No.:333 / 2006

Date: 8 June 2006

Amnesty International, London

CC                 High Commiserate of Human Rights, Geneva

Dear Mrs. Harrison


You have now witnessed the brutal repression of the innocent nation of Southern Azerbaijan proclaiming justice for Azerbaijanis. The regime in Tehran is acting in anger by continuing its assault on our unarmed civilians. The outcome is that our compatriots have suffered the loss of life in tens, injuries in hundreds and detention and torture in thousands. According to our confirmed information 400 Azerbaijani youths are under detention by an individual called “Elai”, who is a judge in Erdebil and uses a Mosque as his makeshift detention centre. Naturally, it is an impossible task to compile a full list of the casualties and the victims of these sustained assaults for being shrouded in disinformation facilitated by their iron-fist policies. Thus, we are obliged to compile the list, even if not in full, so that they are documented in your archives and in time, and hopefully soon, they will be taken as responsible for their actions in international courts of law. Part of the list is given below.

Those Paid the Ultimate Price by Losing their Lives while under Assault:

  1. Vehid Bavemiya (Tebriz)
  2. Cemshid Zencani (Tebriz)
  3. Xelil Ufiqi (Tebriz)
  4. Vehid Azeri pur (Sulduz)
  5. Huseyn Fethi pur (Sulduz)
  6. Himmet Ismi zade (Sulduz)
  7. Elil Abbasi (Sulduz)
  8. Esger Qasimi (Sulduz)
  9. Ibrahim Azər pur (Sulduz)
  10. Ferzad Esed pur (Urmu)
  11. Elirza Quli pur (Sulduz)
  12. Esger Shikari (Sulduz)
  13. Tovhid Zaman pur  ( Sulduz)
  14. Riza mir Agha pur Dervishi ( Tebriz)

My biggest concern is to save the life of those under torture and precisely for this reason I would like to provide you with the translation of the statement by ASMEK and duly remind you, your duty of care for playing your role in saving their life, some of whom may be at the brink of death.

Southern Azerbaijanis known to be subjected to torture:

  1. Mr. Abbas Lisani is protesting against savage tortures that he was subjected to by undergoing hunger strike while in detention. He was arrested by Intelligence agents. We have made numerous representations for this honourable person and you have campaigned for him on a number of occasions.
  2. The engineer, Mr Qulam Rza Emani is protesting against torture that he is being subjected to in the prison in Tebriz by the only defence he has: hunger strike. As a result, he is extremely weakened. You have the file for this young engineer, who suffered four years of imprisonment a few years back.
  3. We wrote to you in our previous letter about Mr. Davud Meqami who suffered extreme torture and therefore transferred to a secure unit in Khomeyni Hospital in the Mughan Region of Southern Azerbaijan .
  4. Hebib Purveli lost conscienceness under torture and was transferred to a secure unit in Shoheda Hospital in Tebriz and under control of security agents.
  5. Mrs. Hejer Sultani was arrested in the city Kerej near Tehran and was transferred to Evin Prison. She is known to be at the brink of death for both being subjected to torture and for undergoing hunger strike.
  6. Mr. Sirus Huseyn zade was arrested in Kerej and was transferred to Evin Prison and his condition is similar to that of Mrs. Hejer Sultani.
  7. We have been reporting to you on the veterans of our national movement including musicians, writers, poets and other distinguished representatives of our culture and fine arts. Their grave conditions are reported to us in various reports. These prisoners of conscience are abused by way of forced television confessions under duress but at least we learn in this way that they are alive.

We are persistently requesting you once again to play your role in creating an effective front against these savage assaults to save the life of innocent political prisoners.

