Date: 26 March 2006

To                 Amnesty International, London                 

CC          (i)   The UN Committee on Human Rights, New York

(This branch of Amnesty International issued a report on 26 February 2006, which also addressed Southern Azerbaijan; Ref:

(ii)  The UN High Commission on Human Rights, Geneva

Dear Mrs. Harrison


Waves of repression against Southern Azerbaijanis have escalated drastically since the election of the last president of Iran and in particular during the last two months. Various correspondences to you in recent months bear witness to this including our letters: Ref 309/2006 on 25 January 2006, Ref. 311/2006 on 18 February 2006, Ref. 312/2006 on 04 March 2006 and Ref. 313/2006 on15 March 2006. We have also kept you informed by copying you our letters to Mr. Kofi Annan, the General Secretary of the UN, regarding the poignant state of Southern Azerbaijanis fighting for justice through democratic means despite the iron-fist policies of Iranian rule, e.g. our letters Ref. 301/2005 on 22 November 2005 and Ref. 308/2006 on 09 January 2006.

The impact of Iranian repression against Southern Azerbaijanis is escalating daily while awaiting the materialisation of a serious protest by international organisations. Victims of this repression are having extortionate bail terms imposed upon them as their only means of temporary freedom though the majority are condemned to excruciating jail terms. Journalism is also under attack and these include closing down of Shemsi Tebriz in published Tebriz and Umidi Zenjan published in Zenjan in the last 4-5 years.  Others are under severe restrictions and these include daily newspapers of: Nevidi Azerbaijan published in Urmu and Araz published in Erdebil. Azerbaijani is the only language of discourse within 30 million Southern Azerbaijanis but these daily newspapers have been served with ultimatum in the course of the last two weeks.                        

As you know, security agents keep threatening and terrifying families through their midnight raids, interrogations, seeking confessions under duress and aggressively dealing with those resisting their arbitrary treatments. This state of terror has increased to the extent that 513 persons have raised a petition with the participation of many poets, writers, intellectuals, journalists and well known individuals. The petition is directed to the head of the Office of Justice in Tebriz, demanding the immediate halting of this ongoing inexplicable situation. We are sending this source letter to you together with its English translation including the transcription of the under-signatories. We emphasise the importance of supporting these repressed individuals.

As reflected in our letters so far, undermining the resolution of our people is the strategy pursued by the Iranian authorities by subjecting their victims to all-round assaults, shrouding their heinous acts by arbitrarily arresting thousands of people, imposing hefty bail terms or passing heavy sentences.

We are providing the list of Southern Azerbaijani prisoners of conscience trapped in prisons and insistently seek your help in saving the lives of these people by offering your support to:

  1. Mr. Hidayet Zakir,                           Tebriz Prison
  2. Mr. Javad Abbasi,                            Tebriz Prison
  3. Mr. Məhəmməd Fərshi,                    Tebriz Prison
  4. Mr. Aghazade Harayi,                    Tebriz Prison
  5. Mr. Davud Ezimzade                       Maragha Prison
  6. Mr. Ibrahim Muini,                          Tebriz Prison
  7. Mr. Mehemmed Huseyn Okhtayi,  Tebriz Prison
  8. Mr. Hesen Ehsani,                            Tebriz Prison
  9. Mr. Emir Elevi,                                Tebriz Prison
  10. Mr. Behruz Elizade,                         Erdebil Prison
  11. Mr. Meherrem Xoshnami,                Tebriz Prison
  12. Mr. Eyyub Rezevi,                           Tebriz Prison
  13. Mr. Ebulfezl Fethi,                           Tebriz Prison
  14. Mr. Keyvan Neimi,                          Tebriz Prison
  15. Mr. Yashar Meqami Islami,             Tebriz Prison
  16. We shall determine and imminently provide you the names of the prisoners in Southern Azerbaijani cities of Khiyov (Meshgin-sheher) and Zenjan

I wish to add that according to our sources, one purpose behind these inhumane and illegal harsh policies is a futile preparation against the annual Babek Castle march. In spite of this, our people are preparing for this annual event on a monumental scale and we are expecting half a million people to assemble in the castle environs.

