No.:344/ 2006

Date: 28 June 2006

The Higt Commiserate of Human Rights, geneva

Dear Sir/madam



It is our duty to keep you informed of the violation of even the very basic human rights of the 30 million Southern Azerbaijanis currently within the administrative composition of Iran . Would you not agree that the complete absence of even a single classroom in the mother tongue of the 30 million Southern Azerbaijanis exposes the heinous face of Persian apartheid? However, in this letter we wish to provide you with the evidence for iron-fist policies of this apartheid regime.

We have recently informed you that a substantial proportion of the 30 million Southern Azerbaijanis orchestrated mass protests in the last week of May 2006, which swept throughout the cities, towns and villages of our motherland all demanding our national rights in one voice. The police forces dispatched from Tehran resorted to the suppression of our unarmed civilian mass protestors inflicting loss of life, injuries, kidnapping and detentions. A glimpse of these sufferings is available in the statements of various international organizations and in particular of Amnesty International. It is hard to understand the silence of United Nations, which is certainly surprising.

Faced with the ongoing mass arrests, torture, detentions and the subsequent resistance of scores of our activists in the form of hunger strikes in Iranian dungeons, we would like to stress that you have mandates and various mechanisms to protect the human rights of Southern Azerbaijanis.

We are providing you the evidence in the form of name lists of those lost their lives, wounded, kidnapped, detained or undergoing hunger strike while in dungeons. We trust that the violation of human rights of Southern Azerbaijanis by the regime in Tehran will be brought to the agenda in the next meeting of the Commission for Human Rights of the UN.

Undoubtedly, the state of Iran bears the sole responsibility for arbitrary arrest of innocent people in Southern Azerbaijan or for the kidnapping of cultural activists. As it is, you are yet to defend the Southern Azerbaijani victims of Iranian aggression. Not surprisingly, the appeased mindsets of Iranian apartheid is unashamed of the world community, fears no god, is devoid of any consciousness, denies the right for access to lawyer of political prisoner and even intransigently arrests human right lawyers.


Yours faithfully,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis

CC      Amnesty International, London  

Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions, c/o OHCHR-UNOG, 121, Geneva 10, Switzerland , Fax: 41 22 917 9006

International Media


The Categorisation of Individuals Suffering Arbitrary Actions of the Iranian Government since the May Mass Protests

The lists are collated in English Alphabetical order and also according to the home city of the detainees in the alphabetical order. Names are transcribed on the basis of the Turkic Azerbaijani pronunciation of the names.


[1]     ASMEK Reports

[2]     Azad Tribun on 25 June 2006:

[3]     The recent list issued by the Azerbaijani National Front (AMC)

[4]     DünAzHAK Letters

[5]     The Erdebil List published on xx June 2006 by:

[6]     The list of detainees in Merend published on 20 June 2006

CATEGORIES                                                                                                Page

A.           List of Known Persons Killed By Security Agents                                             3

B.           List of the Known Persons Wounded                                                                  4

C.           List of Political Prisoners Known to be in a Life Threatening Condition            5

D.           List of Detained Persons                                                                                      6

E.            Students Known to suffer from Disciplinary Actions                                         12

A.         List of Known Persons Killed by Security Agents

Khiyov (Meshgin sheher)

  1. Jelal Abidi

Sulduz (Naqada)

  1. Eli Abbasi
  2. Elirza Quli pur
  3. Esger Qasimi                                                           
  4. Esger Shikari
  5. Hummet Ism zade
  6. Huseyn Fehti pur (12 years old)
  7. Ibrahim Esger pur (Azer pur)                                  
  8. Mehemmed Eli Jennet niya (65 years old)
  9. Tovhid Azeriyyun
  10. Tovhid Eshrafi
  11. Tovhid Zaman pur                                                  
  12. Vahid Azeri pur
  13. Yehya Novruzi
  14. … Izzeti                                                                  
  15. … Novjevan (15 years old)


  1.  Heyder Yaver niya
  2. Jemshid Zenjani
  3. Khelil Ufuqi
  4. Mehemmed Pakrevan
  5. Riza Miraghapur Dervishi
  6. Vehid Baver niya
  7. Sadiq Mehemmedi - as reported on 25 June 2006, his body was found in Shahgölü, Tebriz He was a cultural activist and a university student.
  8. Another person was found together with the victim named in 23, who is believed to be a fellow university student but the name of the latter is yet to be identified.



