No.: 441/ 2007

Date: 31 January 2007

The Problem of Southern Azerbaijan

The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva

·         Please circulate this letter to the Special Rapporteur on the right to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health; this is also relevant to:

·         The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (also for Fair Trials)

·         Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

·         The Independent Expert on Minority Issues

·         Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers

CC      Mrs. Harrison, Amnesty International, London


Mr. Abbas Leysanli


Prisoner of conscience

Dear sir/madam,


Today, Mr. Leysanli has been on his 31st day of hunger strike, as the last resort for safeguarding his human rights and above all exposing the true nature of Iranian authorities. In this bulletin, we would like to bring to your attention a translation of his letter together with two other letters outlined as follows:

Table 1:  The translation of the letter by Mr. Leysanli written from prison. Here he vehemently rejects the idea of pardon and despite his grave conditions he responded to the proposed pardon regarding it as a personality assassination. He foils the last draw of the Iranian authorities even in his most vulnerable condition.

Table 2:  The letter of appeal by the Society of Southern Azerbaijani Academic into two Members of Parliament (Dr E’lemi and Dr. Pir Muezzin), as a glimpse of the heightened campaign by Azerbaijanis to save Mr. Leysanli

Table 3: The Response by Mr. E’lemi (Aalami), as reported by the Iran Labour News Agency.

There is a sense of tension in Southern Azerbaijan, as the heath of Mr. Leysanli reaches the slippery slope. We hope that you are doing your best to secure human rights of Mr. Leysanli.

Yours faithfully,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis


Table 1.1   The English Translation of the Letter by Mr. Abbas Leysanli to the Head of Erdebil Prison

Open Letter from Abbas Leysanli to Mr. Enzabi, the Head of Erdebil Prison

Sender:                             Abbas Lisani, son of Esed

Accusation and Charge:   Aiding subversion

The Jail Term:                  30 months of imprisonment; and to be exiled for three years and fined –

Date starting the jail term:        5 June 2006

Code:                               Solitary Confienment under Hunger Strike

Wing:                               7

Subject:                   Outright Rejection of Pardon in whatever Form

To                                    Mr. Enzabi, the Head of Erdebil prison,

Dear Sir,

A few days ago, Mr. Abbasiyan, one of the assistants belonging to the prison authority, referred to me in my solitary confinement and asked for a copy of the court verdict against me. I asked the reason for this and he responded by saying that the document is necessary for the pardon. I then asked what pardon is this for?! His response was: a pardon for you. I surprisingly asked that I have not initiated any pardon from anyone. He said, o, you are not the only one; from time to time we send the names of a number of prisoners from Erdebil prison to Tehran and you have been allocated within that list. I repeated again, I have not asked anyone for any pardon. He replied: these types of pardons are based on the appraisals of the prison authority and have nothing to do with prisoners’ requests. You only give us the copy of the verdict so that we can attach it to your file when we are sending it to Tehran. My last word to him was that I will neither give you a copy of the verdict nor accept any sort of pardon. He said that the final decision is with the prison authority and within the powers of the prison authority, and then he left.

Mr. Enzabi,

This conversation was between me and an assistant prison authority. Now this leads us to the following question: who are the people to pardon me. Are they not the copycats of the policies dictated by British colonists to Pahlavi rulers, the copycat who not only carry out these policies one by one but also intensify them by using modern technology? These policies served as the foundation to an anti-Turk mindset in the region and especially in Iran. British colonialism had a good grasp that their policies required subservient local agents but this was contrary to freethinking and rebellious nature of the Turkic nation of Azerbaijan promoting justice. That policy required two approaches; Approach 1: physical genocide; Approach 2: cultural genocide. However, the feasibility of such a plan depended on deploying subservient agents and they found the Pahlavi dynasty an exact fit for this policy. This was not the only indicator of the oncoming colonialism. To start with, they deposed the more than one millennium Turkic rule in the region, where the Turks formed the majority of the population, and passed it to Persian-speakers of the region, where they formed a minority of the population in the country. The total rule of the minority over the majority was the cunning trick deployed by then the ageing colonialism throughout its domain.