This demonstration takes place every year on the first Friday of July. Once again we request you to dispatch your envoys to take part in this Assembly and to report back on its proceedings. This would also provide an opportunity for your envoys to meet Southern Azerbaijani political prisoners. Based on contemplating their report, I am also happy to help you and contribute towards meeting a certain amount of their expenses through our Committee.

Yours Sincerely

Boyuk Resuloglu


The Committee for Defending the Rights of the World Azerbaijanis

Together with this letter there are 7 documents in this correspondence, as detailed below:

  1. This letter by DunAzHAK
  2. The English translation of the Petition in the form of Open Letter issued in Tebriz
  3. Yashar Hekkakpur speaks out of the ordeal he suffered
  4. The English transcription of the under-signatory names
  5. The source document of the Petition in the form of Open Letter issued in Tebriz
  6. The source document by Yashar Hekkakpur
  7. The source document of the under-signatory names


  1. UN representatives of the USA, UK, France, and Germany.
  2. UN representatives of Republic of Azerbaijan (Northern) and Turkey
  3. General Secretariat of the European Council
  4. News Papers: London times, Washington Post, Lomond, FAZ in Germany, Musavat, Yeni Azerbaycan, Ayna, Zaman
  5. Radio and TV: Radio Liberty, BBC, Voice of America, Aljazeera, Radio Israel and GunAz TV
  6. Azerbaijani website: Azad tribun, Tribun and Shamsi
  7. DunAzHAK Representatives in the various countries

DOCUMENT 2: (See also Source: Document 5)

A Petition Describing the Protest of Hundreds of Authentic and Legal Personalities for the Defence of Civil Rights of the Nation of Azerbaijan (Southern)

This is a petition undersigned by hundreds of authentic and legal Turkic personalities as a protest and is in the defence of civil, cultural, economic and social rights of the nation of Azerbaijan (Southern). This is also a response to the inexplicable detentions conducted against activists establishing our Turkic identity, where detentions took place in the course of the last winter in cities across Azerbaijan proper e.g. Zenjan, Tebriz, Maragha, Qum, Eher, Khoy, Meshgin-sheher (Khiyov) and Erdebil.

This petition, published as an open letter to the head of the Office of Justice of the Province of Eastern Azerbaijan, expressly emphasising on illegal acts of the authorities in the cities of Maragha. The letter demands the authorities to comply with the citizens’ rights of Turkic Azerbaijanis and to stop illegal acts by judiciary offices.

Khisrov QASIMI,

An Independent Journalist from Tebriz

In the name of god

Our fight for justice starts from the Office of Justice!

Date 8 February 2006 (the day of Ashura)

Re       Open Letter to

            The Honourable Head of the Department of Justice of Eastern Azerbaijan


The undersigned persons (see Document 4), as an integral part of citizen of Azerbaijan (Southern) respectfully remind you that:

  1. According to the Constitution and other related laws, Justice Departments are responsible for the realisation of rights and the resolution of animosity and on certain times for acting proactively.
  2. According to the 4th Program of Economical, Social and Cultural Development, the Justice system is responsible for preventing ethnic discrimination.
  3. With reference to authentic religious books of Shia Islamic traditions, determinations of Shia Imams and legislations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we stress that the establishment of Justice is an important duty of the Islamic government in the sector of Justice.
  4. According to the holy laws of Islam and also the Constitution, as well as international conventions relating to human rights, recognised in Item 9 of the law on civil rights, the ethnic groups are recognised as equals by law. By way of this law, these ethnic groups, Turks, Persians, Kurds, Arabs, … must enjoy equal rights related to social, economical, legal … affairs. Therefore all citizens of Iran (including Turkic speakers in Iran) are entitled to preserve and strengthen their language, culture and own identities.

Regrettably, despite existing legal frameworks, Azerbaijanis (Southern) are deprived of their rights as individuals, as an ethnic group and as a nation. There is an absence of education in our mother tongue, a failure to implement our economic rights in diverse sectors and in general an absence of a framework to confer our rights recognised by international conventions and approved by the National parliament and Islamic Councils …

A great number of individuals seeking the establishment of our rights on political, cultural, art, social and legal fronts are subjected to all sorts of judiciary repressions year after year. In general these individuals not only do not get fair trials but are subjected to further injustice by the Offices of Justice purely for the reason of seeking justice.