  1. Eyvez Seyyahi
  2. Ferzad Esed pur

B.      List of the Known Persons Wounded


  1. Behreng Daghistani
  2. Behreng Efshari
  3. Eli Ibrahimi
  4. Eyyub Mehbubi
  5. Ferhad pir Mehemmedi
  6. Huseyn Muradi
  7. Huseyn Merami
  8. Huseyn pir Alagoz
  9. Huseyn Seneti
  10. Mehdi Ezizi
  11. Mehemmed Mehemmedi
  12. Shehram Novruzi
  13. Zeynal Rimaz


  1. Hebib Endelibi

C.  List of Political Prisoners Known to be in a Life Threatening Condition


  1. Abbas Leysanli (hunger strike)
  2. David Esedi
  3. Ekber Khub#Jefer Subhani
  4. Jelal Teqevi
  5. Mehdi Mehemmed pur
  6. Rehim Qulami
  7. Rza She’bani
  8. Vehid Dergahi


  1. Hesen Herguli ( Azerbaijan or Demirchi) (hunger strike)
  2. Qulamrza Emani (hunger strike)


  1. Hamid Yegane pur (heart problems and possibly hunger strike)
  2. Yashar Hekkak pur

D.      List of Detained Persons


1.            Emir Bezzaz Qedim

2.            Kerim Karger


3.            Abbas Lisani

4.            Araz Eli Nezeri

5.            Araz Qafar zade

6.            Behruz Elizade

7.            Behzad Khisrovani

8.            Edalet Abbasi

9.            (engineer) Ekber Khub

10.        Ekber Qurbani arrested on 26 June 2006

11.        Eli Babai

12.        Elirza Yusufi

13.        Ferdin Ibadi

14.        Ferid Abduleli zade

15.        Hesen Elmasi

16.        Huseyn Kheyyati

17.        Jahanbekhsh Bekhaver (arrested on 26 June 2006)

18.        Jefer (Abbas Lisani’s colleague)

19.        Jefer Subhani

20.        Jelal Teqevi

21.        Mehemmed Yusufi

22.        Mehdi Mehemmed pur

23.        Mustafa Nezer kerde

24.        Mukail Selim zade

25.        Mustafa Zakir

26.        Oruj Emiri (reporter)

27.        Qasim Qeribi

28.        Qedir Azer dokht

29.        Perviz Agha zade

30.        Ramin Disnad

31.        Rehim Qulami

32.        Rehim Rzai

33.        Resul Behbudi

34.        Rza Tedeyyun

35.        Suleyman Mehemmedi (a poet)

36.        Shapur Nusret zade

37.        Shehram Qojabeyli Qojabeyglu)

38.        Vehid Dergahi (the director of of the periodical Avay-e-Erdebil)

39.        Vedud Esedi

40.        Yarpaq Rza Kazimi

41.        … Kishaverz (a university student of law)

42.        Person 1 we could not get the name

43.        Person 2 we could not get the name

44.        Person 3 we could not get the name

Khiyov (Meshgin sheher)

45.        Emir Huseyn Muvehhidi (Human rights activist)

46.        Esed Yaqubi

47.        Ferhad Servnaz

48.        Irej Muezzin zade

49.        Person 1 from the Village Qara Dervish

50.        Person 2 from the Village Qara Dervish

51.        Person 3 from the Village Qara Dervish

52.        Person 4 from the Village Qara Dervish

53.        Person 5 from the Village Qara Dervish

54.        Person 6 from the Village Qara Dervish

55.        Person 7 from the Village Qara Dervish

56.        Person 8 from the Village Qara Dervish

57.        Person 9 from the Village Qara Dervish

58.        Person 10 from the Village Qara Dervish

59.        Person 11 from the Village Qara Dervish


60.        Hemid Khan Ehmedi

61.        Ibrahim Jeferzade

Khudaferin (in Mughan, Southern Azerbaijan )

62.        Sahibeli Rustemi

63.        Shehram Ehmedzade

64.        Feramerz Pastu


65.        Davud Ezim zade (teacher)

66.        Hamid Yegane pur

67.        Mejid Pejuhi fam (University Professor)

68.        Yashar Hekkak pur Maraghi


69.        Davud Shirdel

70.        Ebdulmejid Qeybi (Caricaturist)

71.        Ehmed Ruhani

72.        Eli Hesen zade Eqdem

73.        Eli Ojaq-zade

74.        Mesud Hebib-vend

75.        Emin Muvehhidi

76.        Hadi Shukrani

77.        Hamid Mehemmed-pur

78.        Husam Abdullahi

79.        Huseyn Elizade

80.        Isa Esedi

81.        Mehdi Huseyn zadeqan

82.        Mehdi Sheji

83.        Mehemmed-Baghir Huseyn-zadeqan

84.        Mehemmed-Rza Neqi zade

85.        Qulamrza Babai

86.        Qulamrza Heqiqi

87.        Perviz Elipur

88.        Mir Mejid Yuzbashi

89.        Oruj Ruhani (Journalist)

90.        Qulamrza Imandar (actor)

91.        Selman Ebazeri

92.        Umid Hesen zade Eqdem

93.        … Qoja-zade

94.        … Sheykh-zade

95.        … Veten-khah

96.        … Zehhak

Mughansheher (Parsabad)

97.        Davud Meqami

Qoshachay (Miyandoab)

