No.: 347/ 2006

Date: 5 July 2006

Amnesty International, London

CC       Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Office at Geneva

Dear Mrs. Harrison

Re       Update and New Chains of Persecution following Confessions under Duress

The ongoing campaign of repression against the nation of Southern Azerbaijan is in full swing. A glimpse of this repression was the imposition of martial law throughout Southern Azerbaijan supported by two military divisions dispatched to our homeland. The aim of this repression is to prevent by coercion the trekking to Babek Castle towards forming the Babek Assembly. We find among our latest newsreel that in spite of such a daunting repression, approximately 70 of Southern Azerbaijani youths actually made to the Castle through ragged mountainous ranges but were arrested at the Castle.

Besides, may we bring to your attention a “chain of persecutions” described, as follows:

  • The police seek confession under duress in the prison from the detainees;
  • The ages of these detainees often indicate that they are young and vulnerable to threat and reprisal and would mention a name or two under duress;
  • The names of the persons learned by such confessions are then subjected to a new chain of persecution.

One example of a chain of persecutions is Mr. Seyid Mehdi Seyid zade who is an agricultural engineer and aged 61 years old. He was arrested on 27 June 2006 and was taken to an undisclosed place. The history of his activities goes back a long time, as he waged an unwavering struggle against the Shah’s dictatorship and suffered long-term imprisonments. Even with reformist tendencies in his political views, he has always been profound in his commitment to his motherland and distinguished for his cause for Azerbaijan. Although his activities may be limited today but he is strongly believed to be a victim of one such confession under duress in the chain of persecutions. We would like to add that Mr. Seyid zade is a wealthy businessman and after the revolution he was a candidate for the parliamentary elections and had scored a handsome proportion of the votes.

Another victim of this chain of persecutions is Mr. Hesen Rashidi. He is a distinguished writer and journalist from Karaj near Tehran. He was arrested in his office, Tehran, on 1 July 2006 and now he is in captivity in the notorious Evin Prison in the Wing 209. His arrest is strongly attributed to this chain of persecutions, apparently some have given his name based on reading his articles.

Whilst repressions are ongoing, we find more newly arrested names. Among these names are Mr. Behmen Sadiqi Maraghayi from Maragha and Mr. Ferzad Eziz Khani from Urmu, who were detained in Eher on 30 June 2006 while on their way to Babek Castle. Since then, the wife of Mr. Sadiqi was also summoned to the Revolutionary Court.

Other instances of detentions related to the Babek Assembly include Mr. Emir Aghazade and Mr. Ehed Esedi. Our information is that Mr. Aghazade, from Qoshachay, was arrested in his house on 29 June 2006 and was taken to an undisclosed location. Mr. Ehed Esedi from the town of Serderi, near Tebriz, was arrested on 3 July 2006, and was also taken to an undisclosed location.

I also bring to your attention the case of many bodies found dead in the various cities up and down in Southern Azerbaijan. This is the cause for a tremendous anxiety among Azerbaijani families.

Undoubtedly, due to illegal attacks of this tyrannical government, many people are arrested, beaten up and assassinated. This atmosphere of suppression created by the police makes it difficult if not impossible to unravel such widespread violations of human rights.

On this matter, we are providing you for your attention the translation of a statement from ASMEK together with its source document.

Finally, let us update you that the life threatening conditions of the following persons remain the same: Mr. Javad Abbasi, in the Urmu Prison, Mr. Abbas Leysanli, in the Erdebil Prison, Mr. Hesen Azerbaijan, in the Tebriz prison, and Mr. Qulam Rza Emani, now in the Evin Prison, Tehran.

To stop the arbitrary treatments of the innocent nation of Southern Azerbaijan, it is increasingly evident that the intervention of International Organisations is becoming necessary by dispatching a fact-finding mission to investigate the problems from inside out.

We are requesting you once again to keep expressing your support, as ever, for safeguarding the human rights of our people.

Yours Sincerely,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of the World Azerbaijanis

Continued Suppression and Repression and the silence of reformist intellectuals

Monday 3 July 2006

According to the information received from different cities of (Southern) Azerbaijan, the atmosphere of repression and suppression is continuing and everyday there are detentions of political Turkic Azerbaijani activists and yet the newspapers and other mass media of a host of political groups attached to the centre are engaged to creating fear.