Trial courts are well versed in irrelevant sentences and expression including: propaganda against the order of the country; conspiring to break the internal security of the country; spying; organising illegal parties and their membership (in general these are followed by penal codes of Item 498 – 502 of the Islamic penal codes).

In addition, it is quite typical for the authorities to prevent selection of one’s own lawyer; to not conduct open and fair trials; … Other typical tactics employed include: arresting without warrant followed by physical violence; subjecting prisoners of conscience to psychological pressures including threatening family members … Upon implementing the court sentences typical injustices include: denying these political prisoners the rights appropriate to prisoners, e.g. day release, reconsideration of sentences and conditional discharge. An illustration of the above includes the case of Mr Yashar Hekkak-pur, attached as Document 3, below.

In conclusion, the undersigned persons (see Document 4) insistently demand you, as the highest organ of justice in the province, to pass appropriate orders to halt these illegal acts in the department of Justice and to remove all these breaches in justice.

DOCUMENT 3: (See also Source: Document 6)

Mr. Yashar Hekkakpur speaks out of the ordeal he suffered

Yashar Hekkakpur:


Illegal acts imposed upon me during my detention


I was arrested without warrant. When I demanded to see the order summoning me from the security agents, they bundled me into their car. When I objected to their manner of treating me and arresting me without a court order, one of the agents pressed my neck with his hands, as if strangling me and used force to suffocate me. They threatened that if I did not remain silent, they would handcuff me and using an instrument in their hand they will beat me up until I lose my consciousness.


When I was in Maragha and even when transferred to Tebriz, I was blindfolded, despite my continuous objections.


I was not taken to court for three days. It should be noted that according to the law, one cannot be detained without charge for more than 24 hours.


My objections were typically followed by the response that I could be detained as long as the authorities wished. I was told: you have learned things from these treacherous newspapers but do not forget that we can do whatever we wish.


The interrogator used foul language and insulted my system of beliefs during my detention. He attributed ongoing events to Seyyid Mohhamad Khatami and regarded people like me as infidels and deserving of death. He claimed that I was connected with America and England and that I was a spy.


The above person insisted that I was a member of evil forces and that all I read about, discuss and/or talk about are rubbish and nothing more. He stated that anyone capable of accessing the Internet is an agent of the enemy and he attributed this to the program of monitoring emails by Pentagon, who owns yahoo and each bit of information is processed by America before reaching their final destination. Thus, he regarded the act of emailing as committing to a great offence.


The interrogator kept talking about Mujahideens, mentioning that he himself had seen many of them to their execution track. He told me to repent and read the Quranic verse on repenting.


When interrogating me, he compared me with the Munafiqs (as Khomeini branded the members of the Popular Mojaheeds Organisation) and was not interested in my objections that there were nothing in common between me and them.  His mind appeared set in regarding my friends and I as armed forces mobilised against the Islamic order. As he regarded himself a Hezbollah, he disregarded my opinions demanding education in Turkic Azerbaijani in our schools as conferred by Item 15 of the Constitution and felt free to insult our Turkic identity.


I was accused of things unrelated to my activities, or demands. At the detention centre of Maragha, Mr. Peyghami, a religious person, referred to the opinions of Ayatollah Hassan Beheshti claiming that Persian and Arabic were the world supreme languages. Since these were the words of this particular Ayatollah and these languages were the languages of the paradise, it was stated that our Turkic language was not of importance and could become extinct.


One of the colleagues of Peyghami, who was from Tebriz and had the pseudonym Behmeni, interrogated me on the third day. His approach was initially tough and I was threatened with long term imprisonment and torture. On realising that his threats were ineffective and in the face of my continued protestations emphasisng my legal rights, he softened somewhat and assumed pretentious friendliness. He made accusations that my cultural and social activities are incompatible with what is legally allowed. As my activities within the university are all within law, I expressed surprise when he regarded them as illegal. I gave an example regarding a complaint petition against the arbitrary behaviour of a group of security agents and emphasised our rights and the unacceptable acts of the authorities. He responded angrily that in claiming to promote culture and pledging allegiance to Azerbaijanis, we were traitors and in attending the annual Babek Castle Assembly, we were committing unholy acts and were, in consequence, dishonourable people.