Yours Sincerely,

Boyuk Resuloglu

For and on behalf of

The Committee for the Defence of the Rights of the World Azerbaijanis

The Translation of the first document by ASMEK on 2 June 2006

According to the news received from Tebriz, it is evident that that a number of prisoners detained during the recent mass protests were subjected to violence and beating up by Intelligence agents. Among those subjected to torture are a pilot and a student who suffered internal bleeding and were subsequently maimed. The young student, who had suffered a savage torture, was forced to confess under duress in front of camera. He was ordered to confirm an evidently fictitious communication with America . A number of others were subjected to physical violence and after being arrested they were transferred to a makeshift prison in Tebriz.

  Also, the families of the five other renowned political prisoners have expressed their concern regarding their loved ones under detention. These detainees are from the South Azerbaijani city of Maragha but are detained in the capital city of Tebriz . Hamid Yegane pur, one of these five detainees, is known to suffer from heart problems. He is a student and our reliable sources confirm that under his heart condition he was transferred to high security special wing of the prison for locking up dangerous criminals and culprits. The other student from these 5 detainees is Yashar Hekkak pur Maraghi, in the bankrupt wingof the prison. The other three detainees are locked up in quarantine unit of the prison. Their names are Davud Ezim zade, a teacher; Elirza Heqqi and Mejid Pejuhi fam, a university professor. Although the families have been asked to bear the burden of bail for the freedom of their loved ones but this has turned out to be another empty promise. The bail set for Yashar Hekkak pur is 20 million Tumen and 10 million Tumen for the others. They have even not been tried yet.

Heyder Shadi, a university professor and a distinguished Azerbaijani writer is still jailed in Evin Prison.

Once again, the Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners of (Southern) Azerbaijan expresses own anxiety against the torture and illegal behaviour inflicted to our people. We hope that these heinous acts will be opposed by organisations defending human rights and by media informing the public opinion.

Friday 2 June 2006

The Translation of the second document by ASMEK on 4 June 2006

According to the news received by the Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners in (Southern) Azerbaijan , many people from the citizens of (Southern) Azerbaijan are detained in different prisons of Azerbaijan and Tehran and are illegally held there.

A dreadful atmosphere of fear and coercion have engulfed (Southern) Azerbaijan and the ongoing large scale detentions are so widespread that it is difficult to compile accurately the lists of the victims and casualties.

The names of 77 persons under detention include:


  1. Hesen Heregli (Demirchi, musicologist by profession),
  2. Chingiz Bekhtaver including three members of his family,
  3. Eli Hamid Iman,
  4. Menuchehr Ezizi,
  5. Qulam Rza Emani,
  6. Hemid pur Veli,
  7. Abbas pur Ezheri (an activist of the movement of Fighting Moslems),
  8. Hesen Haji Eyyubi (Erk),
  9. Heyder Emioghlu,
  10. Ehmed Rzai,
  11. Hashim Mirzade,
  12. Seid Bidokht,
  13. Seid Mehemmedi,
  14. Mehemmed Nejefi


15     Eli Envari,

16     Mejid Huseyni,

17     Heyder Shadi (University lecturer),

18     Mehdi Ehmedi,

19     Isa Berfi,

20     Mrs. Nida Muradi


21     Mejid Makui,

22     Ibrahim Dehqan,

23     Rza Heyderi,

24     Huseyn Turk,

25     Kerim Huseyn pur,

26     Yusuf Seyyidi,

27     Mehran Tebrizi (the director of Nevid-Azerbaijan), and

28     Ibrahim Reshidi.


29     Rza Kazimi (journalist),

30     Vehid Dergahi (the chief editor of Avaye-Erdebil),

31     Eli Nezeri, (the chief editor of the weekly Araz),

32     Vedud Esedi (the leader of the Islamic Society of Open University in Erdebil),

33     Eli Babai,

34     Huseyn Kheyyati,

35     Ferid Ebdulelizade,

36     Edalet Abbasi,

37     Rehim Qulami,

38     Shapur Nusret pur,

39     Eyvaz Ibad pur (the chief editor of weekly Yarpaq),

40     Mehemmed Yusufi,

41     Araz Qafarzade,

42     Abbas Lisani (also known as Leysanli),

43     Yusuf Elizade,

44     Behzad Khisrovani

45     Qasim Qaribi

Meshgin-sheher (Khiyov in Azerbaijani)

