No.: 404/2006

Tarix: 31 October 2006 


 Mrs. Harrison, Amnesty International, London

CC    The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva,

         Please circulate this letter to the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (also for Fair Trials) and to the Special Rapporteur on Independence of Judges and Lawyers






Maestro Hesen Azerbaijan

Dear Mrs. Harrison


Maestro Hesen Azerbaijan has now been transformed into the national consciousness of Azerbaijan. The nation, or in maestro’s words, this orphaned nation, is massively offended for every minute that the maestro is being deprived of his liberty. We are confident that all human rights defenders are also offended from this infamous act of vengeance by the Iranian authorities.

We are arduously campaigning for an international response, which yet to materialise in a substantive way. We are surprised to see the hesitation but we hope that it is not due to negligence. Nonetheless, we hope you share the impatience of the Azerbaijani nation, on which we have for your attention new facts giving an insight into the emerging impatience, as well as facts on the character of the maestro. The source for the translated document is the statement by a students union in Tebriz and it has just been published in Azad Tribun.

We know that you are considering a campaign for the defence of the maestro’s human rights but also have a busy schedule. We hope that the enclosed facts will have a sufficient weight to request you to make an exception and accelerate your campaign.

Yours sincerely,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis


 The Translated Document on Maestro Hesen Azerbaijan


Maestro Azerbaijan is singing

Maestro Shatiriyan is performing`

The statement by the Students Union of Open University in Tebriz regarding the Maestro Hesen Demirchi and other prisoners of conscience and the resumption of the infamous Newspaper, Iran  

Published on 29 October 2006


The old veteran of Azerbaijani music is still in the dungeon accused of protesting to the infamous caricature by the newspaper Iran.


Beware, and humiliate not music veterans

Share their delight for an insight into their tenderness


Last month we celebrated the life of a creative artist as we lost him forever. He is irreplaceable. He was an artist who devoted more than fifty years of his life to the revival of the Azerbaijani music. Yes, he was maestro Shatiriyan, left us quietly and without any claim. Truly, which official department trusted with preserving our heritage has contributed as much as this man? Yet the officials remain oblivious of his contributions. Interestingly, the authorities only took interest on him by taking his coffin to the Association of Culture and Art and left a huge number of people waiting in the cemetery dearly eager to pay their last tribute to the maestro.


In the funeral proceeding, everyone felt that a figurehead was being dearly missed; the same rank as the maestro but the missing one is also an expert on Tar. He too has devoted his life to the preservation of the culture of his homeland. Instead of being in his school of music, he is in the dungeon. The authorities are oblivious of the contribution of this veteran too. Truly, can the dungeon be the sanctuary for a man whose vein carries soft Azerbaijani melodies rather than blood? Is it not that disrespecting him is disgracing us all libertarians?


Maestro Hesen Demirchi is in the dungeon accused of taking part in the mass protests on 22 May 2006, being outraged against devious propagandists even infiltrated into an official state tribune. When many were hiding in the comfort of their houses, the maestro was at the heart of the protesters and he was a witness that the youth were beaten up by gruesome bandits. He invited everyone to calmness; opposed any violence and condemned breaking shop windows of the banks. Thanks to him the defenders of the Azerbaijani rights are proud for the slogan of “hooligans, go home” (“daş atan bizdən deyil” or stone throwers you are not one of us). This signified that the bandits and arsonists were hooligan and may be the history will unravel their mask.


Today the official tribune of the state, the newspaper Iran, resumes its production after 150 days since printing the infamous caricature. Mana Niystani has been smuggled to a foreign country. Mehrdad Gasemi-fer, the chief editor of Iran was released on Friday. Yet, we are stunned that Hesen Demirchi, a musical giant of Azerbaijan, together with tens of others are imprisoned or waiting for their trial. It is a simple matter of deduction that in the eyes of the officials the guilty one was not Iran but the honourable nation of Azerbaijan, protesting against a blatant abuse of their national integrity. Is this not adding salt on our wounds? Does this not constitute even more express and graver insult? What are the authorities up to?

We demand the release of the innocent Azerbaijani prisoners and in particular the release of maestro Hesen Demirchi. We will hold the authorities responsible for any harm that may inflicted on the maestro who need urgent medical attention.

Students Union, Open University, Tebriz

The Source Document

Source Document in Azərbaijani Turkic

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