No: 433 / 2006

Date: 3 January 2007

The Problem of Southern Azerbaijan

The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva

          Please circulate this Communication to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on human rights defenders, this is also relevant to:

·    Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers

·   The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

·    Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance

·   The Independent Expert on Minority Issues

CC      Mrs. Harrison, Amnesty International, London



Mr. Seid Metin-pur, A Southern Azerbaijani human rights defender

Dear sir/madam,



It is a running theme in our communications that human and national rights of Southern Azerbaijanis are violated by Iranian authorities through arbitrary detentions and sentences. We submit two documents to shed further light to this theme and one of them is particularly directed towards supporting the communication in relation to the case of Mr. Rza Abbasi, as per Communication Ref: 422/2006 on 7 December 2006. The documents submitted are:

Document 1:   This gives proactive affidavits by a distinguished Southern Azerbaijani human rights defender, Mr. Seid Metin-pur, for safeguarding human rights of Mr. Abbasi.

Document 2:   This was issued on 18 October 2006 by an Iranian official, leaked out on 28 December 2006. It acknowledges that the national movement of (Southern) Azerbaijan is firmly established and therefore instructs Iranian agents (i) to use religious sentiments to diffuse the movement by smearing activists as foreign agents and enemies of Islam, (ii) to conspire by writing offensive articles against holy Imams and the prophet in the media of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our Communications and the statements by Amnesty International show that Iranian authorities are already smearing our activists (item i). We have not written to you regarding Item ii but it is also in progress. Therefore Document 2 is authentic.

We have been maintaining that the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior Affairs (prison authorities), Ministry of Information and the police are colluding. By the grip of this underworld network, the agents of Iranian authorities can get away with any of their arbitrary acts. For instance, a point was made in Ref: 420/2006 on 4 December 2006 that Iranian authorities did not even set up any enquiry to investigate extra-judiciary killings by their agents related to the May 2006 Mass Protests. As a result of these collusions, we also maintain that it is impossible for Southern Azerbaijanis to complain against violations of their national and human rights. Document 1 amplifies our point as supporting evidence towards the following conclusion:

Vertical Scroll: Collusions among the authorities  = Impossibility for complaints; and therefore 
Impossibility for complaints         = Rife environments for arbitrary acts and conspiracies
The Outcome                                = Victimise Southern Azerbaijanis 
                                                      Undermine territorial integrity of South Azerbaijan 




The evidence provided here supports that Mr. Rza Abbasi has been deprived of liberty for promoting his national rights through safeguarding his Azerbaijani nationality and the charges brought to him by the Iranian authorities are arbitrary and designed to mask their claim on the status of Province of Zenjan in a conspiracy against territorial integrity of Southern Azerbaijan. We should also update you that Amnesty International has issued the third Urgent Action on Mr. Abbasi: MDE 13/131/2006 and clearly links his detention by Iranian arbitrary to Iranian repression against Southern Azerbaijanis and rejects the charges.

Mr. Metin-pur, the author of Document 1 states that: “silence will only appease the perpetrators of law and encourage them to undermine human rights.” This equally applies to your mandates but we are confident that you will not be silent and will not appease perpetrating Iranian authorities.

We also conclude this communication by Mr.Metin-pur’s words that Mr.Abbasi, shining in Zenjan, is a replica of all Southern Azerbaijani activists in Urmu, Sulduz, Salmas, Qoshachay, Khoy, Maki, Erdebil, and Tebriz by virtue of hundreds of Prisoners of conscience throughout Southern Azerbaijan. We are impatiently waiting for your very first public statement in defence of  national and human rights of Southern Azerbaijanis.

Yours sincerely,

Boyuk Resuloglu

Chairperson of the Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis


Table 1            Affidavits By Mr. Seid Metin-pur, in Support of Mr. Rza Abbasi        

Seid Metin-pur: I bear a witness

28 December 2006

[Translator’s Note: A tinge of sarcastic tone is detected in few sentences of the source document. This tone was avoided in the translation. However, the message is that it is a great honour to defend human rights but this is different from fighting for every single right, as in Iran, Southern Azerbaijanis fight for every single right and hence justification for the writers sarcastic tone.]

