No.: 323/2006

Date: 19 May 2006

To His Excellency Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the United Nations

CC       High Commiserate of Human Rights, Geneva

            Amnesty International, London

            The first Secretariat of European Council, Strasburg

            Reputable Mass Media on Human Rights

Your Excellency, Dear Mr. Annan


Southern Azerbaijan, currently administered by the Islamic Republic of Iran, is undergoing an undue hardship, as reflected in our recent correspondences. In particular, here we are witnessing a monumental disgrace of our modern era erected by the mindset of Iranian chauvinism dismissing even the basic right of education in the mother tongue of the 30 million Southern Azerbaijanis to the extent that there is not a single classroom teaching in Azerbaijani.

Whilst our people are bearing the brunt of an all round assault of chauvinism including hunger, poverty and destitute, now we are witnessing the emergence of the new tragedy of uranium mining, which is extracted in the Erdebil (Ardebil) province of Southern Azerbaijan. Although some data of this nature leaked over the last 5-6 years through the barriers of disinformation in the severely constrained mass media of Southern Azerbaijan, they were not often taken seriously.

The problem of uranium extraction only surfaced on 30 April 2006, when Mr. Ali Larijani, the General Secretary of the Security Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, revealed in an interview that “we have uncovered great uranium mines in Erdebil.” Following this revelation and within two days, Mr. Gholam Reza Aghazadeh, the head of the Atomic Energy Foundation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, issued an statement on 2 May 2006 that “a great deal of capital has been allocated to uranium extraction particularly in (Southern) Azerbaijan.” (Translator’s note: Southern within the bracket is added for the sake of not implicating the Republic of Azerbaijan with these issues.) Thus, our hazy knowledge of this tragedy was transformed into a fact and its scale is now becoming evident.

The above official Iranian statements on the one hand make mockery of the emerging world opinion against nuclear ambitions of Iran and also undermine the Southern Azerbaijani people struggling for the restoration of their national rights through democratic methods. On the other hand, these statements reveal that a tragic future is awaiting innocent Southern Azerbaijanis.

The outcome of this new attack is now crystal clear and is seen as a culmination of a systematic policy of plundering all of our nationhood in the last 100 years, which in turn is a reverberation of a cunning age old illusion of Persian supremacy. Whilst our people are engaged in their struggle and determined to resist such acts, others also have a duty of care. If the world opinion, international law organizations and in particular the United Nations do not express their solidarity with the nation of Southern Azerbaijan, are they not appeasing Iranian aggression and should they not be blamed for consequences of their appeasement?

Dear General Secretary,

We take it for granted that you are informed on how Southern Azerbaijanis and our youths are resisting such aggression. The implication of our resistance is that our nation endures a constant threat of being arrested, detained and imprisoned for the sake of demanding justice purely through democratic means. A glimpse of this normalised status quo was outlined in our 21 page letter on 27 March 2006 (Ref: 315/2006). Further evidences include: more than 20 Southern Azerbaijanis are currently imprisoned; some 1500 persons are undergoing hardships to meet hefty bails just to secure their freedom albeit temporarily; numerous individuals have been sacked from their jobs; and hundreds of students are dismissed from their university courses.

The bottomline is that there is a striking amplification of iron-fist policies since the beginning of the presidency term of Mr. Ahmedinejad, who owes his legitimacy to the dismal 14% of the votes of the electorates. He has generated a new wave of repression in Southern Azerbaijan, provoking many petitions, even though this democratic and participatory vocalism is not without perils. We are duly attaching the translation of one such petition for your information undersigned by 179 intellectuals – the source document is also attached. This is the outcry of a nation to be snatched from the jaws of hell. You are empowered with the honour of speaking up for the world and its repressed nations. We therefore present relentlessly our strong case for your attention and hope for your legitimate and long-awaited intervention.

If inapt rulers of Tehran are allowed to spearhead their grotesque policies in this pace without opposition from democratic institutions, we shall not be able to contain the discontent of our uprising people, where our youths are increasingly becoming irritated.

In the name of saving lives of innocent people and alleviating their sufferings, we are requesting all the organisations safeguarding human rights to take a keen interest in the problem of Southern Azerbaijan, the culmination of which is the Babek Assembly. This annual event will take place on Friday 30 June, this year. We therefore request mass media to send their envoy to witness the event, to report it and to reflect on repressions that our people are subjected to. This is an effective way for your contribution and the prevention of a tragedy.