98.        Behbud Qulu zade

99.        Ehed Jiddi

100.    Eli Razi

101.    Emir Aghazade

102.    Emir Seqefi

103.    Hatem Rustemi

104.    Jelal Kudelili

105.    Mehdi Bazmani

106.    Mohsun Feramerzi

107.    Semsam Mehemmedi vesh

108.    Shahrukh Feramerzi

109.    Veli ZAohrabi

People detained in Qoshachay on 27 June 2006:

110.    Behbud Quluzade

111.    Ehmed Ciddi

112.    Jelal Kuderilu

113.    Mohsun Feramerzi


114.    Adil Zahidi

115.    Abbas pur-Ezheri

116.    Anush Ademi

117.    Azerbaijan Dadashi (a reporter of the periodical Ermeghan)

118.    Babek Brumend

119.    Babek Herguli

120.    Babek Pervin

121.    Babek Salik

122.    Bayrameli Esedian

123.    Behruz Eshrefi

124.    Behzad Bedrenji

125.    Behzad Eshrefi

126.    Bilal Rzai

127.    Chengiz Bekhtaver,

128.    Ebulfezl Vusali (the director of the weekly Azerabadqan)

129.    Ehmed Rzai (Heyder Oghlu)

130.    Eli Eshqi

131.    Eli Hamid Iman (the director of the banned periodical Shams Tabriz)

132.    Eli Huesyn Tohmeti

133.    Eli Metlebi

134.    Eli Qemeri

135.    Eli Qulu nejaz

136.    Eli Shadi

137.    Elirza Javanbekht Quluncu (engineer and a writer)

138.    Elirza Rubai

139.    Emir Ibrahim pur

140.    Emir Rubabi

141.    Emir Zebihi

142.    Esger Ferhadi

143.    Esger Nishaburi

144.    Eynullah Bakhshi

145.    Eyyub Lutfi

146.    Eziz Deshti

147.    Eziz Qulu pur

148.    Ferhad Mohsini

149.    Hashim Mirzade

150.    Hemid pur-Veli

151.    Hesen Fershi

152.    Hesen Haji Ebui (Erk)

153.    Hesen Herguli (Penname: Azerbaijan or Demirchi, Musician)

154.    Hesen Jeferi

155.    Hesen Jeferi Taze-kend

156.    Huseyn Ehmedian (writer)

157.    Huseyn Temtem

158.    Ibrahim Ehed pur

159.    Ibrahim Deshti

160.    Javad Ferej pur

161.    Javad Kenani

162.    Jahanbakhsh Bekhtaver , arrested recently on 26 june 2006

163.    Jemil Emani

164.    Keyvan Neimi (actor)

165.    Khisro Kenani

166.    Mehdi Deshti

167.    Mehemmed Behri

168.    Mehemmed Elipur

169.    Mehemmed Hueyn Dirbend

170.    Mehemmed Nejefi

171.    Mehemmed Nejef pur

172.    Mehemmedrza Nejefi

173.    Mehemmed-Taghi Ekberi

174.    Mehran Tebrizi (the manager of the periodical Nevid Azerbaijan)

175.    Mejid Hummeti

176.    Mejid Sifidiyan

177.    Menuchehr Ezizi

178.    Muslum Javad pur

179.    Mustafa Berzger

180.    Naghi Ekberi

181.    Nasir Abbasian

182.    Qadir Heyderi

183.    Qulamrza Emani

184.    Perviz Qulu pur

185.    Rehim Eziz Ereb

186.    Rza Ebri

187.    Rza Qeffari

188.    Rza Seyyah (a journalist, who detained nearly for one month but now has been set free)

189.    Rza Shakiri

190.    Seid Bidokht

191.    Seid Mehemmedi

192.    Shehriyar Zair Qazani

193.    Siyamek Bekhtaver

194.    Suleyman Heyderi

195.    Vehid Sheykhbeyli

196.    Yashar Deljavan

197.    Yunus Kuhi


198.    Mehdi Ehmedi

199.    Ramin Mehemmed Khani (he was arrested when attended the court to accept the defence of Mr. Saleh Kamrani)

200.    Saleh Kamrani (lawyer)

201.    Sirus Huseyn nejad (penname: Yanar Sonmez, writer, a member of the Settar Khan Cultural Centre)


202.    Huseyn Nuri

203.    Ibrahim Dehqan

204.    Ibrahim Deshti

205.    Kerim Huseyn pur

206.    Mohsun Yapiri

207.    Rza Heyderi

208.    Yusuf Seidi

E.     Students Known to suffer from Disciplinary Actions

The University of Urmu has taken a disciplinary action to postpone the exams of the following students:

1.      Ibrahim Dehqan

2.      Mrs. Ilahe Radmehr

3.      Mehdi Haj Mehemmedi

4.      Mehemmed Huseyn zade

5.      Mejid Makui

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