In all sincerity, I really would like to be able to make a complaint, should one’s rights be violated. However, evidently the prevailing rules in this territory are arbitrary such that I have to be perpetually engaged in the hilarious game of fighting for our rights. Let me add that the motivation for this hilarious feeling is normal which stems from the urge for social progress. After all, a society developing holistically is associated with legal complications. Of course, hilarious feelings associated with progress are a motivation, which deals with these complications. Then, our fate is that we are not reconciled with the contemporary state-of-the-art, from which we seem to be trickled down with a number of technological machines. One such machine is the virtual environment facilitated by computers. I do not know when this has become available for the others and for us and for how long it will be available for us but I will use it to confirm my affidavits.

Today and approximately within these hours, six months ago my friend and fellow thinker, Rza Abbasi, was detained. I am obliged to offer affidavits regarding his case of detention, as he endures untold injustice. Therefore:

Affidavit 1: Rza Abbasi was arrested on 25 June 2006 by a number of agents from the Ministry of Information of the Province of Zenjan, contrary to the file recording 26 June 2006. Allow me to explain that this may stem from (i) a mistake in the order for the summons; (ii) when the Judge, Mesum Khani was recording the order; or (iii) the order was issued a day after the arrest was made.

Affidavit 2: I reject the statement in Rza Abbasi’s file that he failed to provide bail but the fact is that since his very date of detention, his sister, brother-in-law, father and mother have approached the court offering which were all rejected.

Affidavit 3: Together with one of Rza Abbasi’s relatives, I travelled to Tehran and discussed with Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah to take up this case, as a lawyer. He accepted y the case with much interest and undertook it personally with helps from his assistant. His assistant travelled to Zenjan a few days later but the Court did not accept him and the head of the prison authority denied him a visit with his client, although the lawyer was within the remit of the legal procedures. In stead, the office of the Ministry of Information ordered Rza Abbasi’s father to give up appointing any lawyer.

Affidavit 4: Rza Abbasi passed the selection test for employment in the Department of Social Security but the office of the Ministry of Information in Zenjan did not ratify this. After a series of interrogation they required Rza Abbasi to undertake a complete stopping of all his activities.

Affidavit 5: Rza Abbasi was kept in a solitary confinement in Zenjan Prison for four months and later he was kept in cells with murderers and other common criminals.

Affidavit 5: During the interrogations, Rza was pressurized to make false confessions against others and to write penitence. However, Rza withstood against all these pressures. (As a digression from the affidavits, I have longed for years if only the interrogators all over the world and those in Iran had some interests in reading classic literatures such as Shamse- Tebriz) and the poetry of Nesimi or stories such as …)

Affidavit 6: Rza Abbasi has never broken law. I have never known Rza insulting any individual. He has continually expressed during the interrogations that he has never broken any law or insulted any person.

Affidavit 7: Many fellows from the population of Zenjan can also bear a witness to the following statement. I regard legislation and the rule of law as the main pillar in human endeavours throughout the history. I call upon all my fellow population from Zenjan to bear a witness not for the sake of Rza but for safeguarding the context of the society that they belong to and out of respect for our Turkic culture, heritage and our Azerbaijani Turkic identity. Our silence will only appease the perpetrators of law encouraging them to undermine human rights.


Affidavit 8: Rza was imprisoned for safeguarding human rights of the Turks in Iran. He is a protagonist of mother tongue as a pillar of education in schools and universities. He opposes channeling tax-payers revenues to abuse the national integrity of the Turks in Azerbaijan. He demands that anyone should have the right to make complaints against anyone else. He is thoroughly against the culture of subservience. He is not a liar. He is honest and trustworthy. He is a replica of all of us but with pronounced valour and brevity. Zenjan is now renowned by the name of Rza Abbasi, Erdebil by Abbas Leysanli and Behruz Elizade, Urmu, Tebriz and many other Azerbaijani towns by hundreds of other honourable individuals.