Bringing Reza Pahlavi to power triggered the setup for the rule of the minority over the majority and both methods of genocide. The continuity of these policies were maintained and intensified after deposing Reza Pahlavi and the appointment of his son. The national government of (Southern) Azerbaijan was then overthrown on 12 December 1946, by Mohammed Reza Pahlavi aided by the forces of the USA and with their direct intervention. This led to perishing some 70,000 innocent individuals from the nation of Azerbaijan for seeking their due rights. But then this was not sufficient for the realisation of their strategy for the simple reason that it was not feasible to commit the act of genocide against such a sizeable and vast nation. Thus, they reincarnated the past strategy and resorted to an all round and relentless attack to our tormented and innocent nation, including: offending the Azerbaijani Turks in every dimension; prohibiting the education in this language, banning the discourse and writing in this language in the public and state owned places, and falsifying history by massive investments through the employment of foreign and local writers untrue to their professional ethics.

As if the cultural onslaught was not sufficient for them, they dared against the economics of the (Southern) Azerbaijan, leading to waves of economical refugees from (Southern) Azerbaijan migrating to Farsi-speaking province in search of subsistence. This stripped Azerbaijanis of their national pride and self-confidence. This was the onset of the tragedy of the loss of self-esteem leading to a complete destruction of the self in (Southern) Azerbaijan.

It is a fact that Persian chauvinism plundered our underground resources and destroyed our above-surface resources using variety of techniques. This was under the condition that national investment was deliberately next to zero in Azerbaijan and private investors were discouraged to invest in (Southern) Azerbaijan for using a host of techniques. These are a drop in the ocean reflecting a century of the ordeal that our nation was subjected to. This is as much as I can describe in the circumstances.

Mr. Enzabi,

The ordeal against our homeland (Southern) Azerbaijan is even worse than those experienced by colonized and exploited countries. Now all of us bear a witness that there have been no improvements in the conditions after the fall of the Shahs and instead everything is worsening. The reason for this is self-evident, as the Islamic government of Iran maintains those chauvinistic and fascist policies with the difference that now the deployed mechanisms and instruments are even deadlier. Everything has been and is directed towards the alienation of the nation of (Southern) Azerbaijan leading to its assimilation and transmutation of our culture. This is the aim of Persian chauvinism and that is to destroy the nation of Azerbaijani Turks, already with the legacy of many victims perished throughout (Southern) Azerbaijan. These victims include the territorial integrity of (Southern) Azerbaijan by chipping away the provinces of Hemedan, Erak and Qezvin and now jeopardizing the provinces of Zenjan, Erdebil, and West Azerbaijan, the last one of which is the point of collusion with the Kurds, a dangerous policy of playing with the fire.

These policies of Persian chauvinism are being carried out step-by step but are only realizing by self-alienated individuals whose racial allegiance are badly eroded and completely devoid of national pride and self-reliance. For preventing the oncoming national catastrophe, our nation has an array of nationally conscious activists who have worked very hard for the reinstatement of our due “self” and fortunately these efforts have been fruitful.

The May 2006 Mass Protests were just a glimpse of these hard works. (Let me digress here. I am confident that the nation of Azerbaijan shall not be oblivious of those legendary days. The 22nd of May shall be commemorated every year as the Day of Revival for the consolidation of unity, systemic development of our organizations and feeding more power for the continuity of the uprising. Above all, the commemorations shall express tribute to the heroic population of Tebriz for boldly triggering the protests that shall be remembered as the Day of National Uprising.) Those mass protests cracked the foundation of Persian chauvinism even though these peaceful protests were brutally suppressed. However, it is troubling that the instruments of the crackdown, court authority and of prison authority are all of local breed, our Turkic!!! Brothers. Let us regard them as political victims of Persian chauvinism. Most of the agents of the crackdown and suppression were local but estranged, including you, Mr. Enzabi, the Head of the Central Erdebil Prison. Perhaps you are recounting as one of your honours that “I cornered Liysani to resort to hunger strike and kept him under subzero temperature in the solitary confinement.” Yes, you too are a victim of those policies and left your own nation in oblivion. You are only indulged with power and individual self-interests. However, these are all transients and you are deep in sweet dreams but ahead of you is a bitter awakening.

