No: 437/ 2007

Date: 17 January 2007                      

The Problem of Southern Azerbaijan


The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva

            Please circulate this letter to the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (also for Fair Trials), this is also relevant to:

·   Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers

·   Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

·   The Independent Expert on Minority Issues

CC    Mrs. Harrison, Amnesty International, London


Mr. Abbas Leysanli


Prisoner of conscience


Dear sir/madam,


The time is ticking as Mr. Leysanli enters his 18th day of hunger strike. Whilst the anxiety of Mr. Leysanli’s family is mounting and the nation of Southern Azerbaijan is nervous, two translated news items reveal a cynical display of arbitrary acts by Iranian authorities. It is evident that the authorities purposely allure the helpless family of Mr. Leisanli by giving them hope and the next minute they change their mind. Yet the relevant Iranian authorities are engaged in a game of tormenting Mr. Leysanli’s families.

In News Item 2, you also witness that the activists are becoming vocal in expressing their concern. It is hard to be indifferent to the sufferings of a family who are fortifying the foundations of human rights.

We are therefore counting on an international campaign for human rights of Mr. Leysanli and trust that you will use your mandates to intervene.

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis


Table 1.1   The English Translation of News Item 1 on the Ordeal Experience by Mr. Abbas Leysanli and his Family -

Abbas Leysanli is continuing with his hunger strike

A member of the Leysanli family informs that Abbas Leysanli continues with hunger strike. In an interview with the reporter of the Webblog Haq, this family member mentioned that: since announcement of the hunger strike, which started over two weeks ago, the public Prosecutor of Erdebil Court repeatedly asked Abbas Leysanli’s family to go to the Court of Justice so that they could come to a solution with he authorities at the upper level. However, today when Abbas Leysanli’s brother referred to the Court of Justice, the Prosecutor told him of lacking any authority to facilitate periodical releases to Abbas Leysanli and the office of the Ministry of Intelligence is not permitting him to do anything about it.

The reporter of the Webblog Haq also contacted  Abbas Leysanli’s wife for a direct update. She said that: Abbas was contacted by telephone this afternoon when he had protested for being deprived of his prisoner rights for periodical releases. He only sees hunger strike as a last resort to safeguard his legitimate right as a prisoner which is being denied to him. Her husband was on hunger strike earlier this year for nearly two months and therefore this time she is very worried for any long-term effect on his health. She added that her efforts and Abbas Leysanli’s correspondences with the Ministry of Justice have been in vain and still no permit has been issued for his periodical releases. Only today the Prosecutor said that he will be going to the prison to have a meeting with Abbas Leysanli in person.


Table 1.2  The Source Document of News Item 1 on the Ordeal Experience by Mr. Abbas Leysanli and his Family -

عباس لساني به اعتصاب خود ادامه مي دهد

یکی از اعضای خانواده لسانی از ادامه اعتصاب غذای عباس لسانی خبر داد.این عضو خانواده در مصاحبه با خبرنگار وبلاگ حق گفت: پس از اعلام اعتصاب غدا از طرف عباس لسانی، در طول دو هفته گذشته بارها دادستان اردبیل از خانواده عباس لسانی خواسته است تا به دادسرا مراجعه کنند تا او مساله را با کسب تکلیف از مقامات بالا حل کند.اما امروز وقتی برادر عباس لسانی به دادستان مراجعه کرد به وی گفته است که اختیاری در اجازه مرخصی به لسانی ندارد و اداره اطلاعات به او اجازه چنین کاری را نمی دهد.

خبرنگار وبلاگ حق در اردبیل همچنین با همسر عباس لسانی تماس گرفت و آخرین وضعیت را از زبان او جویا شد.همسر لسانی گفت: عباس امروز بعد از ظهر تماس تلفنی داشت و به عدم اجازه مرخصی معترض بود و تنها راه مقابله با پایمالی حقوق قانونیش را ادامه اعتصاب غذا می دانست.وی که شوهرش امسال حداقل دو ماه اعتصاب غذا کرده است و این بار به شدت نسبت به وضعیت سلامت عباس لسانی نگران بود، افزود: تا به امروز تمام مراجعات خانواده ما به دادسرا و مکاتبات لسانی بی نتیجه بوده است و هنوز اجازه مرخصی نداده اند تنها امروز دادستان گفته است که فردا به زندان می رود تا عباس لسانی را ملاقات کند.