46     Erdelan Envari,

47     Esed Yaqubi,

48     Eyrej Muezzin zade,

49     Jelil Muqeddesi,

50     Ferhad Servnaz

Parsabad (Mughan-sheher in Azerbaijani)

51     Davud Meqami

Maku (Maki in Azerbaijani)

52     Shehram Pasha pur,

53     Mohsin Huseyn zade


54     Oruj Emiri (journalist),

55     Emin Movehhidi,

56     Selman Ebazeri, 

57     Sheji,

58     Davud Shir-del,

59     Qoja zade,

60     Huseyn Zadegan


61     Hamid Yegane pur,

62     Yashar Hekkak pur Maraghi,

63     Davud Ezim zade,

64     Mejid Pejuhi fam (University professor),

65     Elirza Heqqi

Miyandoab (Qoshachay in Azerbaijani)

66     Jelal Kud-elilu,

67     Mohsun Feramerzi,

68     Ehed Jiddi,

69     Mehdi Bazmani,

70     Shahrukh Feramerzi,

71     Emir Agha zade,

72     Emir Seqefi,

73     Veli Zohrabi,

74     Behbud Qulu zade,

75     Eli Razi,

76     Semsam Mehemmid vesh,

77     Hatem Rustemi

Furthermore according to authentic information, the conditions of many of the detainees are extremely concerning for suffering torture and these include: Hemid Pur-Veli, Davud Meqami, Sheji.

The Committee for Defending Political Prisoners of Azerbaijan (ASMEK) insistently requests all the authorities and organisations concerned with human rights to show more sensitivity to the events going on in (Southern) Azerbaijan .

Sunday, 4 June 2006

Hoping for the freedom of all prisoners of consciences and political prisoners

The Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners of (Southern) Azerbaijan


The Source for the first document by ASMEK on 2 June 2006

   اخبار دریافتی از زندان تبریز  حکایت از آن دارد که برخی از زندانیان که در ارتباط با اعتراضات مردمی اخیر بازداشت شده اند توسط ماموران اداره اطلاعات شکنجه و ضرب و شتم می شوند.در میان کسانی که شکنجه شده اند از شکنجه شدید منجر به جراحت و خونریزی داخلی یک خلبان و یک دانشجو خبر رسیده است.جوان دانشجو که به شدت شکنجه شده است مجبور به گفتن سخنانی مقابل دوربین بوده است.از آن جوان خواسته اند به ارتباط با آمریکا اعتراف کند.برخی دیگر از کسانی که پس از دستگیری به زندان تبریز منتقل شده اند از ضرب و شتم خود در پایگاههای بسیج برخی مساجد تبریز خبر داده اند.همچنین خانواده های پنج زندانی شناخته شده مراغه ای در زندان تبریز نگرانی خود را نسبت به وضعیت فرزندانشان اعلام کرده اند.طبق اخبار واصله حامد یگانه پور دانشجوی مراغه ای که ناراحتی قلبی دارد به بند ویژه زندان که محل نگهداری اشرار  و زندانیان خطرناک است منتقل شده است.دیگر دانشجوی مراغه ای یاشار حکاک پور مراغی در بند مالی است و سه بازداشتی دیگر از مراغه به نامهای داود عظیم زاده(معلم)-  و علی رضا حقی ( استاد دانشگاهدر قرنطینه زندان نگهداری می شوند.با اینکه به خانواده های ایشان اعلام شده است برای حکاک پور ۲۰ میلیون و برای چهار نفر دیگر هر کدام ۱۰ میلیون تومان وثیقه حاضر کنید اما هیچکدام از زندانیان هنوز به دادگاه برده نشده اند.

حیدر شادی  استاد دانشگاه و یکی از نویسندگان برجسته آذربایجان همچنان در زندان اوین است.