But let us return to pardoning me, and find out by who? Is it true that those who want to pardon me are tormenting the nation of (Southern) Azerbaijan? What are convictions brought to me in the first place? Which impartial court of law and which fair judge tried and convicted me? Which open and competent Court convicted me? There are prerequisites for convictions and pardoning but they do not cover me [Translator’s Note: the last sentence is the translation of the interrogative sense of the sentence.] If defending the rights of the nation of Azerbaijan is a guilt, I am loud and clear and I am guilty as charged and proud of this.

Mr. Enzabi,

I regard it as an insult to allocate my file among your proposed files for pardon and above all this is a grave offence to all activists of the national movement of Southern Azerbaijan and in particular to the honourable nation of Azerbaijan. Nonetheless let me confess that both parties are worthy of pardon but by God and by the oppressed nation of (Southern) Azerbaijan for our shortfall. My shortfall is that I am physically unable to join the rank-and-file of the sons-and-daughters of Azerbaijan in this just struggle against brutal treatment of the nation of (Southern) Azerbaijan. I know that the road ahead is much tough. In particular, the estranged locals are worthy of pardon before it is not too late to return back to own nation for the pardon by God and by the nation of Southern Azerbaijan. Hurry up as the anger of the creatures are more dangerous than that of the creator’s.

[The following is in the form of slogan and conclusion and written in Azerbaijani Turkic]

“Shame on me for ever if I accept pardon by the oppressors’ of my nation”

“How do they want to pardon me while they are cowardly denying my right to day releases.”

“Long live the activist son-and-daughter relentlessly engaged on awakening our nation.

Written on 27 January 2007


Table 1.2        The Source Document: The Letter by Mr. Abbas Leysanli to the Head of Erdebil Prison – published information e.g. see and for the Azerbaijani Turkic version and for the Persian version of the letter

رياست محترم زندان اردبيل آقاي انزابي

چند روز قبل يكي از مسئولين مددكاري زندان به نام آقاي عباسيان با مراجعه به اينجانب در محل قرنطينه، كپي داد نامه محكوميت مرا خواست. علت آن جويا شدم، گفت: براي عفو لازم است. سئوال نمودم كدام عفو؟! گفت: عفو براي شما. با تعجب گفتم من از كسي عفو نخواسته ام. گفت: تنها شما نيستيد. ما هر از گاهي اسامي تعدادي از زندانيان را از طرف زندان اردبيل به تهران مي فرستيم و شما نيز جزو آنان قرار داده شده ايد. باز تكرار كردم، من هيچگونه عفو يا بخششي از كسي نخواسته ام. ايشان جواب دادند: اين نوع عفوها با تشخيص زندان است و به تقاضاي زنداني ربطي ندارد. شما فقط كپي داد نامه خود را مي دهيد تا ضميمه پرونده و به تهران ارسال شود. جواب آخرم اين بود كه من نه كپي داد نامه را به شما مي دهم و نه هيچگونه عفوي (با هر عنوان) را نمي پذيرم. ايشان گفتند تصميم نهايي با زندان و از اختيارات مسئولين زندان مي باشد و رفتند.