My interrogator got so angry that he came out of his cell with 1.5-2 m of me; walked towards me to say: “tell your friends that we will cut their ears (i.e. punish) as and when we wish!”


Failing to get a confession, he angrily left the room saying that he is from another city, very busy and cannot stay in Maragha everyday, wishing me to remain in prison until I rot.


After three days from my detention at 23.00 nighttime, I was informed that the Judge has arrived to explain my accusations to me. They took me to the interrogation room of the detention centre of the security office. The judge asked me the meaning of the term “Southern Azerbaijan” and I furnished him with some information and who uses this term. The Judge after a few questions regarding the student journal of Zenjan Sozleri and various news websites, he explained the charge against insulting to the “religious guardianship” (Vilayet Feqih) by referring to a news item appeared in a website.


With the information that I have on the Internet websites, I tried to convince the judge that I only refer to these sites to read them and I have no connection with that particular website. However, he said that apparently I have their password and type directly their news items and the insult to religious guardianship and the recorded article was apparently my doing.


I was really shocked of his accusations. On the second round he explained my accusations by accusing me of spying and spreading propaganda against the regime and in favour of forces rejecting the regime. My efforts were in vain that I was only active in the University of Zenjan on student affairs and (despite being from Maragha) was not active in Maragha; adding that my student activities were all within legal framework and within the university; our activities were evaluated by authorities within the university. He refused to accept my explanations and was adamant that our little groups are engaged in illegal activities to destabilize the country under the name of Green Azerbaijan and The House of Azerbaijanis.


As I was only active in the House of Azerbaijanis of the university in cultural and social aspects with an official licence issued by the National Organisation for Youth, I considered the accusations irrelevant (I guess a spy would not be fired with such as a scale of accusations). Thus I was stunned and by way of protest to these arbitrary accusations, I resorted to hunger strike.


An interesting point was that after ending the interrogation, we were ordered to sign a number of documents at 3.45 in the morning. These were describing my transfer (Yashar Hekkakpur) and Davud Ezimzade to the department of Justice. However, I noted the need to record the time, the place and date and this upset them. After this, I also signed the minutes of the meeting that was compiled by the judge describing my detention until the second notice, where he had left blank the specific data on the date of detention and release.


After 8 days, I and my friend Ezimzade were transferred to security offices in Tebriz. The following day we were interrogated in a dark room with no air conditioning and one felt suffocated. In spite of my interrogations running into some 70 pages in Maragha, I was interrogated again in Tebriz with the log running into some 60 pages. I was under both psychological and physical pressure (the physical pressure was exacerbated by my hunger strike). Their interrogations (4 hours in the morning and 6 hours in the afternoon) took place in that dark room and outside these hours I was being transferred to a dark room. During all 9 days that I was interrogated, I was blindfolded during the interrogation times and the transfers to the interrogation room in the Department of Intelligence (Ittilaat or Ettelaat). Haji Murtuza, the leader of the interrogation team, told me that they have obtained orders from the Judge to detain us for one month, adding that the Judge obeys their instructions and it is easier than “drinking water” to extend the detention period for another month.


Besides interrogations, every day I had the allowance of fresh air but this was in a back yard 3m by 3m and like a castle it had 8m high walls and naturally it was semi-dark and very boring. Also here I had the opportunity for my line thought of contemplating the accusations, including antirevolutionary, branding my university and intellectual activities as terrorist or destabilizing the country (where any such activity should be evaluated by the university); I was very concerned and my morale was undermined when accused of connecting me to America and England; I was frequently compared with Munafiqs, or “we could easily imprison you for 10 years or more for these accusations.”


They regarded me and people like me as betrayers and foreign agents. At the end we were told the only way to our freedom is by signing what they want. As we were not in a good psychological and physical duress we gave in to write false statements tantamount to the following “the articles in Zenjan Sozleri are all false and illegal and I have distribution this periodical outside the university and take responsibility for these.”


I was under pressure in the detention centre to call my family and call them to keep silence about my detention. Also I was asked to call S. Metinpur (a friend of mine in Zenjan) and inform him that if my arrest is aired internationally including my arrest and detention and my fathers interview with foreign radios, then this will be reflected on my file and my sentences will be harsher. Also my family may face with appropriate hardships.


