No: 341/2006

Date: 25 June 2006

Amnesty International, London

Dear Mrs. Harrison



As you know, bloodshed was an outcome of the reprisals inflicted by the Iranian police against the democratic mass protests of Southern Azerbaijanis, which took place at the last week of May 2006. These individuals paid the ultimate price for raising their voice of dissent.

We have compiled a list of names of Southern Azerbaijanis murdered as a result of the authorities’ violent actions. Various information sources have been used to collate the names and Azerbaijani websites have even managed to find the photos of some of them.

We hope you will retain these names in your files, bearing a witness when the perpetuators will be held responsible for their actions before the law of law and international authorities.

Our previous letters have highlighted the equally important point that a large number of people have gone missing since these mass protests. The bodies of many of these missing persons have since been found lying in the streets with others still remaining unaccounted for. As more and more bodies appear in the streets of the cities of Southern Azerbaijan, the families of those who are missing are being subjected to untold stress and misery. More traumatic is the experience of the families whose loved ones are murdered by the authority but refuse to hand over the dead bodies for their families without receiving hefty ransoms.

It is almost incredible to anyone that the authorities forbid the families of the victims not to arrange a public obituary for the youths murdered by security agents. The activists have announced that there will be a collective obituary on the 40th day of their deaths, which coincide with the Babek Assembly on 30 June. We hope that you will issue a proactive statement, reminding the authorities for their international obligations and allowing our people to follow up their cultural traditions.

We are enclosing the translations of two statements received from Southern Azerbaijan and published in various Azerbaijani websites giving an account of unidentified dead bodies, together with the source document. We are duly requesting you to send a fact-finding mission to Southern Azerbaijan to shed light to these traumatic developments, which is a gesture for alleviating the miseries experienced by their innocent families. I assure you that you can count on any help within our means.

Yours Sincerely,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis


CC       Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations Office at Geneva, CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland, E-mail:; Fax: +41-22-917-9006

Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary, or Arbitrary Executions, c/o OHCHR-UNOG, 121, Geneva 10, Switzerland, Fax: 41 22 917 9006


The Translation of the First Information Document by AMC

On the Name List of Identified Dead Bodies

The information received to date by AMC (Azerbaijani National Front) from Southern Azerbaijan on the names of peoples lost their lives: the names include those lost their live directly by violent acts of security agents against peaceful mass protesters and those found in the streets as dead bodies:

            Names and Surnames                                             City


  1. Mehemmed Pakrevan                                                Tebriz
  2. Khelil Ufuqi                                                               Tebriz
  3. Heyder Yaver niya                                                     Tebriz
  4. Jemshid Zenjani                                                         Tebriz
  5. Riza Miraghapur Dervishi (see Photo No. 1)              Tebriz
  6. Vehid Baver niya                                                       Tebriz
  7. Ferzad Esed pur (see Photo No. 2)                            Urmu
  8. Eyvez Seyyahi (see Photo No. 3)                               Urmu
  9. Yehya Novruzi                                                          Sulduz (Naqada)
  10. Tovhid Azeriyyun                                                       Sulduz
  11. Esger Shikari                                                             Sulduz
  12. Elirza Quli pur                                                            Sulduz
  13. Tovhid Eshrafi                                                           Sulduz
  14. Hummet Ism zade                                                      Sulduz
  15. Huseyn Fehti pur (12 years old)                                 Sulduz
  16. … Izzeti                                                                    Sulduz
  17. … Novjevan (15 years old)                                       Sulduz
  18. Vahid Azeri pur                                                         Sulduz
  19. Eli Abbasi                                                                  Sulduz
  20. Esger Qasimi                                                             Sulduz
  21. Ibrahim Esger pur (Azer pur)                                     Sulduz
  22. Tovhid Zaman pur                                                     Sulduz
  23. Mehemmed Eli Jennet niya (65 years old)                   Sulduz
  24. Jelal Abidi (see Photo No 4)                                      Khiyov (Meshgin sheher)

Photo No. 1: Riza Mir Aghapur Dervishi – Tebriz


Photo No. 2: Ferzad Eger pur – Urmu


Photo No. 3: Eyvez Seyyahi – Urmu


Photo No 4: Jəlal Abidi – Khiyov (Meshgin sheher)


The Translation of the Second Information Document

On Unidentified Dead Bodies

Wednesday 13 June 2006

Unidentified dead bodies are found in Tebriz at an unprecedented rate

According to the reports within state organisations and the observations of the population of Tebriz spread among the people, since the last week of May 2006, there has been an extraordinary increase in unidentified dead bodies found by the people in Tebriz.