Yours sincerely

Boyuk Resuloghlu


For and on behalf of

The Committee for Defending the Rights of the World Azerbaijanis

The Translation of the Petition on 15 May 2005

In the name of God

Your Excellency, Dear Dr. Ahmedinejad

Dear President of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

With respect, we would like to point out that in the course of a short period that has passed since your takeover of the presidency, nearly thousand individuals of (Southern) Azerbaijani citizens have been threatened, summoned for interrogation and on occasions, they have been detained and imprisoned. These citizens have an insight into their civil rights and uphold their national identity but they are subject to repressions by the police, security and even military forces who generally fail to show a court order or any evidence for their acts.

We would like to refer you back to your pre-electioneering speeches promoting the theme of justice, kindness and eradicating discrimination with the emphasis to make these as the founding stone of your policies. We therefore kindly request you to set up an enquiry and to take necessary steps to stop these behaviours, which are patent violations of the Constitution and a flagrant breach of civil rights of fellow Turks.

Safeguarding our identity complies with the verses of the Koran, the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and International conventions undersigned by the state of Iran. Our vanguards are engaged in cultural activities but also raise their objections against unjust policies of the state, where this is regarded as the diversity of opinions. Undoubtedly, imposing the above acts against our identity or diversity of opinions will have the backlash of creating mistrust against the state, where according to its civil servants are well focused to defend Islamic values, the Constitution and civil rights.


·        The Foundation for the Authority of the Great Leader

·        The Leader of the Islamic Parliament

·        The Right Honourable head of the Ministry of Justice

·        The Right Honourable Home Secretary, the Minsters of Intelligence and Justice

·        Governors of Eastern Azerbaijan, Western Azerbaijan, the provinces of Erdebil, Tehran, Zenjan, Qum, Kurdistan, Kirmanshah, Gilan, Centre and Hemedan