Source Document by and


شهادت مي دهم - سعید متین پور

7م دی, 1385

خيلي دوست داشتم كه در مملكت ما هم مي شد وقتي حقي از آدم ضايع مي شود شكايت كرد.اما گويا قواعد حاكم بر تدبير اين ملك گونه اي ديگر است و من بايد از شعف ناشي از بازي با حقوق دست بشويم.ناگفته نگذارم كه اين شعف ناشي از حس پبشرفت اجتماعي است.زيرا تا جامعه ما به جهات مختلف پيشرفته و توسعه يافته نباشد گستردگي و پيچيدگي حقوقي نيز پديد نمي آيد.و صد البته پيشرفت شعف هم دارد.اما انگار ما بايد در بساطت ساليان دور بمانيم و از دنياي جديد چند ماشين تكنولوژيك داشته باشيم.نمي دانم البته تا كي فرصت استفاده از اين كامپيوتر برآمده از مجاز اعداد را خواهم داشت بنابراين از اين ماشين استفاده مي كنم و از پنجره مجازي اش شهادت مي دهم.

امروز و در اين ساعات، شش ماه از بازداشت دوست و همفكرم رضا عباسي مي گذرد.خود را موظف به شهادت در مورد او مي دانم به خاطر ظلمي كه در حقش رواداشته شد و مي شود.بنابراين شهادت مي دهم : رضا عباسي در روز ششم تير ماه 1385 توسط چند مامور اداره اطلاعات استان زنجان دستگير شده است نه آنگونه كه در دادنامه شعبه اول دادگاه زنجان آمده است در هفتم آن ماه.توضيح مي دهم يا روز دستگيري رضا عباسي به هنگام صدور حكم جلب در ذكر تاريخ اشتباه شده است يا هنگامي كه قاضي معصوم خاني حكم را تقرير يا تحرير مي كرده است خطا صورت گرفته است يا حكم جلب فرداي روزي كه متهم را دستگير كرده اند صادر شده است.

شهادت مي دهم : چنان نيست كه در دادنامه آمده و ذكر شده است كه رضا عباسي توان ارائه كفالت نداشته است بلكه از زمان بازداشت وي بارها خواهر، خواهر شوهر، پدر و مادرش به دادسرا و دادگاه انقلاب مراجعه كردند و خواهان كفالت رضا عباسي شدند اما قضات قبول نكردند

شهادت مي دهم : به اتفاق يكي از اقوام رضا به تهران رفتيم و با آقاي محمد علي دادخواه وكيل دعاوي براي قبول وكالت صحبت كرديم.وي با كمال تواضع ما را پذيرفت و خود و دستيارش وكالت رضا عباسي را برعهده گرفتند.چند روز بعد دستيار محترم به زنجان آمد اما نه دادگاه اورا پذيرفت و نه رئيس زندان به وكيل اجازه ملاقات با موكش را داد در حالي كه وكيل مطابق قانون اين حق را داشت.در نهايت اداره اطلاعات از پدر رضا عباسي خواست تا از گرفتن وكيل صرف نظر بكند.

شهادت مي دهم : رضا عباسي در آزمون ورودي سازمان تامين اجتماعي قبول شد اما اداره اطلاعات زنجان به او صلاحيت استخدام نداد.از رضا در جلسات پي در پي بازجويي در اداره اطلاعات خواستند تا تعهد دهد ديگر هرگز فعاليت نداشته باشد.

شهادت مي دهم : رضا عباسي از زمان بازداشت به مدت چهار ماه در بخش قرنطينه زندان زنجان محبوس بوده است و در اين زمان گاهي با متهمين به قتل هم سلول گشته است.