The information available consists of:

·        The Lake of Shahgölü: two dead bodies were found … marks of handcuff was visible on one of the bodies, also the body of Sebuhi nejad was uncovered in this lake.

·        The Forty Metre District: one dead body … the face of this dead person was smashed.

·        Zeferaniyye: One dead body … marks of shackle were observable on the neck of this dead body.

·        Emire-Qiz: one dead body … it is thought that this dead body is one of a twin brother and efforts are ongoing to establish their names.

·        Heyderabad: one dead body …

All these dead bodies are indicative of young men aged 20-25. Undoubtedly, there are other dead bodies that we have not yet obtained appropriate information on them.


The First Source Information issued by the (Southern) Azerbaijani National Front

بوگونه دک AMC يه گونئی آذربايجاندان گلن معلومات بئله دير:



1- محمد پاکروان  تبريز

2- خليل افقی                 تبريز

3- حيدر ياورنيا                 تبريز

4- جمشيد زنجانی           تبريز

5- رضا ميرآقاپور   درويشی            تبريز

6- وحيد باورنيا                 تبريز

7- فرزاد اسد پور   اورمو

8-  سياحی                    اورمو

9- يحيی نوروزی  سولدوز(نقده)

10- توحيد آذريون سولدوز

11- عسگر شکاری           سولدوز

12- عليرضا قلی پور          سولدوز

13- توحيد اشرافی           سولدوز

14- همت اسم زاده          سولدوز

15- حسين فتحی پور       سولدوز 12 ياشيندا

16- .... عزتی                  سولدوز

17-  .... نوجوان   سولدوز 15 ياشيندا         

18- واحد آذری پور            سولدوز

19- علی عباسی            سولدوز

20- عسگر قاسمی          سولدوز

21- ابراهيم عسگر پور       سولدوز  (آذرپور)

22- توحيد زمان پور           سولدوز

23- محمدعلی جنت نيا    سولدوز (65ياشيندا)

24- عسگر قاسمی          سولدوز

25- جلال عابدی  خياو (مشکين شهر)


The Second Source Information issued in the various websites including Azad Tribun

امروز: ‪چهارشنبه، ۳۱ خرداد ۱۳۸۵

افزایش بی سابقه کشف جنازه های مجهول الهویه در تبریز

بر اساس گزارشهایی که از درون نهادهای دولتی و همچنین اخباری که از مشاهدات مردمی در تبریز منتشر شده است بعد از قیام هفته اول خردادماه، آمار کشف جنازه های مجهول الهویه بصورت فوق العاده ای دراین شهر افزایش یافته است.

اطلاعات دردسترس عبارتند از:

استخر شاه گلی... دو جنازه ... آثار دستبند بر دست یکی از جنازه ها مشهود بوده  و جنازه شهید صبوحی نژاد در این استخر یافت شده است.

  چهل متری... یک جنازه ...صورت این مقتول متلاشی شده است.

 زعفرانیه...یک جنازه...آثار دستبند بر گردن این جنازه مشهود است.

 امره قیز... یک جنازه... این جنازه متعلق به یکی از دو برادر دو قلو است.تلاش برای شناسائی نام این مقتول ادامه دارد.

 حیدر اباد... یک جنازه

همه این جنازه ها متعلق به مردهای جوانی با سنین مابین 20 تا 25 بوده اند. بی تردید جنازه های متعدد دیگری نیز وجود دارند که خبر کشف آنها به دست ما نرسیده است.

 Azərbaijani Turkic

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