For the first time, I saw the Judge and observed severe accusations against me. As I do not understand law much, I demanded to have a lawyer of my confidence, and I stated that I do not know my rights and the accusations are undue and severe. The Judge said no lawyer is necessary.


Also, when I saw the Judge in the second round in Maragha, I described him that I was under psychological and physical duress and suffered a box on ear by Mr. Peyghami, the interrogator of Maragha. The Judge reminded me of charges against insults to the foundations of the country and angrily dismissed me saying in anger go away.


I was transferred from Tebriz to Maragha Prison and I was still in the detention period and after tracing my fingers for the second time I was dispatched to the prison, first quarantined and then placed in the Youth sector of the prison. I was mixed with general prisoners including murderers, thieves and charlatans. I also penetrated their thoughts by sharing my views with them.


One day later, a clergyman, who was in charge of the cultural unit of the prison, was promoting a poetry session in front of the prison Mosque. I recited here a poem by Bulud Qarachurlu titled “But I do claim to be from a superior race …”.


The clergyman was cynical of my recited poem and said that religion is superior to everything including language. As I never take language second to religion, I therefore defended my thoughts. This provoked the clergyman (Mr. Pashai who is from the Southern Azerbaijani city of Maki) and threatened me to be transferred to Section 1 of the prison, allocated to dangerous prisoners and full of drugs, drug-dealers and swindlers. I was eventually transferred there and naturally I said do whatever you wish.


This situation continued for one month, after which I was set free having met a hefty bail of amounting 800,000,000 riyal (approximately $100,000).


DOCUMENT 4: (See also Source: Document 7)

Transcription of Under-signatories


The undersigned individuals:


1       Yashar Ibrahimi-zade        2       Mrs. Solmaz Ibrahim-zade   3       Mrs. Elman Ibrahimi

4       Pedram Ibrahimi               5       Hesen Ibrahimi                     6       Qafar Ibrahimi

6       Meherrem Ibrahimi           7       Huseyn Ejr-khah                  8       Hesen Ejr-khah

9       Semed Ehedi-vend           10     Oruj Ehmed-pur                   11     Nasir Ehmedi       

12     Yunis Zare’un                   13     Behnam Ustad Abbasli        14     Mehemmed Esedi

15     Mehdi Esedi                      16     Aydin Eslan Oghlu              17     Huseyn Ismaili

18     Rehber Ismaili                   19     Sehend Efshari                     20     Huseyn Iqbali Koyij

21     Ebulfezl Ekberi                 22     Eli Ekremi                            23     Mensur Imami

24     Qulamrza Emani Qaraguni 25     Araz Enveri                          26     Seid Enveri

27     Kerim Ehemmi                  28     Araz Abadi                          29     Yusuf Abadi-khah

30     Mehemmed Atesh-Efruz Hokmabad                                      31     Yunis Aramish

32     Rza Aghai                         33     Murad Agha-pur                  34     Aghshin Aghai

35     Abdulla Al-javanan           36     Kerim Amaqli                      37     Mrs. Nahid Babazade

38     Ferid Baqirzade               39     Ehed Baqiri                          40     Mrs. Re’na Bavili 

41     Mrs. Nida Bavili               42     Mehemmed Bayrami            43     Atabek Bekhtever

44     Babek Bekhtever              45     Jahanbekhsh Bekhtever       46     Chingiz Bekhtever

47     Ibrahim Bedeli                  48     Hesen Bedeli                        49     Abdulla Bedeli

50     Eli Beraderan                    51     Eli Berazende                       52     Sabir Berzgerzade

53     Mehemmedrza Bezzazi     54     Emir Abbas Bennai Kazimi 55     Javad Bahari Tebrizi

56     Ehmed Behrami                57     Qulameli Bibak                    58     Husheng Pervay

59     Eli Pervinpur                     60     Emir Penahi                          61     Hemid Penahi

62     Taghi Purbaqiri                  63     Elirza Purbekhsheli              64     Mrs. Semiyye Purjelili

65     Hemid Purveli                   66     Eziz Purveli                          67     Esger Purian

68     Aresh Pirzade                    69     Mrs. Shehin Pirzade             70     Mejid Pirzade

71     Perviz Tariverdizade         72     Rustem Tari                          73     Mustafa Tari         

74     Altay Tebrizli                    75     Eli Tebrizi                             76     Resul Turkanpur

77     Taghi Tevanmend             78     Yashar Turkoghlu                79     Sevil Tirendaz

80     Seyyad Tirendaz               81     Ekber Timar                         82     Mrs. Feride Jeferi

83     Araz Jeliloghlu                  84     Rza Jeliloghlu                       85     Sadiq Jeferi

86     Seyyad Jeferi                    87     Seyyad Jeferi                       88     Araz Jeliloghlu

89     Rza Jeliloghlu                    90     Mehemmed Jeliloghlu          91     Behzad Jelili

92     Sina Jelili                           93     Yaver Jemali                        94     Nusret Jendeqi

95     Yaqub Jahangirzbade        96     Yusuf Jahangirzade             97     Huseyn jahani

98     Eli Javadpur                      99     Mehdi Javadpur                   100   Mehdi Javadpur

101   Mehemmedeli Javangruh  103   Rehman Chopani                 104   Eyrej Haziqi

105   Javad Hebibzade               106   Ehmed Hesenpur                 107   Mahmud Hesenpur

108   Resul Hesenzade               109   Mrs. Peri Hesenzade            110   Shahin Heseni

111   Muhibb-ulla Huseynzade  112   Javad Huseynzade               113   Huseyn Huseynzade

114   Siyamek Huseynelizade    115   Umid Huseyni                      116   Nurullah Huseynian

117   Ehmed Nusreti                  118   Elesger Hezreti                     119   Leyla Heyderi

120   Eli Khalitabadi                  121   Eli Khanzade                       122   Mehdi Khudadi

123   Ismayil Khudadai             124   Mehemmed Khetibi             125   Qulu Khelefi

126   Allahverdi Khelili             127   Emir Khelili                          128   Jabrayil Khelili

129   Sadiq Khelil                      130   Hesen Khun-Jahan               131   Huseyn Khun-Jahan

132   Ehed Khiyabani                133   Mukhtar Khiyabani              134   Kerim Kheyberi

135   Aytan Donmez                  136   Settar Dadkhah                    137   Eli Daghchi

138   Araz Danishver                 139   Boyuk Dani                          140   Hesen Daveri

141   Heyder Daveri                  142   Ufuq Derdmend                  143   Babek Derdmend

144   Eli Deliri                            145   Hesen Demirchi                   146   Eli Dehqan

147   Rza Dehqannejad              148   Ibrahim Dehqannejad          149   Husheng Dibavend

150   Elirza Ruba’I                     151   Javad Rejebzade                  152   Ibrahim Restgari

153   Behram Rustemvend        154   Huseyn Rustemi                   155   Mohsun Rzanur

156   Erdalan Rzai                     157   Okhtay Rezevi                     158   Heseni Rezevi

159   Yashar Rezevi                   160   Hesen Ruhullapur                161   Haray Ruqeddi

