No: 363/ 2006

Date: 15 August 2006 

CC       Mrs. Harrison, Amnesty International, London

The Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva, 

Please circulate this letter among the following working groups:

  • Special Rapporteur on Independence of Judges and Lawyers
  • Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (also for Fair Trials)
  • Independent Expert on Minority Issues
  • Special Rapporteur on Torture


Chengiz Bekhtaver

Dear sir/madam


Further to our letter Ref: 351/2006 on 11 August 2006, we would like to provide the translation of the second communiqué by Mr. Chengiz Bekhtaver. Here you will see that he is determined to carry on with his struggle for justice for the nation of Southern Azerbaijan even where he is most vulnerable.

In this communiqué, Mr. Bekhtaver dismisses any accusation against himself involving prefabricated and unfounded allegations, e.g. disrupting public order. Instead, he reaffirms his unwavering commitment to law, democracy and the reinstatement of the Turkic Azerbaijani identity. Does he not deserve the admiration of any democrat?

Building on Mr. Bekhtaver’s first communiqué, we hope that you will get a better insight into his determination for justice. We trust that you share our sentiment that the human rights charter has matured us enough to express our duty of care for fellow human beings fighting for justice. We look forward to your active support for Mr. Bekhaver’s cause of democracy and human rights.

Yours faithfully,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis

The Second Communiqué by Mr. Bekhtaver from an Iranian Dungeon Issued on 14 August 2006

Dear Prosecutor of General and Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tebriz:

I, Chengiz Bekhtaver, am writing this letter to you from Tebriz Prison. The letter is not confined to describing the ordeal and injustice inflicted on me alone but it is a first reminder on your responsibilities that have been entrusted legally to yourselves to respond to my pleas.

You know that in May 2006, the nation of (Southern) Azerbaijan was abused in an official newspaper by an ignorant or a purposeful person, inadvertently or intentionally. This gave rise to spontaneous protests to expose the illegality of the abuse, though the authorities were fully informed. In the process of the protests, a few suspect elements tried to derail the main aims of the protest, who were undoubtedly deemed to oppose the protest and therefore resorted to undemocratic means such as throwing stones and breaking windows. Nonetheless, we should not rule out a handful of disaffected youth who could have been cornered by these suspect elements or replicated their actions for getting fed up with ongoing injustice or unemployment. The concrete aims of the protests prevailed through the orchestrated popular support for our mother tongue (the Turkic Azerbaijan language), the right for which is also conferred in Articles 15, 19 and 20 of the Constitution. Most analysts even regarded these unwarranted diversionary acts as natural and dismissed their significance for being trivial or minor. How could any credible politician equate these mass protests with unwarranted diversionary acts! It is unworthy of the order of the Islamic Republic to create such excuses for imprisoning the people often with no role in such acts. We also remind you an appropriate verse from the Koran which decrees: “innocent before proven guilty” (the translator’s note: the translation of the verse of the Koran:

«و اذا حكمهم بين ان تحكموا بالعدل »  is a simple guess and therefore the translation can be wrong).

What are your charges and reasons for imprisoning me? Holding an opinion is not a crime but then you are not imprisoning me for my opinions, as you have claimed that I disrupted public order. This is an unfounded accusation, as not only I do no such nonsense but contribute to the maintenance of peace and public order. One of my proofs is the character witness from the authorities of my place of work. Let it be known that the power of the state is not in imprisonment but in the wise governance of the people, in causing content among them and in creating peace and prosperity. Continued detention of me is in the direction violation of Article 32 of the Constitution. You know that the decision for my release has been issued upon meeting the determined bail (but this too has been violated).

The Prosecutor, who is a young and knowledgeable person on judiciary and social matters, acknowledges that he wishes to correctly implement law and he has his confidence on law. However, he dispatched me to Evin Prison, in Tehran and this was not justifiable; he also sent my interrogation file to Tehran and this was unwarranted and a violation of the procedure for penal codes. These are series of deliberate and arbitrary acts to prolong my imprisonment and regarded as a violation of the law on charging people. Thus, regarding you as the protector on behalf of the Constitution and other relevant laws, I request you to follow the law in a correct manner towards the delicate responsibilities entrusted on you. You should not fear the politics of your office but instead fear your god. If I do not hear within a week from you, I will declare myself as a victim of your judiciary system. I will sue you, the General Head of Prosecution of the Province, acting in so obstructionist fashion for illegally detaining me. I will also sue the office of security agents and judiciary authorities. This is my first letter as my legal objection for your refusal to accept the bail determined against me and as an objection for my detention in the first place. I request the implementation of the appropriate laws.

