No.: 397 / 2006

Date: 15 Oktobr 2006


The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva,


         Please circulate this letter to the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (also for Fair Trials)


CC    Mrs. Harrison, Amnesty International, London




Mr. Rza Abbasi

Dear sir/madam


It is now over a month passed since the second trial of the Southern Azerbaijani human right activist, Mr. Rza ABBASI, but the relevant Iranian authorities continue to deprive him of his liberty; disregard his human rights; act indifferently to proper court procedures; and arbitrarily detain him with indecision and an indefinite court outcome. We have already lodged a complaint regarding this case (as per our update letter: Ref: 376/2006 on 5 September 2006) campaigning towards his immediate and unconditional release.

Our complaint stands and we would like to draw your attention to the case of Mr. Abbasi once again. We have compiled a chronology of events in reverse order to highlight the arbitrary manner with which the Iranian authorities behave. The chronology is appended to this update.

We respect your confidential approach in safeguarding human rights and we cannot imagine that you have not yet applied your mandates to the case of Mr Abbasi. However, we are not detecting its outcome yet. We therefore request that you step up your campaign and wonder whether issuing a press release would advance this case.

Yours faithfully,

Boyuk Resuloglu

 Chairperson of the Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis


Mr. Abbasi’s speech on 10 December 2004 (the Anniversary of 21 Azer) may be viewed in the following link:

The Reverse Chronology of Mr. Rza ABBASI



16 September 2006

An Update by DunAzHAK to the UN Office of HCHR

12 October 2006

A clip was loaded to Azad Tribun and Yeni Ses websites: or

8 October 2006

Yet another defiant statement by the Student Union (Islamic) of the Zenjan University calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Abbasi

28 September 2006

The US State department expresses its support for safeguarding human rights of Southern Azerbaijanis. Mr. Abbasi’s name is mentioned in the report.

26 September 2006

The Student Union (Islamic) of the Zenjan University issued a defiant support to Mr. Abbasi

23 September 2006

A news item by the Voice of America refers to Mr. Abbasi

17 September

An update by DunAzHAK to the UN office of HCHR

12 September 2006

Amnesty International issues an Urgent Action (MDE 13/101/2006        ) and campaigns for the immediate and unconditional release of this prisoner of conscience

11 September 2006

The second closed-session court but the lawyer was allowed in

10 September 2006

The lawyer revives the release on bail and objects to solitary confinement

5 September 2006

A complaint by DunAzHAK to the UN office of HCHR

7 Septemebr

Mr Khelili is appointed as the lawyer but no indication if his presence in the court will be allowed

4 September 2006

The first closed-session trail and without the presence of the lawyer; still the parents are intimidated

2 September 2006

A letter by DunAzHAK to the UN Office of HCHR making a case for Mr. Abbasi

31 August 2006

An article by Seid Neimi: Rza will never submit

30 August 2006

Security agents finally yield and allow the file to be transferred to the court. He still has no access to his lawyer, his parents are intimidated and he is kept in the quarantine unit of the prison (solitary unit)

19 August 2006

The letter by DunAzHAK including the case of Mr. Abbasi

12 August 2006

The letter by DunAzHAK including the case of Mr. Abbasi

7 August 2006

Mr Abbasi’s father suffering from diabetes is under increasing pressure to conform with the authority

6 August 2006

·      On the 50th day of detention but still indecision by the authority

·      The parents were called to the interrogation for the second time

·      Chronic threatening telephone calls by security agents to the parents often using foul language

·      The parents are forbidden to give information to the media

·      The Judge (Naqilu) plays animosity games with the family on the arrangement for releasing

30 July 2006

·      The lawyer (Mr. Dadkhah) is angry that he is not allowed to visit his client.

·      Family members are intimidated for appointing a lawyer and threatening with more detention

·      Apparently, there is file for Mr. Abbasi in the court and he is still in the Quarantine unit

29 July 2006

The judge (Naqilu) is employing all sorts of infantile games to postpone the release e.g. he did not turn up in the court

24 July 2006

The lawyer (Mehemmed Eli Dadkhah) unable to visit Rza, is hoping to release him on bail

17 July

Various political organisations called for the immediate release

11 July 2006

A statement by the Islamic Society of Zenjan University undersigned by some 50 Alumni of the university

10 July 2006

A statement by the Student Union (Islamic) of the Zenjan University expressing their solidarity with Rza Abbasi and other Southern Azerbaijani activists

9 July

A letter of support by Seid Metinpur: where is Rza?

8 July

EdvarNews reported that:

  • The charge: insulting the leadership
  • Transferred to Zenjan Prison
  • No access to a lawyer

4 July 2006

A statement of support from the Iranian Alumni organisation calling for his immediate and unconditional releases

29 June 2006

Amnesty International:

MDE 13/074/2006

On 27 June, Reza Abbasi, a member of ASMEK Association for the Defence of Azerbaijani political prisoners) and of the Office for Strengthening Unity (Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat), a student body, was reportedly arrested in Zenjan after he refused to comply with a verbal summons to attend an Intelligence Ministry facility for interrogation.

28 June 2006

Transferred to Zenjan Prison without being charged; no access to family or lawyer

27 June 2006

Arrested in the evening; he was summoned verbally for the interrogation in the morning, but ignored it on the grounds that the basis for the summoning was illegal.

Previous detention

As the four founding members were arrested in early April 2004, so the functioning of ASMEK was hampered for a few month but was regrouped and resumed its function after a few months.


·      One of the four founders of ASMEK (the other three are Seid Neimi, Ilqar Merendli and Elirza Qulunju)

·      A founder of the Islamic Society of the University of Zenjan,

·      A cofounder of the Iranian Alumni

·      Also contributed to the feminist movement

Personal Details

Date of birth:      Born in 1979

Education:           first degree in mathematics and an alumni of the university of Zenjan

Occupation:        journalist (working in Medom-e-nov published in Zenjan) and also a teacher (mathematics)

Marital status     Single

Azərbaijani Turkic

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