·        The Law Centre of Eastern Azerbaijan

·        The Islamic Commission for Human Rights

·        Journals and Newspapers

The List of Names

1.            Ibrahimi, Mehdi

2.            Ateshi, Javad

3.            Ehmedli (Ehmedlu), Meysem

4.            Azad, Ekber

5.            Esedli (Esedlu), Mahmud

6.            Mrs. Esedi, Jila

7.            Esedi

8.            Esedi, Ehmed

9.            Esedi Azer, Yusuf

10.        Ismaili, Mehemmedrza

11.        Esgerzade (Esgherzade), Aydin

12.        Esgerniya (Esgherniya), Emir

13.        Mrs. Efser, Seide

14.        Aghazade, Rza

15.        Aghasi, Davud

16.        Imami, Behzad

17.        Orman, Bulud

18.        Uveysi

19.        Iyzedi, Seid

20.        Ilkhichi, Rehim

21.        Berqi, Mehdi

22.        Bahari, Eziz

23.        Beydili, Huseyn

24.        Bayat

25.        Beyi (Beygi), Abbas

26.        Pakdil, Pejman

27.        Pur Asiayi, Hemid

28.        Pifun, Isfendyar

29.        Pili, Yashar

30.        Tajiri, Boyuk

31.        Taghizade

32.        Mrs. Jeferzade, Elnaz

33.        Mrs. Jelali, Elnaz

34.        Jelilnejad, Sultaneli

35.        Jemshidi, Seyid Mustafa

36.        Mrs. Jahangah, Gulnaz

37.        Javadi, Firidun

38.        Chelipa, Seid

39.        Hamidi, Seid

40.        Heririyan, Mehdi

41.        Hesenzade, Ezim

42.        Hesenpur

43.        Heseni, Behzad

44.        Huseyn Elizade, Ismayil

45.        Huseyni, Mejid

46.        Huseyni, Mustafa

47.        Mrs. Hekmeti, Semiyye

48.        Khudai

49.        Khisrobeyi, Rza

50.        Khalkhali, Araz

51.        Mrs. Daveri Usgui, Elmira

52.        Destmalchi, Firidun

53.        Deli-daghli, Efshin

54.        Mrs. Sima Didar

55.        Zulfuqari, Seid

56.        Radpur, Hashim

57.        Rastqu

58.        Rahver, Mehdi

59.        Rehimi, Hebib

60.        Rustemi, Taymaz

61.        Resulzade

62.        Rzai, Behmen

63.        Rzai, Eli

64.        Rzai, Hadi

65.        Rehbermenish, Emir

66.        Ruhullah Nejad

67.        Sarabi, Babek

68.        Seidi, Ruhullah

69.        Mrs. Seidi, Mehin

70.        Salami, Behzad

71.        Selimi, Mehdi

72.        Semi’i-niya, Ismayil

73.        Seyidinzade, Mir Qasim

74.        Shahverdi, Ruh.

75.        Shahverdi, Ruhullah

76.        She’bani, Hemid

77.        Shafaet, Yunis

78.        Shukri, Mehemmed

79.        Shukuhizade, Jahan

80.        Shir Mehemmedi, Vehid

81.        Mrs. Sadiqi, Tureyya

82.        Salehi, Milad

83.        Sehrai, Hadi

84.        Sediqi, Mujteba

85.        Seferi

86.        Sedemdli, Ferzad

87.        Zuheyr-nejad, Behruz

88.        Adili, Shahin

89.        Ibadi, Qasim

90.        Abbasi, Behnam

91.        Abbasi, Adil

92.        Abbasi, Behnam

93.        Abbasiyan, Ruhullah

94.        Ebdu..pur Efshin

95.        Ebdullah-pur, Efshin

96.        Ebdullahi, Mehdi

97.        Ebdullahi, Mehdi

98.        Ebdi, Aydin

99.        Ebdi, Musa

100.    Ejebi Fershbaf, Rehim

101.    Izzeti, Vehid

102.    Esgeri, Mehemmed

103.    Ettari, Peyman

104.    Elemshah, Resul

105.    Eli-yari Dovlet Abadi, Jabir

106.    Eli-pur, Mehdi

107.    Eli-pur, Qafur

108.    Elizade

109.    Elizade Huseyn

110.    Mrs. Elizade, Fernaz

111.    Elizade, Mehdi

112.    Elimehemmedi, Resul

113.    Elizade, Nasireddin

114.    Qayibi, Hadi

115.    Qediri

116.    Qafarzadegan, Meryem

117.    Fettahi, Mir Seid

118.    Ferejzade, Ilham

119.    Fershi, Elirza

120.    Fershidfer, Fershid

121.    Fershi, Elirza

122.    Fezli, Emir

123.    Qurbani

124.    Qenberi

125.    Qevidel, Emir

126.    Qiz Kendi, -

127.    Kazimzade, Hesen

128.    Kamrani Neseb, Ismayil

129.    Keremi, Ekber

130.    Gul-Mehemmedzade, Meysem

131.    Lutfi

132.    Mehemmedzade, Eli Esger

133.    Mrs. Mehemmedkhani, Jila

134.    Mehemmedzade

135.    Mehemmedli (Mehemmedlu)

136.    Mehemmedi, Shehram

137.    Mehemmedi Renjber, Kerim

138.    Mehemmedi Neseb, Jefer

139.    Mehemmedi, Sina

140.    Mehemmedi, Shehram

141.    Mehemmedi, Mehemmed Hesen

142.    Mehemmedi, Mehdi

143.    Mahmudi, Tovhid

144.    Mahmudi, mehemmed eli

145.    Muxbir Dovran, Eta-u...

146.    Murtezevi, Murtuza

147.    Murtezevi, Murtuz

148.    Mrs. Mesbuqi, Fernaz

149.    Mesumi, Elirzameleki, Esger

150.    Meleki, Esger

151.    Mamaqani, Aydin

152.    Mrs. Muhajiri, Jila

153.    Mehdevi

154.    Mehdevi, kerim

155.    Musevi Rad, Seyid Eli

156.    Musevi

157.    Mirani, Nadir

158.    Mirzakhani, jefer

159.    Nadiri, Behruz

160.    Nejjari, Seid

161.    Nejefi, Mehdi

162.    nejefi, Feramerz

163.    Mrs. Nusreti, Shirin

164.    Nesiri

165.    Nemetzade, rehim

166.    Nemeti

167.    Neimi, Seid

168.    Neimi, Abbas

169.    Novruzi, Sefi-u...

170.    Nuri, Mehemmed

171.    Nik Ekhteri

172.    Nikkhah, Yaqub

173.    Mrs. Hashimzade, Fatma   

174.    Hashimi, Mensur

175.    Hushyar, Yusuf

176.    Vezini, Mustafa

177.    Vetensever, Sabir

178.    Velizade, Rza

179.    Yusuf Rzai, Ilyas

15 May 2005

The Source Document: A petition by Southern Azerbaijanis to his Excellency Ahmedinejad on 15 May 2006