کمیته دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی آذربایجان مجددا نگرانی خود را از شکنجه و برخوردهای غیر قانونی با زندانیان اعلام میدارد و امیدوار است که مجامع جهانی مدافع حقوق بشر با اطلاع رسانی و آگاه نمودن افکار عمومی مانع ادامه این روند گردند.

جمعه ۱۲ خرداد ۱۳۸۵

The Source of the second document by ASMEK on 4 June 2006

بنابه اخبار رسیده به کمیته دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی آذربایجان هم اکنون بیش از دهها تن از فعالین و شهروندان آذربایجان در زندانهای مختلف آذربایجان و تهران در بازداشت غیرقانونی به سر می برد.

فضای رعب و وحشت ایجاد شده در آذربایجان و حجم وسیع بازداشتها به گونه ای است که کمیته نمی تواند آمار دقیقی در این خصوص ارایه نماید.

اسامی 77 تن از بازداشت شدگان به قرار زیر است:


حسن هرگلی(دمیرچی – موسیقدان)، چنگیز بخت آور به همراه سه عضو خانواده اش، علی حامد ایمان، منوچهر عزیزی غلامرضا امانی، حمید پورولی، عباس پوراظهری( فعال جنبش مسلمانان مبارز)، حسن حاجی ابویی (ارک)، حیدراوغلو، احمدرضایی،  هاشم میرزاده، سعیدبیدخت، سعید محمدی، محمد نجفی


علی انواری، مجید حسینی، حیدرشادی (مدرس دانشگاه)، مهدی احمدی، عیسی برقی، ندا مرادی


مجید ماکویی، ابراهیم دهقان، رضا حیدری، حسین نوری، کریم حسین پور، یوسف سیدی، مهران تبریزی(مدیر مسئول نوید آذربایجان)، ابراهیم رشیدی


رضا کاظمی (خبرنگار)، وحید درگاهی (سردبیر آوای اردبیل)، علی نظری (سردبیر هفته نامه آراز)، ودود اسدی (دبیر انجمن اسلامی دانشگاه آزاد اردبیل)، علی بابایی، حسین خیاطی، فرید عبدالعلی زاده، عدالت عباسی، رحیم غلامی، شاپور نصرت پور، عبادپور (ایواز طه ت سردبیر هفته نامه یارپاق)، محمد یوسفی، آراز غفارزاده، عباس لسانی، یوسف علیزاده، بهزاد خسروانی

مشکین شهر:

اردلان انواری، اسد یعقوبی، ایرج موذن زاده، جلیل مقدسی، فرهاد سروناز

پارس آباد مغان:

داوود مقامی


شهرام پاشاپور، باقر پاشاپور، محسن حسین زاده


اروج امیری (خبرنگار)، امین موحدی، سلمان اباذری، شجی، داوود شیردل، قوجازاده، حسین زادگان


حامد یگانه پور، یاشار حکاکپور مراغی، داوود عظیم زاده، مجید پژوهی فام (استاد دانشگاه)، علی رضا حقی


جلال کودعلیلو، محسن فرامرزی، احد جدی، مهدی بازمانی، شاهرخ فرامرزی، امیر آقازاده، امیر ثقفی، ولی ظهرابی، بهبود قلی زاده، علی رازی، صمصام محمدی وش، حاتم رستمی

همچنین بنابه گزارشات موثق دریافتی، حال بسیاری از زندانیان بر اثر شکنجه ها از جمله حمید پورولی، داوود مقامی، شجی، وخیم می باشد.

کمیته دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی آذربایجان (آسمک) مصرانه از تمامی مراجع و سازمانهای حقوق بشر داخلی و بین المللی درخواست می نماید با مسئولیت و حساسیت بیشتری نسبت به آنچه که در آذربایجان می گذرد برخورد نمایند.

یکشنبه ۱۴ خرداد ۱۳۸۵

به امید آزادی همه زندانیان سیاسی و عقیدتی

کمیته دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی آذربایجان

Azərbaijani Turkic

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