No.: 357/2006

 Date: 01.08.06

Amnesty International, London

CC                 Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Office in Geneva

Dear Mrs. Harrison


We would like to bring to your attention two issues that are very important but regrettably often overlooked. The first issue is related to “the bullet fee” and the second one to the rape of male political prisoners by torturers. These may seem fiction but Iran and indeed any country are rife for implementation of such fictions, where the freedom of expression is scorned or investigative journalism and journalistic-type of challenge are alienated.

The bullet fee or “bullet expenses” is the translation of the Persian expression of “Haqq-e-tir” (تير حق ). This is basically the money that Iranian prison authorities charge the families of the political victims of their execution acts for the handover of the bodies. The amount of the money involved is 2,000,000 Tumen, which is more than one year income of a secondary school teacher. As if this insult is not sufficient, the authorities rub the wound with a pinch of salt by asking for an additional box of chocolate – symbolising happy ceremonies.

The whole episode is extremely painful for the families of the victims, as on the one hand they want their loved one to be buried in dignity and in the traditional manner and on the other hand they do not wish to be humiliated in such an outrageous fashion. The further dimension of this tragedy is that the authorities hand over the bodies on the condition that all the funeral and subsequent rituals to express their respect for the lost loved one are kept private and they do not share their grief with anyone outside the close relatives, journalists in particular. We believe this act is inflicted against political prisoners but not criminal ones and probably Southern Azerbaijanis are not the only one suffering this act of indignity.

The mindset behind this devious act has a possible religious dimension that the murderous elements of the authorities are proud of their acts, as embedded in the dreaded act of Jihad. On the other hand, the authorities realise that the world community enriched with the human rights declaration shall not entertain any such acts, even if embedded in religion. We endeavour to provide you any first hand information as we can. We kindly request you to expose this inexplicable act in your various reports and campaign for the amendment for the human rights declaration to cover the right for a decent burial and the subsequent ritual.

The second issue is related to sexual harassments of political prisoners and we attach for your information the translation of one report that was published in the Turanturk webblog on 22 July 2006: (

Thank you for your attention and we hope that you will carry on with an increasing rigour on safeguarding human rights of the nation of Southern Azerbaijan .

   Yours Sincerely,

 Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of the World Azerbaijanis

Letter in Turkish



Very worrying news on the devious acts of torturers in the prisons of Mughan and Khiov (Meshgin sheher)

 According to the statements by activists of the national movement of (Southern) Azerbaijan , a number of activists campaigning for our Turkic identity have been subjected to immoral and sexual tortures. These were arrested in the cities of Mughan and Khivov but were released recently after undergoing weeks of imprisonment.

 Two teenagers bear witness that during the detention period, they were blindfolded and their feet were fettered and in these periods they were stripped of their clothes in several occasions and security agents literally urinated on their faces and mouths.

 Also according to the news received from Mughan, at least in one occasion security agents violated one of the Turkic Azerbaijani in a disgrace group act. Their acts included stripping the activist, laying him on the ground and subjecting him to despicable acts. These savage crimes has mentally shocked him and caused physical bleeding, leading to painful infections. His cause was seeking for justice.

 Also, the news received from the Khiyov Prison indicates similar wicked acts are committed against other detainees of the national movement of (Southern) Azerbaijan .

 One of the released activists in Khiyov has expressed that the security agents of this apartheid regime threatened to violate his privates in a grouped fashion, while behaving in an undignified manner.

 Compiled by Araz on 25 July 2006



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