بسمه تعالی

جناب آقای دکتر احمدی نژاد

ریاست محترم جمهوری اسلامی ایران

احتراماً به استحضار می­رساند طی مدت کوتاهی که از تصدی مقام ریاست جمهوری توسط حضرتعالی سپری شده است؛ قریب به هزار تن از شهروندان آذربایجانی بدلیل نگرش­های مدنی و گرایش­های هویت طلبانه، از جانب ارگان­های انتظامی، اطلاعاتی و حتی نظامی عموماً بدون ارائه مستندات قانونی، تهدید، احضار، بازجویی و بعضاً بازداشت و حبس شده اند.

 با توجه به اینکه حضرتعالی در دوران تبلیغات ریاست جمهوری و پس از آن در سخنرانی­های مکرر خود، عدالت، مهرورزی و رفع تبعیض را مهمترین اصول دولت دانسته و بر آن تأکید کرده­اید، لذا خواهشمند است دستور فرمایید تا نسبت به بررسی و توقف این قبیل رفتارها که بر خلاف نص صریح قانون اساسی بوده و منجر به نقض فاحش حقوق شهروندی هموطنان ترک می­شود اقدام گردد.

بی تردید اِعمال اَعمال فوق در خصوص هویت­طلبانی که طبق آیات قرآن کریم، قانون اساسی جمهوری اسلامی ایران و نیز کنوانسیون­های بین­المللی مورد شناسایی دولت ایران، به فعالیت­های فرهنگی می­پردازند و نسبت به برخی از سیاست­های موجود به صورت قانونی معترضند می­تواند در حد تفتیش عقاید محسوب شود و موجب بدبینی به دولتی گردد که تمام سعی و تلاش آن مطابق گفته کارگزارانش مدافع ارزشهای اسلامی، اصول قانون اساسی و نیز حقوق شهروندی است.


-  نهاد مقام معظم رهبری

-  ریاست محترم مجلس شورای اسلامی

-   ریاست محترم قوه قضائیه

-  وزیران محترم کشور، اطلاعات، دادگستری

-  استانداری محترم آذربایجان­شرقی، آذربایجان­غربی، اردبیل، تهران، زنجان، قم، کردستان، کرمانشاه، گیلان، مرکزی، همدان

