committee of Vulnerable Political Prisoners – CVPP” (their Reference: 121/17). We hold that their statement is a plagiary, and their letter was never undersigned by Southern Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience including those deprived of their liberty at this moment or those who were deprived in the past.  We attach the statement by the above Iranian Committee for your full reference.

Our Committee has been in touch with a substantial number of Southern Azerbaijani individuals and prisoners of conscience named in the list by the CVPP. We convey their message to you that none of them were aware of the above statement and thus have not signed it.

Perhaps, these agents are already disturbed by the impacts of the Voice of America (VoA) – both radio and TV – for their authentic appraisal of the situation. In particular the Azerbaijani VoA is doing a distinguished service. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the relevant authorities in the VoA for taking the side of truth.

The fundamental tenet of the national movement of Southern Azerbaijan is the right to self-determination adopted by the United Nations in 1960 as per Convention 1541. The national movement of Southern Azerbaijan does not attach the label of democracy to any individual, group, or organization if not unconditionally accepting this convention. Thus, the above statement is absurd until their unconditional pledge of support to the Convention.

The fact is that Iranian groups and organizations have hardly defended Southern Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience. Our prisoners of conscience are fully committed to safeguarding the national and human rights of Southern Azerbaijan. This is in the background where our nation and activists are under relentless onslaught of racist policies by regimes in Tehran. The statement bears a witness that the mindset of Iranian groups and organizations are thoroughly devoid of the concept of democracy and liberty, even though they may be fully-versed with such rhetoric. If our fates are left to these Iranian-centered mindsets, we will carry on suffering with a new wave of dictatorships and new tragedies.

Whilst the national movement of Southern Azerbaijan seeks democratic solutions, we also recognize that this is hampered by Persian chauvinism. We have arrived at our conclusion that the Iranian mindset is invariably in conflict with the national interests of Southern Azerbaijan, be it purported by Iranian imperial, clergy or clerical agents. Now we witness a new dimension in their ploys for reaping the benefits of our democratic struggle by plagiary, abusing the names of Southern Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience to prolong their Iranian hegemony.

It is our firm belief that the new world order is increasingly oriented towards the struggle between the democratic and dictatorial forces.  Southern Azerbaijan has already fermented its slogan of “freedom to nations and liberty to humanity.” On the full strength of this slogan, we wish well to all democratic forces and confident that the US democratic forces will support the national movement of Southern Azerbaijan.

Yours sincerely,

Boyuk Resuloglu

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis

Azərbaijani Turkic

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