No.: 339/2006

Date: 22 June 2006

Amnesty international, London

Dear Mrs. Harrison


We do not regard the number of our activists suffering arbitrary detentions as simple statistics but as individual persons whose human rights have been violated. We are endeavouring to compile their full list with you and we are confident that one day and hopefully not too long international law organisations will question these culprits.

We have been writing to you on the daunting task of compiling the names and here we want to introduce you one such instance as published in the above source, which bears a witness to the difficulty. A Southern Azerbaijani activist was detained on 4 June 2006, that we have come to realise on the 22nd of June. We will provide you more information as they become available and trust that you will do whatever in your means to alleviate the suffering of this named individual and many others whose human rights are violated and are under unknown conditions.

Yours sincerely

Boyuk Resuloglu


The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of World Azerbaijanis

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According to the reliable information just received, even if delayed substantially, we announce that Mr. Elirza Rubai has been detained since 4 June 2006 in Tebriz, in the District of so called, “Khane-sazi”. He has a retail business, selling stationery and household items, and his shop was raided unexpectedly by Intelligence agents. They had turned everything upside down and arrested him afterwards taking him to the prison.

Regrettably, it has taken such a long time for this news on this activist of Southern Azerbaijan to surface out, as no one knew of it. According to our information, his family members and friends were threatened to keep quiet about this arrest.

Of course, this is a typical suppression act of the Iranian regime over Southern Azerbaijan. In particular, since the uprising of (Southern) Azerbaijan such acts of suppression have escalated exponentially. We know that many of our compatriots upholding the cause of (Southern) Azerbaijan have been undergoing similar fates all over our homeland and yet we are unable to obtain precise information on the violation of their human rights. Breaking this deadlock on the prevailing disinformation has become a serious problem for all Azerbaijanis to unravel those disappeared, in detention, or lost their lives and compile comprehensively their names and appropriate information.

Written by Turkaz on 22 June 2006:

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گئجيكميش توتوقلانما خبري!!

اليميزه گلن گووه‌نلي بيلگي‌لره گؤره خورداد آيينين ۱۴ -جو گونو تبريزين خانه‌سازي آدلانان محله‌سينده ائوي و يازي وسايلي ساتان توكاني اولان عليرضا رباعي جنابلاريني بو شهرين اطلاعات مامورلاري گؤزله‌نيلمه‌دن توكانينا تؤكوله‌رك هر شئي آختاريب- آراشديرديقدان سونرا ياخالاييب و اؤزلري ايله دوستاغا آپاريبلار. تأسفلر اولسون بو ميللتچي يولداشيميزين توتوقلانما خبري چوخ گئج اليميزه چاتيب و اونون توتولماسيندان هئچ كيمسه‌نين خبري اولماييبدير. دئييلنلره گؤره عليرضا رباعي جنابلارينين عائله‌سيني اونون يولداشي و توتولانلار حاققيندا چاليشانلار آداملارا بيلگي وئرمه‌مه‌يه چاغيريب و اونلاري هده - قورخو ايله عليرضا به‌يين ياخالانماسيني گيزلين ساخلاماغا گركلي ائديبلر! البته گونئي آذربايجانين باشا - باشيندا يارانان اينانيلماز سيخينتي اوزوندن بو و بونا تاي ايشلر رژيم طرفيندن سورولن طبيعي ايشلردن بيري‌ ساييلير. اؤزه‌لليكله بو گئديش آذربايجان قالخيشيندان سونرا يوز قات آرتيريلاراق گوجله‌نيبدير. بيز بيليريك آذربايجان اوغروندا چاليشيب و توتولان يولداشلاريميزين چوخو اينديليكده چئشيدلي شهرلرين دوستاقلاريندا ايشكنجه آلتيندا ساخلانيلير و اونلارين حاقلاريندا تأسفلرله هئچ بير بيلگي اليميزده يوخدور. ائله اونا گؤره‌ده بو گون بوتون ميللي چاليشقانلاريميزي بو يولدا ايشله‌مه چاغيريب و ايتكين گئدن، توتولان و اؤلدورولن يولداشلاريميزين آدلاريني توپلاماغا چاغيريريق.

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