+ نوشته شده در  85/10/24ساعت 11:7 بعد از ظهر  توسط   |  نظر بدهید


Table 1.1   The English Translation of News Item 2 -

Increased pressure and harassment of political prisoners in Erdebil

According to the news received from Erdebil, Abbas Leysanli, Behruz Elizade and Davud Sa’deti have been transferred to Wing 1 of Erdebil Prison, where this Wing is allocated to drug addicts.

Mrs. Ruqeyye Leysanli (Translator’s Note: the news item gives the name Mrs. Mehemmedelizade and this is Mrs. Leysanli’s maiden name and it is usual to use both maiden name or marriage name.) gave a statement of the reporter of Webblog Haq that today, approximately at 10.30 a.m. Abbas Leysanli contacted home by telephone and said that we will be transferred to the Wing allocated to addicts but I will resist on this issue. Mrs. Leysanli added that now Mr. Leysanli is in solitary confinement because of his hunger strike. However, if he is transferred to Wing 1, his health will seriously be undermined.

One of the Erdebil activists informed the reporter of the Webblog Haq these three prisoners of conscience are innocent, they are role models for the people in Erdebil and yet they are subjected to such unhygienic conditions. Their imprisonment violates judicial procedures on prisoners and trials. As if these are not enough, they have been their families are harassed by a whole range of techniques by the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence in Erdebil. This activist in Erdebil also added that the responsibility for the safety of our prisoners of conscience is with the State of Iran and should any harm come to them through arbitrarcy actions of the State, we shall not remain indifferent.

Table 2.2  Source Document on News Item 2  - Source :

افزایش فشارها و اذیت و آزار زندانیان سیاسی در اردبیل

بنا به خبر دریافتی از اردبیل عباس لسانی، بهروز عليزاده و ودود سعادتي زنداني در اردبيل به بند يك زندان منتقل مي شوند.در حالي كه بند يك ويژه معتادان مي باشد.

در همين زمينه خانم رقيه محمدعليزاده به خبرنگار وبلاگ حق گفت:امروز حدود ساعت ده و نيم صبح عباس لساني با منزل تماس تلفني گرفت و گفت كه قرار است ما را به بند معتادان منتقل كنند.اما من در مقابل اين مساله مقاومت خواهم كرد.خانم محمدعليزاده افزود:لساني به خاطر اعتصاب غذا در انفرادي قرنطينه زندان نگهداري مي شود و اگر به بند يك منتقل شود سلامتش به شدت در معرض خطر قرار خواهد گرفت.

با توجه به آلوده بودن محيط بند يك به برخي امراض و شرايط خاص زندانيان معتاد يكي از فعالين اردبيلي به خبرنگار حق گفت:در حالي كه اين سه زنداني كاملا بيگناه و از بهترين شهروندان هستند نه تنها بر خلاف رويه قضايي زنداني و محاكمه شده اند بلكه به طرق مختلف خود و خانواده هايشان مورد اذيت و آزار مسئولان زندان و اداره اطلاعات اردبيل قرار مي گيرند.اين فعال اردبيلي افزود:تنها مسئول در مورد وضعيت سلامت دوستان ما در زندان اردبيل دولت ايران است.قطعا در صورت به خطر افتادن سلامت فعالين ترك در زندان ما اقدامات و ايذاهاي دولت، وزارت اطلاعات و دادستاني را بي پاسخ نخواهيم گداشت.

+ نوشته شده در  85/10/26ساعت 2:14 بعد از ظهر  توسط   |  یک نظر


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