-  کانون وکلای استان آذربایجان­شرقی

-  کمسیون حقوق بشر اسلامی

-  خبرگزاری­ها و روزنامه­های کثیرالانتشار

1-ابراهیمی - مهدی

2-آتشي - جواد

3-احمدلو - میثم

4-آزاد - اکبر

5-اسد لو - محمود

6-اسدي - ژیلا


8-اسدی - احمد

9-اسدی آذر - یوسف

10-              اسماعیلی - محمدرضا

11-              اصغر زاده - آيدين

12-              اصغر نيا - امير

13-              افسر - سعيده

14-              آقا زاده- رضا

15-              آقاسي - داود

16-              امامی - بهزاد

17-              اورمان - بولوت

18-              اویسی

19-              ايزدي - سعيد

20-              ايلخچي - رحيم

21-              برقی - مهدی

22-              بهاري - عزيز

23-              بيگدلي- حسين

24-              بیات

25-              بیگی - عباس

26-              پاکدل - پژمان

27-              پور آسيابي - حميد

28-              پيغون - اسفنديار

29-              پيلي- ياشار

30-              تاجری - بویوک

31-              تقی زاده

32-              جعفر زاده - الناز

33-              جلالي- الناز

34-              جليل نژاد- سلطانعلي

35-              جمشيدي- سيد مصطفي

36-              جهانگاه - گلناز

37-              جوادي - فريدون

38-              چليپا - سعيد

39-              حامدی - سعید

40-              حريريان - مهدي

41-              حسن زاده - عظيم

42-              حسنپور -

43-              حسنی - بهزاد

44-              حسين علي زاده - اسماعيل

45-              حسینی - مجید

46-              حسینی - مصطفی

47-              حکمتی - سمیه

48-              خدائی

49-              خسروبیگی - رضا

50-              خلخالي - آراز

51-              داوری اسکوئی - المیرا

52-              دستمالچی - فریدون

53-              دلی داغلی - افشین

54-              دیدار- سیما

55-              ذوالفقاري- سعيد

56-              راد پور - هاشم

57-              راستگو

58-              راهور- مهدی

59-              رحیمی - حبیب

60-              رستمی - تایماز

61-              رسول زاده

62-              رضايي - بهمن

63-              رضايي - علي

64-              رضايي- هادي

65-              رهبرمنش - امیر

66-              روح الله نژاد

67-              سرابي - بابک

68-              سعیدی - روح الله

69-              سعیدی - مهین

70-              سلامي - بهزاد

71-              سلیمی - مهدی

72-              سمیعی نیا - اسماعیل

73-              سيدين زاده – مير قاسم

74-              شاهوردي – روح ا...

75-              شاهوردی - روح الله

76-              شعبانی - حمید

77-              شفاعت - يونس

78-              شکری - محمد

79-              شکوهي زاده - جهان

80-              شیرمحمدی - وحید

81-              صادقی - ثریا

82-              صالحی - میلاد

83-              صحرائی - هادی

84-              صدیقی - مجتبی

85-              صفری

86-              صمدلی - فرزاد

87-              ظهیرنژاد - بهروز

88-              عادلي - شاهين

89-              عبادی - قاسم

90-              عباسي - بهنام

91-              عباسي - عادل

92-              عباسی - بهنام

93-              عباسیان - روح الله

94-              عبد ا... پور-  افشين

95-              عبدالله پور- افشین

96-              عبدالهي - مهدي

97-              عبدالهی - مهدی

98-              عبدي - آيدين

99-              عبدي- موسي

100-          عجبي فرشباف - رحيم

101-          عزتی - وحید

102-          عسگری - محمد

103-          عطاري - پيمان

104-          علمشاه - رسول

105-          علي ياري دولت آباد - جابر

106-          عليپور – مهدي

107-          علیپور - غفور

108-          عليزاده -

109-          عليزاده - حسين

110-          عليزاده - فرناز

111-          عليزاده - مهدي

112-          عليمحمدي - رسول

113-          علیزاده - ناصرالدین

114-          غايبي - هادي

115-          غدیری

116-          غفارزادگان - مريم

117-          فتاحي – مير سعيد

118-          فرج زاده  - الهام

119-          فرشي- عليرضا

120-          فرشيد فر - فرشيد

121-          فرشی - علیرضا

122-          فضلی - امیر

123-          قربانی

124-          قنبری

125-          قویدل - امیر

126-          قيز کندي-

127-          کاظم زاده - حسن

128-          کامراني نصب - اسماعيل

129-          کرمی - اکبر

130-          گل محمدزاده - میثم

131-          لطفی

132-          محمد زاده – علي اصغر

133-          محمدخانی - ژیلا

134-          محمدزاده

135-          محمدلو

136-          محمدي – شهرام

137-          محمدي رنجبر - کريم

138-          محمدي نسب - جعفر

139-          محمدی - سینا

140-          محمدی - شهرام

141-          محمدی - محمدحسن

142-          محمدی - مهدی

143-          محمودي - توحيد

144-          محمودی - محمدعلی

145-          مخبر دوران-  عطا ا...

146-          مرتضوي- مرتضي

147-          مرتضوی - مرتضی

148-          مسبوقي - فرناز

149-          معصومي - عليرضا

150-          ملکي - اصغر

151-          ممقاني - آيدين

152-          مهاجري - ژيلا

153-          مهدوی

154-          مهدوی - کریم

155-          موسوي راد – سيد علي

156-          موسوی

157-          ميراني - نادر

158-          میرزاخانی - جعفر

159-          نادری - بهروز

160-          نجاري - سعيد

161-          نجفي - مهدي

162-          نجفی - فرامرز

163-          نصرتی - شیرین

164-          نصیری

165-          نعمت زاده - رحيم

166-          نعمتی

167-          نعیمی - سعید

168-          نعیمی - عباس

169-          نوروزي – صفي ا...

170-          نوری - محمد

171-          نيک اختري -

172-          نیکخواه - یعقوب

173-          هاشم زاده - فاطمه

174-          هاشمی - منصور

175-          هوشیار- یوسف

176-          وزینی - مصطفی

177-          وطن سئور- صابر

178-          ولی زاده - رضا

179-          يوسفي رضايي - الياس

  Azərbaijani Turkic

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