The latest news on the arrested people:


Hesen Rashidi (engineer) was detained on Sunday, 2 July 2006, at 14.00 in his office, near the Sadiqqiye underground station, Tehran, by security agents. Rashidi is a distinguished journalist and writer in (Southern) Azerbaijan. Still there is no information on the reasons for his detentions or his whereabouts (the last item has been superseded, as he is now known to be in the Evin Prison).

Eher and Keleyber:

Within the last few days, a number of the national activists of (Southern) Azerbaijan have been arrested in Eher and Keleyber, who were intending to take part in the Babek Assembly. They have been transferred into the Tebriz Prison. Their names include: Ibrahim Vusuqi, Mehemmed Jefer pur, Behmen Sadiqi, Ferzad Eziz khani. Also the wife of Mr. Behmen Sadiqi was summoned to the Revolutionary Court in Tebriz.


Three members of a family were arrested in Horand, near Eher, on 24 June 2006. The family name of these three brothers is Mededi  and their first names are Imamet, Sekhavet and Ibadet.


Mr. Eli Bedeli, a student of the University of Nur of Tebriz was arrested in his house and he is under undisclosed condition and without access to any lawyer of his choice.

Eli Rubai, one of the activists of the national movement of (Southern) Azerbaijan was arrested in his workplace on 10 June 2006 by security agents in Tebriz and till now there is no information on his conditions.

Also, Eli Haj Ebulu (known as Hesen Erk) and Chengiz Bekhtaver of activists of the national movement had telephone calls to their families from the Evin Prison. They have expressed their physical conditions to be extremely poor. This is under the circumstance that the father of Hesen Erk had passed away suffering from a heart attack.

Monday 3 July 2006 

Hoping for the freedom of all political prisoners

The Committee for Defending Political Prisoners of (Southern) Azerbaijan

The Source Document Issued by ASMEK on 3 July 2006

     ادامه سرکوب و اختناق و سکوت روشنفکران اصلاح طلب


بنا به گزارشهای رسیده از شهرهای مختلف آذربایجان جو سرکوب و اختناق هنوز ادامه دارد و دستگیری همه روزه فعالان سیاسی ترک در این شهرها در سکوت روزنامه ها و سایر رسانه های ارتباط جمعی گروههای سیاسی مرکز با شدت و ایجاد رعب و وحشت انجام میگیرد.

جدیدترین اخبار دستگیرشدگان :


مهندس حسن راشدی روز یکشنبه ۱۱ تیر ساعت ۱۴ در محل کارش در متروی فلکه صادقیه تهران توسط ماموران اطلاعات بازداشت شد.راشدی یکی از روزنامه نگاران و نویسندگان شناخته شده در آذربایجان می باشد.هنوز از علت دستگیری  و محل نگهداری ایشان خبری کسب نشده است.

اهر و کلیبر:

طی چند روز گذشته جمعی از فعالان ملی آذربایجان که قصد شرکت در مراسم گرامیداشت بابک را داشتند در شهرهای اهر و کلیبر دستگیر شده اتد این افراد به زندان تبریز منتقل شده اند.

ابراهیم وثوقی ، محمد جعفر پور  ، بهمن صادقي  ، فرزاد عزيزخاني 

همچنین همسر آقای بهمن صادقی نیز به دادگاه انقلاب تبریز فراخوانده شده است.

در هوراند از توابع اهر هم ۳ عضو یک خانواده از روز ۵ تیر بازداشت شده اند این سه برادر به نامهای امامت  ، سخاوت  و عبادت مددی از پنجم تیر در بازداشت هستند.

تبریز :

آقای علی بدلی دانشجوی دانشگاه پیام نور تبریز در منزل خود دستگیر شده و در شرایط نا مشخصی و بدون ملاقات با وکیل مدافع در بازداشت بسر میبرد .

علی رباعی از فعالان حرکت ملی آذربایجان در مورخه 20/3/1385 در محل کار خود توسط نیروهای اطلاعاتی تبریز دستگیر شده و تا این لحظه هیچ اطلاعی از وضعیت نامبرده در دست نیست.

همچنین علی حاج ابولو (ارک) از دیگر فعالان حرکت ملی و چنگیز بخت آور در گفتگوی تلفنی از زندان اوین تهران با خانواده خود وضعیت جسمانی خود را بسیار وخیم اعلام کرده اند. این در حالی است که در طی روزهای گذشته پدر حسن ارک به علت سکته قلبی درگذشته است.

دوشنبه ۱۲ تیر ۱۳۸۵

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