آقاي انزابي! اين گفتگو مابين من و مسئول مددكاري زندان بود. حال اين سئوال پيش مي آيد كه چه كسي يا كساني مي خواهند مرا عفو كنند؟! آنان كه سياست ديكته شده از سوي استعمار انگليس بر حاكمان پهلوي را نه تنها مو به مو اجرا مي كنند بلكه با بهره گيري از تكنولوژي معاصر شدت و حدتي صد چندان به آن بخشيده اند؟ همان سياستي كه هدف نهايي اش نابود كردن عنصر تورك در منطقه، خصوصا در ايران بود. استعمار انگليس به خوبي دريافته بود كه با وجود روح عصيانگر،‌ ظلم ستيز و ضد استبدادي ملت تورك آذربايجان، استثمار ديگر ملل ايران غيرممكن خواهد بود. اينك دو راه براي اجراي پروژه شوم خود در پيش رو داشت: روش اول؛ نسل كشي فيزيكي. روش دوم؛ نسل كشي فرهنگي. اما براي اجراي اين ماموريت بسيار مهم به سرسپردگاني نياز داشت و چه گزينه اي بهتر از خاندان پهلوي. استعمار با اين انتخاب، در جهت اهداف خود نشانهاي ديگري را نيز مي زد. بعد از ورود اسلام به ايران بعد از هزار و اندي سال، حكومت را از دست اكثريت تورك غصب و به دست اقليت فارس سپرد و اين شگرد موذيانه از سياست هاي خطرناك استعمار پير بود كه در اكثر ممالك تحت نفوذ خود اعمال مي كرد؛ مسلط نمودن اقليت بر اكثريت. بعد از بر سر كار آمدن رضا پهلوي هر دو روش فوق الاشاره با تمام توان به اجرا گذاشته شد و اعمال آن سياست بعد از عزل او و نصب پسرش نيز به شدت ادامه يافت. چنانكه در 21 آذر ماه 1325 محمدرضا پهلوي با ياري و دخالت مستقيم نيروهاي آمريكايي قيام ملت آذربايجان را به خاك و خون كشيد كه منجر به شهادت بيش از هفتاد هزار نفر از فرزندان غيور و آگاه اين ملت مطلوم و حق طلب شد. اما اين نيز براي رسيدن به استراتژي مورد نظر كارساز و كافي نبود .زيرا ملتي به آن بزرگي (به لحاظ جغرافيايي و جمعيتي) را نمي شد با قتل عام ها نابود كرد. لذا روش كارسازتري كه از اوايل به قدرت رسيدن رضا پهلوي آغاز شده بود با بي رحمي تمام ادامه يافت؛ يعني سياست هجوم همه جانبه به تمامي اركان فرهنگ اين ملت مغلوب و مظلوم. تحقير زبان توركي در همه ابعاد و ممنوعيت تدريس آن در مدارس و حتي منع استفاده از آن در اماكن عمومي و دولتي به صورت نوشتاري و گفتاري و تحريف تاريخ اين ملت با سرمايه گذاري كلان با مدد جستن از قلم به مزدان داخلي و خارجي از جمله آثار جعلي يهوديان اعمال و اجرا شد. آنان هجمه هاي فرهنگي را نيز كافي ندانسته و اقدام به نابود كردن اقتصاد آذربايجان نمودند تا موجبات در به دري  فرزندان اين ملت و كوچ آنان به استانهاي فارس نشين جهت به دست آوردن لقمه ناني و متعاقب آن شكستن غرور ملي و از دست دادن اعتماد به نفس ملي و بروز فاجعه اي بزرگتر به نام خود كم بيني ملي را موجب شوند كه نتيجه آن استحاله و نابود شدن كامل است. آري! شوونيسم  فارس منابع زيرزميني را چپاول و منابع رو زميني را با روشهاي مختلف نابود كرد.اين در حالي بود كه سرمايه گذاري ملي در آذربايجان عملا ممنوع شده بود و سرمايه گذاران شخصي و خصوصي با انواع و اقسام روشها از منطقه دور نگه داشته مي شدند. اينها فقط ذره اي از مظالمي است كه در طول يك قرن بر ملت آذربايجان رفته است و براي بيان بيش از اين اكنون مجال نبود.

