No.: 338 / 2006

Date: 19 June 2006

Amnesty international, London

High Commiserate of Human Rights, Geneva

Dear Mrs. Harrison


As you know, in the course of the May 2006 mass protests in Southern Azerbaijan, scores of peoples lost their lives as the ultimate price for freedom, as well many more were wounded or suffered from arbitrary arrests. It ha not yet been possible to submit their full name lists for your information and possible actions. There are many youths whose names are not known to us but have been arrested and towards guaranteeing their safety, we endeavour to find their names and submit them for your compilation.

At this point, we would like to draw a list of activists, many of whom are prominent. This list on their status is definite. Of these, we draw your attention to Mr. Abbas Leysanli (Lisani) who is jailed in the Erdebil Prison and has resorted to hunger strike as a token of his protest for being illegally imprisoned, as a result of which he is believed to be in a life threatening situation. The young engineer, Mr. Qulam Rza Emani, jailed in the Evin Prison, Tehran, is also in a life threatening situation due to resorting to hunger strike and for the same reason.

More elderly activists are also known to be in similar situations, including Mr. Hesen Azerbaijan and Chengin Bekhtaver who are over 60 years old and known to suffer from heart problems.

Political analysts believe that the regime in Tehran is jailing many of these activists to prevent their participation in the Babek Assembly on 29-30 June 2006 in Southern Azerbaijan.

The endurance of any human being including our dearest ones to such an extent is questionable. Therefore we kindly request for escalating your campaign and do whatever within your means to alleviate their hardship. It is not time to send an envoy to visit such prisoners of conscience?

The list of the prisoners of conscience currently in the prison as a result of the ongoing mass protests is as follows (excluding those already in the prison prior to the May uprising):

In the Urmu Prison

  1. Javad Abbasi
  2. Eyyub Huseyin Beyoglu
  3. Resul Ezimi
  4. Ibrahim Reshidi

In the Maragha Prison

  1. Yashar Hekim pur
  2. Davud Ezimzade
  3. Hamid Yegane
  4. Mejid Pjuheshfam

In the Tebriz Prison

  1. Bilal Rizai
  2. Eli Shadi
  3. Mejid Hummeti
  4. Eyyub Lutfi

In the Tehran Prison

  1. Saleh Kamrani
  2. Hesen Azerbaycan
  3. QulamRiza Emani  
  4. Chengiz Bekhaver
  5. Ehmed Ziyai ( Heyderoglu)
  6. Hesen Haji Eyyubi (Hesen Erk)
  7. Eli Hamidi Iman
  8. Huseyin Heseni
  9. Sirus Huseyin Nejad (Yanar Sonmez)

We should add that some of the above persons from 14 to 20 may well be in the Tebriz Prison. It is probable that the transfer from Tebriz to the Evin Prison is a decoy.

In the Erdebil Prison

  1. Abbas Leysanli (Lisani)
  2. Mehdi Mehemmed pur
  3. Jelal Təghevi
  4. Davud Esedi
  5. Ekber Khub
  6. Jefer Subhani
  7. Rehim Qulami
  8. Riza Shebani
  9. Heyder Dergahi

In the Khiyav Prison

  1. Emir Huseyin Musevi

In the Khoy Prison

  1. Hemid Khan Ehmedi

Let me emphasise that these names are in connection with the May uprising. Your archives will have the names of activists already suffering in imprisonment.

Yours sincerely

Boyuk Resuloglu


The Committee for Defending the Rights of the World Azerbaijanis

 Azərbaijani Turkic

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