No.: 340 / 2006

Date: 24 June 2006

Amnesty international, London

High Commiserate of Human Rights, Geneva 

A follow up of our letter Ref.: 336/2006 on 15 June 2006

Dear Mrs. Harrison

Re:      The Second Letter of the Society of (Southern) Azerbaijani Academic

We are presenting for your attention the second letter by the Society of (Southern) Azerbaijani Academics written to the Minister of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As you see, the political detainees of Southern Azerbaijan are being treated harshly to the extent that some of them have reached a life threatening condition.

With respect, I wish to highlight the case of Mr. Saleh Kamrani as mentioned in this. Additionally, as mentioned in the letter, the Azerbaijani Diaspora organisations including our own Committee have publicised these cases with the fruition of several Urgent Actions. I hope that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be appeased anymore and will be faced with stern reactions at the international scale.

Once again, we are requesting you to do whatever you can towards freeing these prisoners, as well those named in this letter, which are known to be in a life threatening condition.

Yours sincerely

Boyuk Resuloglu


The Committee for Defending the Rights of the World Azerbaijanis


Translation of the second Letter by

The Society of (Southern) Azerbaijani Academic

On 16 June 2006


In the name of God

Dear Minister of Justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

Your Excellency, Ayatollah Hashimi Shahrudi,


We wish to expressly inform you that according to our authentic information the conditions of a great number of detainees are reaching critical point and these include Mrs. Abbas Lisani (Erdebil), Javad Abbasi (Salmas), Hesen Herguli – also known as Demirchi (Tebriz), engineer Qulamrza Emani (Tebriz), Chengiz Bekhaver (Tebriz), Hamid Yegane pur (Maragha), Sirus Huseyn nejad (Tehran), and Yashar Hekkak pur (Maragha). In addition, due to undue pressures exerted by judiciary and security officers of the Azerbaijani provinces and of Tehran, no lawyer undertake the defence of these detainees and therefore they are deprived of all of their due legal rights. You have already been informed of all these recent events taking place in (Southern) Azerbaijan following our written letter Ref.: 85/108 on 26 May 2006 (registered in the office of evaluating complaints against the Ministry of Justice, Ref.: 85/14952). This was concerned with illegal acts of political authorities and security agent of this region, in particular the officers of law and judiciary leading to a widespread arbitrary arrests without producing any court order and without complying with the civil rights of the detainees. Thus, numerous people were detained in undisclosed places and subjected to torture by despotic individuals.

Dear Minister of Justice, amid this, what is disillusioning us above all in recent days is the detention of Mr. Saleh Kamrani, who is a lawyer without material expectations and ready to undertake the defence of the Azerbaijani political prisoners. UndoubAtedly, political activists of Azerbaijan all over the world will take this case to international organisations concerned with human rights and expose repeated violations of our human rights. At the wake of forming Human Rights Council of the United Nation, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be in a desirable situation.

Ayatollah Shahrudi, we are requesting you once again to use your authority and issue the order to free all those who arrested illegally in recent weeks as described in our letters. We refer to you as an organisation with an approximately 10 years of track record of operating within the legal framework,

Yours Sincerely

The Society of (Southern) Azerbaijani Academics

16 June 2006

CC:      (Southern) Azerbaijani Members of Parliament (the Islamic Majles)

            The Centre for Lawyers of Provinces of Tehran, Eastern Azerbaijan, Erdebil and Western Azerbaijan      

بسمه تعالي 

رياست محترم قوه­قضائيه جمهوري اسلامي ايران

حضرت آيت­ا... هاشمي شاهرودي


پيرو نامه شماره 108/85 مورخ 13/3/1385 (به شماره ثبت 14952/85/ د در دبيرخانه رسيدگي به شكايات قوه­قضائيه) خدمت حضرتعالي در خصوص حوادث اخير آذربايجان و اقدامات غيرقانوني مسئولان سياسي و امنيتي اين منطقه، بويژه ظابطين قوه­قضائيه كه منجر به دستگيري­هاي گسترده، بدون لحاظ مراتب قانوني و همچنين رعايت حقوق شهروندي گرديده و در پي آن عده كثيري از بازداشت­شدگان در مكان­هاي نامعلوم از سوي افراد خودسر مورد ضرب و شتم قرار گرفته­اند، به استحضار جنابعالي مي­رساند برابر اطلاعات واثقه، حال عمومي جمع كثيري از بازداشت­شدگان از جمله آقايان: عباس لساني (اردبيل)، جواد عباسي (سلماس)، حسن هرگلي ـ دميرچي (تبريز)، مهندس غلامرضا اماني (تبريز)، چنگيز بخت­آور (تبريز)، حامد يگانه­پور (مراغه)، سيروس حسين­نژاد (تهران) و ياشار حکاک­پور (مراغه) بسيار وخيم مي­باشد. علاوه براين، از آنجا كه به دليل فشارهاي متعدد ضابطين قضايي و مسئولان امنيتي استان­هاي آذربايجان و تهران هيچ وكيلي حاضر به قبول وكالت بازداشت­شدگان نمي­گردد، لذا اين افراد از كمترين حقوق قانوني خود نيز محروم مي­باشند.

رياست محترم قوه­قضائيه، در اين ميان آنچه كه بيش از پيش ما را نسبت به دادخواهي از قوه قضائيه نااميد كرد، بازداشت آقاي صالح كامراني، تنها وكيلي كه در طي اين سالها بدون هيچ چشمداشتي حاضر به قبول وكالت فعالان سياسي آذربايجان گرديده، در روزهاي اخير مي­باشد كه بي­شك سبب رجوع فعالان سياسي آذربايجان به ارگانها و نهادهاي بين­المللي براي پيگيري وضعيت حقوقي، بويژه نقض­هاي مكرر حقوق انساني و قضايي خويش خواهد شد كه بي­شك در آستانه تشكيل شوراي حقوق بشر سازمان ملل متحد خوشايند دولت جمهوري اسلامي ايران نخواهد بود.

حضرت آيت­ا... شاهرودي، بار ديگر به عنوان تشكلي كه حدود يك دهه در چارچوب قانون به فعاليت خود ادامه داده است، از جنابعالي مي­خواهيم با عنايت به نگراني و حساسيت شديد ملت آذربايجان اقدامات غيرقانوني ذكر شده در هفته­هاي اخير با استفاده از اختيارات خويش دستور آزادي كليه دستگير شدگان اخير را صادر فرمائيد.


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