Thank you so much

Chengiz Bekhtaver

14 August 2006

CC: The Right Honourable Head of the Judiciary and the Right Honourable Prosecutor of Security Judges


 امروز: ‪چهارشنبه، ۲۵ مرداد ۱۳۸۵  

دادستان محترم دادسراي عمومي و انقلاب اسلامي تبريز

اينجانب چنگيز بخت آور از زندان تبريز اين نامه را به شما مينويسم. نامه فقط بيان وضعيت موجود و ستمي كه بر من ميرود نيست. بلكه ياداوري مسئوليت هائي است كه در مقابل دادخواهي من قانوناَ بر عهده شما گذاشته شده است.

مستحضر هستيد که در اردیبهشت ماه فرد نا آگاه ومغرض ، به خطا يا بعمد در يكي از روزنامه هاي پايتخت به ملت آذربایجان اهانت نمود.با اطلاع مقامات مسئول وبعنوان اعتراض به اين عمل خلاف قانون راه پيمائي شد درجريان راه پيمائي افرادي كه يقيناَ مخالف راه پيمائي بودند با پرتاب سنگ وشكستن شيشيه  ، هدف مقدس راه پيمائي را منحرف نمودند و يا اگر مخالف هم نبودند بر اثر هيجانات جواني وبراي پاسخگوئي به ستمي كه از بي عدلي اقتصادي ، بيكاري مي كشند اقدام به پرتاب سنگ نمودند كه خسارات مادي به بار آورد اين خسارت ها تظاهرات اعتراض آميز را كه با لحاظ نمودن اصل 15، 19،20 و به هدف حمايت از زبان مادري (تورکی ) انجام گرفته بود از مسير هاي اصلي خود منحرف نكرد و آگاهان مسائل اجتماعي در تجزيه و تحليل هاي منطقي اين واقعه، بعضي حركتهاي نسنجيده را امري طبيعي دانسته اند. حال جرم دانستن اين گونه اعمال كه در هيچ يك از مكاتيب جزائي وسياسي مورد تائيد قرار نگرفته است وبه بند كشيدن افرادي كه در پرتاب سنگ و شكستن شيشه هيچگونه نقشي نداشته وفعلي مادي يا معنوي انجام نداده اند در شان نظام جمهوري اسلامي كه بر اساس آيه «و اذا حكمهم بين ان تحكموا بالعدل » بايد عمل نمايد نيست.

مرا به كدامين جرم وبه كدامين دليل در زندان نگه داشته ايد؟ داشتن عقيده كه جرم نيست وانگهي مرا به داشتن عقيده حبس نكرده ايد .بلكه به من گفته ايد كه تودر نظم جامعه اخلال كرده اي .كه سخني است بس بي پايه من نه تنها اخلال كننده در نظم نيستم بلكه حافظ نظم هستم وشهادت مسئو لين محيط كار دليل صحت سخنم است قدرت دولت در بند كشيدن افراد نيست قدرت واقعي در هدايت توده مردم وجلب رضايت وايجاد رفاه براي مردم است. ارائه بازداشت من بر خلاف اصل 32 قانون اساسي است . در مورد من قرار تامين وثيقه صادر شده است .

 آقاي بازپرس كه فردي جوان وآگاه به مسائل قضائي و اجتماعي است در اجراي صحيح قانون واعتماد به قرار صادره مي خواهد اجراي قانون نمايد اما اعزام من به تهران كه هيچ ضرورتي نداشت ويا ارسال پرونده  تحقيقاتي به تهران كه هيچ لزومي نداشت وبر خلاف مقررات قانوني آئين دادرسي كيفري است.به اين هدف انجام مي گيرد كه حبس و بازداشت مرا طولاني كنند كه اين تمهيدات خلاف قانون جرم محسوب مي شود . لذا از شما كه حافظ قانون اساسي و ديگر قوانين مربوط است. تقاضا دارم در اجراي مسئوليت خود عادلانه و بدون ترس از جريانات اداري و با در نظر گرفتن خداوند متعال و وظيفه خطير قضاوت در مورد من قانون را درست اجرا كنيد .اگر تا يك هفته پاسخ قانوني دريافت ندارم.براي حفظ حقوق خود عليه آقاي رئيس كل دادگستري استان كه سخت در تلاش براي محكوميت من به حبس طولاني است واز هيچ اقدامي مضائقه نميكند بعنوان توقيف غير قانوني اعلام جرم خواهم نمود از شما نيز به دادسراي انتظامي قضات ورئيس قوه قضائيه شكايت خواهم نمود . اين نامه اولين اعتراض قانوني به عدم قبول وثيقه واعتراض بقرار بازداشت است.تقاضاي اجراي قانون را دارم.

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چنگيز بخت آور   14/08/2006

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