آقاي انزابي! آنچه بر سرزمين ما آذربايجان رفت بدتر از ممالك تحت استعمار و استثمار مستقيم بود و حال همگان شاهديم كه بعد از سقوط شاهان نه تنها وضع تغيير به مثبت نكرده بلكه بدتر هم شده است زيرا حكومت اسلامي نيز تداوم دهنده آن سياست شوونيستي و فاشيستي مي باشد اما با مكانيزمها و ابزارهاي بس خطرناك. اينها همه و همه براي آن بوده و هست تا ملت آذربايجان را در معرض اليناسيون كه در نهايت منجر به آسيميلاسيون و استحاله فرهنگي مي شود قرار دهند و به همان هدف نهايي شوونيسم فارس يعني نابودي معنوي ملت تورك آذربايجان نائل آيند كه در بسياري از مناطق آذربايجان قربانياني هم گرفته شده است. قربانياني چون استانهاي همدان، اراك، قزوين و استانهاي در معرض قرباني شدن از جمله: زنجان، اردبيل و آذربايجان غربي كه با سياست خطرناك و شوم تر ديگري در حال واگذار شدن به كردها مي باشد. اين گونه سياست هاي شوونيسم فارس گام به گام به ثمر مي نشيند و اينها نشد مگر در نتيجه از خود بيگانگي ملت ما با از دست دادن عرق ملي، غرور ملي و اعتماد به نفس. اما براي جلو گيري از اين فاجعه ملي، آگاهان و بيداران اين ملت طي ساليان گذشته براي بيداري ملي اين ملت تلاشهاي فراواني انجام داده اند كه خوشبختانه ثمراتي نيز داده است و يكي از آن دستاوردها قيام و خروش ملي ملت آذربايجان در نيمه اول خرداد ماه 1385 (اطمينان دارم ملت آذربايجان آن روزهاي تاريخي را فراموش نخواهد نمود و روز اول خرداد هر سال را براي ايجاد وحدت، انسجام و قدرت بيشتر در تداوم قيام و همچنين ارج نهادن به استارت جسورانه مردم قهرمان تبريز در آن تاريخ و آن روز به عنوان روز قيام ملي گرامي خواهد داشت.) بود و به رغم برخورد وحشيانه با آن حركت مدني و مسالمت آميز كاخهاي فاشيزم فارس را لرزاند. اما آزاردهنده تر از هر چيز اينكه سركوبگران، محاكمه كنندگان و زندانبانان آن قيام، برادران!!! تورك ما بودند. آنان نيز قربانيان سياست هاي شوونيسم فارس بوده و هستند. اكثر عوامل سركوب و خفقان خودي هاي از خود بيگانه بودند و هستند. از جمله شما آقاي انزابي رئيس زندان مركزي اردبيل كه هم اكنون زندانبان من هستيد و شايد يكي از افتخارات زندگي خود خواهيد دانست كه: "ليساني را كه اقدام به اعتصاب غذا نموده بود در دماي زير صفر درجه در قرنطينه نگهداري مي كردم." آري! شما نيز قرباني آن سياست شده و ملت خويش را فراموش كرده ايد و فقط به مقام و قدرت و اميال دنيوي كه همگي گذرا هستند مي انديشيد و چه خواب شيرين شما را در بر گرفته است اما بيداري بس تلخي را پشت سر دارد.

اما عفو براي من از طرف چه كس يا كساني؟ آنان كه اين همه بلايا را بر سر ملت آذربايجان آورده اند مي خواهند مرا عفو نمايند؟! قاتلان فرزندان آذربايجان؟! اصلا جرم من چيست؟ در كدام دادگاه بي طرف و عادلي محاكمه و محكوم شده ام؟ كدام دادگاه علني و صالحه اي مرا محكوم كرد تا امروز مورد عفو قرار بگيرم؟ دفاع از حقوق ملت آذربايجان اگر جرم است من به اين جرم افتخار مي كنم. آقاي انزابي! قرار دادن قرار دادن پرونده ام در ميان مشمولين عفو را نه تنها توهين به خود مي دانم بلكه اهانتي بزرگ است به تمامي فعالين حركت ملي آذربايجان و به خصوص ملت بزرگ و سربلند تورك. اما بايد اعتراف نمايم كه هر دو طرف نيازمند عفو مي باشيم آن هم از خداوند بزرگ و ملت ستم ديده آذربايجان. اينجانب به خاطر قصور و عدم توانايي ام براي همگامي با فرزندان آذربايجان در اين مبارزه مقدس و بر حق و طرف ديگر به خاطر مظالم بي شماري كه در حق ملت آذربايجان روا داشته اند كه كار بس دشوار و حياتي در پيش رو دارند. به خصوص خودي هاي خود باخته كه تا دير نشده است به آغوش ملت بازگردند تا عفو خداوند و ملت آذربايجان شامل حال آنان شود. بشتابيد كه خشم خلق خطرناك تر از خشم خالق است.


