No.: 367/ 2006

Date: 22 August 2006

The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva,

Please circulate this letter among the following working groups:

  • Special Rapporteur on Independence of Judges and Lawyers
  • Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (also for Fair Trials)
  • Independent Expert on Minority Issues
  • Special Rapporteur on Tortur

CC       Mrs. Harrison, Amnesty International, London


Hesen Azerbaijan

Sentenced to 50 lashes!

Dear sir/madam


We are providing you the translation of an update on 15 prisoners of conscience by ASMEK. This update is in the background of the struggle of the 30 million Southern Azerbaijanis demanding democratic rights including the most basic right for education and freedom of expression in our mother tongue.

It would be extremely unlikely for international organisations not to have heard of events in Southern Azerbaijan in recent months and of the repressions instigated by the government of Iran clearly following policies that can only be described as theocratic fascism. Most recently, such actions have taken a harrowing turn with the sentencing of the 65 year old composer, Mr. Hesen Azerbaijan, to 50 lashes. We need not be reminded that this is an individual whose life has been devoted to music and who successfully staged an opera earlier in the year. Others too have suffered similar deplorable sentences.

We fail to understand the inertia demonstrated by the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights of the United Nations, which responds to such actions with silence rather than initiating and fulfilling the appropriate mandates. Not surprisingly the Iranian regime, in an apparent climate of international appeasement, continues to escalate its abuse of human rights. We are keen to know how much longer will you remain silent? Also we ask: when will you use the mandates entrusted on you by the world community to speak out on behalf of our prisoners of conscience and safeguarding our human rights?

Yours faithfully,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis

The Translation of the news item by

“HAQ” and ASMEK issued on 17 August 2006

According to the reporter of the Webblog Haq, altogether 620 individuals have been registered as the political prisoner in Tebriz Prison within the last three months in relation to the mass protests against the apartheid regime of Iran. Within this period 10 individuals were also detained in the General Intelligence Office in the city.

According to this report, of these victims, Mr. Chengiz Bekhtaver and Dr Ehmed Rzai (Heyderoghlu), were detained in Evin Prison until recently; and they were transferred to the Intelligence Office in Tebriz. They have been transferred into the Political Wing of Tebriz Prison together with 13 others, where this wing only came to be used three months ago. An update on the situation of some of the political prisoners in Tebriz is as follows:


  1. Mehemmed Hesen HERGULI (also known as Hesen Demirchi or Hesen Azerbaijan); son of Hebib

-          Accusation: Pan-Turkism, separatism, disturbing public order

-          Sentence: one year imprisonment and 50 lashes

He is 65 years old and his school for teaching the Azerbaijani music have been banned for more than three months. All of his interrogation and (so called) trials were without the presence of any lawyer.

  1. Eli GULKAR, son of Mustafa

-          Accusation: disturbing public order; printing and distributing leaflets

-          Sentence: 7 months imprisonment and 50 lashes

  1. Mehdi BABAI (Okhtay); son of Mehemmed Sadiq
  2. Eli Huseyn TEHEMTEN, son of Qulu

-          Accusation: disturbing public order

-          Sentence: 6 months of imprisonment and 50 lashes

  1. Hesen BAHARI KHAJE, son of Eli Ekber

-          Accusation: disturbing public order, propaganda against the order of Islam

-          Sentence: 8 months of imprisonment, 5 years of further postponed imprisonment and 74 lashes

  1. Muslum JAVAD PUR, son of Mehemmed

-          Accusation: disturbing public order

-          Sentence: 6 months of imprisonment and 50 lashes

  1. Yusuf SEBRI, son of Eli Mehemmed

-          Accusation: disturbing public order

-          Sentence: not tried yet

  1. Mehemmed Huseyn DIV-BENDI, son of Eli

-          Accusation: disturbing public order

-          Sentence: 1 year of imprisonment and 30000 Tumen fine in cash

  1. Suleyman (Ehmed) HEYDERI, son of Huseyn

-          Accusation: disturbing public order

-          Sentence: 7 months of imprisonment and 50 lashes

  1. Umid ERBABI, son of Mehemmed

-          Accusation: disturbing public order

-          Sentence: 5 months and 1 day of imprisonment and 50 lashes

  1. Semed PEYVENDI, son of Rza

-          Accusation: not yet known

-          Sentence: not yet known

  1. Huseyn ESLI, son of Mehemmed
  2. Taghi EKBERI, son of Yaqub

-          Sentence: 6 months of imprisonment and 50 lashes

  1. Chengiz BEKHTAVER

Azərbaijani Turkic

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