No.: 342/2006

Date: 26 June 2006

Amnesty International, London

CC       Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva

Dear Mrs. Harrison


We have informed you about Mr. Huseyn Ehmediyan, as a prisoner of conscience in the list of names of Southern Azerbaijanis arbitrarily arrested since 22 May 2006.

Mr. Ehmediyan is a journalist and works for the Journal Dilmac (means The Interpreter), but unfortunately the axe of suppression has also fallen on this journal and it has been banned since the May 2006 uprising. He has issued a statement while in the dungeon and we would like to provide you its translation together with the source document.

It is clear from his communiqué that there is no abatement of inhumane treatments and torture to the detainees. The authorities are evidently alluring themselves toward confessions overlooking the fact that confessions under duress are invalid for anyone in sound mind. However, appeased Iranian authorities are forcing their way in full steam, as there is also no abatement of their forced entries into households, beating innocent people in front of their family members including their children and then taking them to the prison for forcing out confessions.

We are appealing to you and to all freedom loving and democratic organizations to recognize the seriousness of these intransigent acts and to speak up against these illegal acts and the violation of human rights.

Yours Sincerely,

Boyuk Resuloglu 

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis

  The Translation of the communiqué Received from a Prisoner of Conscience

The Name of the prisoner of conscience is Huseyn Ehmediyan – a Southern Azerbaijani activist on cultural matters

The Communiqué:

Any confession to be issued or be broadcasted on my behalf, in writing, pictorial or in audio, video format is invalid and must be dismissed, since if any, it was obtained under duress. Any confessions out of me, if any, were obtained under psychological and physical torture. Therefore, I declare that the only statement on my behalf will bear truth if it is issued in the presence of the lawyer of my choice.

Huseyn Ehmeiyan

Note: Huseyn Ehmediyan is a cultural activist of Southern Azerbaijan and is in the Tebrizi Wing. He was arrested in the recent Southern Azerbaijani events.

  The Source Document

بیانیه مهم حسین احمدیان یکی از فعالان فرهنگی زندانی آذربایجان


هر نوع اعتراف اعم از تصویری یا نوشتاری که از من پخش یا نشرشود بلحاظ اینکه با  تحت فشار قرار دادن اینجانب تهیه شده است فاقد ارزش می باشد.با توجه به اینکه چنین اعترافات محتملی تنها در نتیجه فشارها و شکنجه های روحی و فیزیکی از من گرفته شده است .لذا تنها بیانات اینجانب  در حضور وکیل منتخب خودم دارای ارزش قانونی خواهد بود.

حسین احمد یان

توضیح اینکه حسین احمد یان یکی از فعالان فرهنگی  در بند تبریزی است که در حوادث اخیر آذربایجان دستگیر شده است

Azərbaijani Turkic

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