بدي ننگ اولسون منه، اگر ميلتيمه ظولم ائدنلردن باغيش يا عفو قبول ائتسم."

نئجه ايسته ييرلر مني عفو ائتسينلر بير حالدا كي، بئش گون مورخصي وئرمكدن قورخورلار."

"ياشاسين ايچري و ائشيكده دورمادان و سوسمادان ميلتيميزي اوياتماغا چاليشان اوغول و قيزلاريميز.


Table 2.1 The translation of the document by AzBilTop (The Society of Southern Azerbaijani Academics to Dr E’lemi and Dr Pir Muezzin (

Letter presented from the Society of (Southern) Azerbaijani Academics to:

Dr. E’lemi (Aalami), the Member of Parliament for Tebriz and Dr. Pir-Muezzin (Moazzen), the Member of Parliament for Erdebil regarding the circumstances of Abbas Lisani.

With respect and greetings,

As you are aware, following the offensive material which was printed in daily newspaper Iran with the intention of humiliating the Azerbaijani and other Turkic people within Iran, widespread demonstrations took place in various towns and cities across (Southern) Azerbaijan as a result of which, a number of lives were perished, many suffered injuries and financial damages to their properties and others faced imprisonment and lashings, all based on false accusations.

Undoubtedly, the above related unpleasant reports issued by security and political organisations, were conveyed to you and to other honourable members of the Parliament as a guideline. Also, during the meetings which took place between yourselves and the Society of (Southern) Azerbaijani Academics, a number of letters, reports and other statements were presented to you and we would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude for your kind concerns in these matters.

Abbas Lisani was one of many hundreds of courageous and honourable Azerbaijanis who, were arrested and imprisoned during the demonstrations which took place during May 2006. In objecting to his sentence which included imprisonment and lashing, he went on dry hunger strike several times. As a consequence of one of his hunger strikes which lasted fifty six days, he became so dangerously frail that his life fell in danger, and only with the request of many well respected individuals and other Azerbaijani organisations he agreed to end his hunger strike.

Unfortunately, the maltreatment of Mr Lisani, associated with disregarding his lawful rights as a prisoner have given him no option but to resort to dry hunger strike again.

According to the reports received from reliable sources, and confirmed by Mr. Lisani`s family members, in order to worsen his condition, he is being kept in a cell with sub-zero temperatures.

Finally, in accordance with your religious obligations, duties as a human being, and as members of parliament, we would like to ask you to question those elements responsible for the atrocities inflicted on Mr. Lisani and visit him personally in prison so that the human rights and life of a decent Moslem fellow human being could be protected.

the Society of (Southern) Azerbaijani Academics

Table 2.2  The Source Document by AzBilTop (

نامه "مجمع دانشگاهيان آذربايجاني" به دو تن از نمايندگان مجلس شوراي اسلامي

 در مورد وضعيت عباس لساني

دكتر اعلمي(نماينده مردم تبريز)

دكتر پيرموذن(نماينده مردم اردبيل)

با سلام، همانطوري که مستحضريد در پي توهين وقيحانه روزنامه ايران به ملت آذربايجان و ترکهاي ايران و اعتراض شديد مردم شهرهاي مختلف آذربايجان، عده اي از فرزندان آذربايجان جان خود را از دست داده و عده ديگري نيز دچار صدمات جاني و مالي گرديدند و در اين اثنا افراد زيادي بصورت فله اي دستگير و با اتهامات واهي به حبس و شلاق محکوم گرديدند.