شهادت مي دهم : رضا در دوران بازجويي تحت فشار بوده است تا بر عليه ديگري اعتراف كند و يا توبه نامه بنويسد.اما رضا به هيچكدام از اين خواسته ها گردن ننهاده است.(براي اينكه رسمي نباشد يا براي اينكه خود موضوع مي گويد بنويس مرا، مي نويسم : سالهاست آرزو مي كنم اي كاش بازجويان اطلاعاتي و استخباراتي در تمام دنيا مشتريان حرفه اي ادبيات بودند.ديوان شمس و ديوان نسيمي مي خوانند.رمان مي خوانند.در ايران مي توانند آواز كشتگان، سال بلوا، آزاده خانم و نويسنده اش، سنگي بر گوري و صد ها اثر ايراني يا ترجمه شده ديگر را بخوانند؛ تنها براي باور انسان.)

شهادت مي دهم : هرگز رضا عباسي را در حال قانون شكني نديده ام. رضا را در حال توهين به هيچ انساني نديده ام.او در دوران بازجويي و محاكمه اش نيز به صراحت گفته است هيچ كار غير قانوني نكرده و به كسي توهين ننموده است.

شهادت مي دهم : بسياري از همشهريان زنجاني نيز مي توانند چنين شهادت نامه اي اراده كنند.به عنوان كسي كه تدوين حقوق را

پيشرفتي بزرگ در تاريخ بشريت مي دانم از اين همشهريان مي خواهم نه فقط به خاطر رضا بلكه به خاطر اجتماعي كه در آن زندگي مي كنيد و به نشانه حرمت به ميراث فرهنگي و زبان مورد هجوممان تركي براي رضا شهادت دهيد.سكوت ما تنها به قانون شكنان و بازيچه سازان حقوق ياري مي دهد.

و نهايت؛

شهادت مي دهم : رضا به خاطر دفاع از حقوق انساني تركان در ايران زنداني شده است.او مي خواهد زبان تركي در مدارس و دانشگاهها تدريس شود.او مي خواهد به هزينه دولت به هويت تركي توهين نشود.او مي خواهد هر كس حق شكايت از هر كس را داشته باشد.او عميقا به فرهنگ شبان رمگي بي ايمان است.او دروغگو نيست.به او و به عقل و قلب خود باور كنيم.او گوشه اي از همه ما ماست كه جسور شده است.در زنجان رضا عباسي نام دارد در اردبيل عباس لساني و بهروز عليزاده و در اروميه و تبريز صدها نام ديگر.


Table 2     Document 2 Issued on 18 October 2006 by an Iranian Official but was leaked and published on 28 December 2006 in Southern Azerbaijani Websites – this is a document exposing Iranian Conspiracy Against Azerbaijan (south and north)    

Emblem of Islamic Republic of Iran

No: 57/14-7

Date: 18 October 2006

Attachment: None

In the name of the Almighty God

To: the Honourable Representative of Office of the Leadership in International Affairs- SH.S.AT

From: Basige Resistance Sepah M.M.A. Eastern


With respect.

Due to escalation of pan-Turkic, separatist and national identity movement in the Islamic Republic of Iran and within the territories of Azerbaijan the following actions are urgently recommended:

In order to combat separatist movements at North West of our country, it is of utmost importance to make necessary plans so that by exploiting the principles of Islamic theocracy, Azerbaijanis may be prevented from participating in their revolutionary movement.

It is also appropriate to mention that, in order to deal with the widespread ideology of separatism of the general public, we should portray those individuals who actively struggle for national identity as foreign elements and the enemies of our religion. Clearly, as it was experienced during the revolution for establishment of constitutional movement and also during the Islamic revolution general publics religious believes should be exploited.

Therefore, you are expected to make the necessary arrangements for certain individuals  to write in the news papers of Republic of Azerbaijan and Nakhjivan on  religious matters such as offending the holy Imams and the prophet (may peace be upon him).

Make sure that the safety of our agents in this matter is ensured.

You are the unknown combatants of the 12th Invisible Imam and you will be rewarded by the Almighty God.

May you be awarded by Allah

The emblem of Basige Regional resistance

Signed by Commander Mohammad Yusef Shakeri

Copies to:

  • Office of the honourable Spiritual leader (Ayatollah Khamenei)
  • Ministry of Information
  • Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Ayatollah Mojtehid- Shebisteri, Representative of the Spiritual Leader

Table 2           Source Document published in Southern Azerbaijani websites


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