بي شک گزارشات حوادث ناگوار فوق الذکر توسط ارگانهاي امنيتي و سياسي، ولو بصورت هدايت شده به استحضار جنابعالي و ساير نمايندگان رسيده است و در اين بين مجمع دانشگاهيان آذربايجاني نيز در حين ديدارها و مذاکرات صورت گرفته در آن ايام و همچنين نامه ها، اطلاعيه ها و بيانيه هاي صادره،   موارد را اعلام نموده است که لازم است در اين مجال از زحمات جنابعالي قدرداني بعمل آيد.

جناب آقاي دکتر، آقاي عباس لساني يکي از صدها فرزند غيور آذربايجان است که در کوران حوادث خردادماه سالجاري دستگير و با صدور حکم زنداني گرديده است که در اعتراض به احکام صادره چندين بار دست به اعتصاب غذاي خشک زده است که يکبار نيز تا پاي جان پيش رفته بود که با درخواست دهها تن از شخصيت ها و گروههاي آذربايجاني اعتصاب خويش را شکست. ولي متاسفانه برخوردهاي ناشايست و سخت، من جمله نقض حداقل حقوق يک زنداني، سبب گرديده است که ايشان در روزهاي اخير دست به اعتصاب خشک نامحدود زند که بر اساس گزارشهاي موثق من جمله اطلاعات بدست آمده از خانواده ايشان حاکي است که اعتصاب اخير و زنداني کردن ايشان در يک اطاق با دماي زير صفر درجه، سبب گشته است تا علايم حياتي ايشان روبه وخامت برگشت ناپذير رود.

از اينرو از جنابعالي تقاضا داريم بنا به وظيفه ديني، انساني و نمايندگي خويش، ضمن بازخواست عوامل ذيربط و ملاقات با ايشان از ادامه نقض حقوق انساني يک شهروند مسلمان  جلوگيري نماييد.


مجمع دانشگاهيان آذربايجاني

Table 3.1 The English Translation of Statement by Mr. E’lemi (Aalami) as Published by ILNA (Iranian Labour News Agency) – Source:

Date: 30 January 2007

Ekber E’lemi

Speedy attention to Abbas Lisani’s condition is necessary

Concerns about the deteriorating health of Abbas Lisani, an Azerbaijani activist in Iranian prison, has now escalated into a national level as the MP from Eastern Azerbaijan province brought up the issue in the Iranian parliament.

Tehran ILNA

Ekber E’lemi with constituencies in Tebriz, Azersheher and Usku, who is considered the most outspoken Azerbaijani representative in the Iranian parliament and the most active member of its National Security Committee, has now warned that Lisani’s prison condition and his failing health can easily become a national security concern.

“According to friends and relatives of Abbas Lisani, he is continuing a hunger strike against certain discriminations and his health is in a critical condition…”—E’lemi said in an interview with Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) on Tuesday Jan 30. He described the activist as a member of the local press in Erdebil who was detained during the May unrests. E’lemi further explained that the unrests were direct result of a humiliating publication in the official Iran newspaper.

“Apparently Lisani is protesting the double standards and personal prejudices used against him while carrying out the decrees advised by the ministry of justice and the amendment 216 of the prison laws. According to this amendment, put forward by the National Prison Association, the prison council is allowed to issue a temporary release for the prisoner to visit his family 5 days a month after the first two months of detainment. Now, according to Lisani’s lawyer he was totally denied of such a privilege.” Azerbaijani MP continued, raising this matter to the level of national security:

“Experience shows that continuation of such methods is never in our nation’s interest. Therefore, following up on our efforts to free all prisoners arrested during May unrests, I am expecting that the remaining detainees including Abbas Lisani will be soon released and returned to their loved ones. Ayatollah Shahrudi (Attorny General) has been more than helpful in this matter and has already issued the necessary decrees to deal with this issue”.

Table 3.1 The Source Document Giving by Mr. E’lemi (Aalami) as Published by ILNA (Iranian Labour News Agency) – Source:


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