162   Elirza Zare’                       163   Qulamrza Zare’                    164   Emir Zahid

165   Mehdi Zahid                     166   Hesen Zahidi                        167   Sevil Zahidi

168   Sejjad Ziyneti                    169   Ehed Zini-beyli (Beyglu)     170   Aysan Salarzade

171   Elirza Serdari                    172   Mrs. Arzu Serdari                173   Mrs. Sanaz Serdari

174   Dariyush Se’idi                 175   Qadir Sultani                        176   Eli Siyasi

177   Yusuf Eli Seyferi              178   Mrs. Arzu Shadi                   179   Hemid Shafe’i

180   Sadiq Sherifi                     181   Nasir Shikuhi                       182   Mrs. Nahid Shikuhi

183   Yedullah Shekibi              184   Emir Shukri                          185   Yusuf Shukri

186   Behzad Shehriyari             187   Yaqub Shehriyari                 188   Ismayil Shixli

189   Yar-Mehemmed Sane’i     190   Yusuf Shirinpur                   191   Yedulla Sahibqelem

192   Aydin Sadiqi                     193   Yusuf Sadiqi                        194   MehemmedRza Sadiqi

195   Yaqub Sehrai                    196   Elirza Serrafi                        197   Hesen Seferzade

198   Behruz Seferi                    199   Meqsud Seferi                      200   Mrs. Minu Seferi

201   Ibrahim Terefi                   202   Resul Telai                           203   Seid Telai

204   Saleh Adili                        205   Hadi Adili                            206   Mahmud Adili Qalibaf

207   Sabir Ali                            208   Jefer Amili                           209   Ekber Imadpur

210   Mrs. Ziba Ibadpur             211   Javid Ibadi                           212   Khisro Ibadi

213   Araz Ibadi-nejad               214   Eli Abbaspur                        215   Behzad Abbaszade

216   Mohsun Abbaszade          217   Elyar Abbasi                        218   Hesen Ebdurehmani (Umudoglu)

219   Himayet Abdullah-nejad  220   Sabir Abdullahi                    221   Ilyas Abdullahi

222   Taymaz Abdullahi             223   Shukrulla Abdullahi             224   Sabir Abdullahi

225   Taghi Ebdi                        226   Mehemmed Ebdi                 227   Mahmud Ebdi

228   Huseyn Ebdi                     229   Abbas Ebdi                          230   Mehemmed Ezizi

231   Eli Ezimi                           232   Javad Eli Meded-nejad        233   Mehemmed Elipur

234   Hemid Elizade                  235   Mehdi Elizade                      236   Hebib Endelib

237   Mustafa Evezpur               238   Ayaz Qulampur                    239   Babek Qulamzade

240   Mrs. Ayda Qulami            241   Abbas Qulami                      242   Subhan Fethi

243   Qulamhuseyn Feridi          244   Heyder Qabil                       245   Elirza Qasimpur

246   Qulamrza Qasimpur          247   Rehim Qasimi                      248   Mehemmedrza Qasimi

249   Hamid Qarazad                 250   Ibrahim Qurbanzade            251   Eli Qurbanzade

252   Resul Qurbani                   253   Erirza Qashqayi                    254   Hesen Qishlaqi

255   Hesen Qishlaqi                  256   Ekber Qenberi                      257   Babek Qojaoghlu

258   Ferhad Qevidel                 259   Hadi Kave                            260   Zulfuqar kemali

261   Ershed Kazimi                  262   Evez Kazimi                         263   Babek Kerimi

264   Mrs. Reyhane Kerimi        265   Semed Gulmehemmedzade 266   Seid Metinpur

267   Elirza Mohsuni                  268   Jelaleddin Mehemmedpur    269   Ayet Mehemmed Jeferi

270   Aytan Mehemmedi           271   Babek Mehemmedi              272   Seyyar Mehemmedi

273   Elirza Mehemmedi            274   Nesrin Mehemmedi              275   Nevid Mehemmedi

276   Terane Mehemmedi Esl    277   Mehdi Mahmudi                  278   Mrs. Arzu Mededi

279   Savalan Mededi                280   Behruz Merendi                   281   Sohrab Muruvveti

282   Mehemmed Muruvveti     283   Hamid Mesudi                     284   Jefer Me’teri

285   Settar Muqeddem             286   Eli Muqeddem                     287   Esger Muni’

288   Ekber Muhajiri                  289   Mrs. Semiyye Muhajiri         290   Esed Mehri

291   Rza Muvehhidi                 292   Mir Seyid Musevi Kurdler   293   Mehemmedrza Munis

294   Mehemmed Mirzai            295   Bayram Mirzazade               296   Elirza Nasir

297   vehid Nahi                        298   Ebulfezl Nesiri                     299   Nasir Nezmi

300   Qadir Ne’metzade            301   Emir Nefisi                           302   Ferhad Nuri

303   Mehdi Nuri                       304   Yusuf Nuri                           305   Selman Nevidi

306   Mohsun Hashimi               307   Babek Herekli                      308   Mrs. Sona Herekli

309   Mazyar Herekli                 310   Ibrahim Hummetju               311   Eli Hummeti

312   Mehdi Hummeti                313   Mehdi Vahid                        314   Sirus Vehdani

315   Firuz Vehdani                   316   Emir vehid                           317   Saman Vehid Qurbani

318   Javad Vehidi                     319   Elesger Vehidi                     320   Meherrem Velipur

321   Ekber Velipur                    322   Shirvan Velipur                    323   Behnam Vahabpur

324   Eli Vahabpur                     325   Qulamrza Vahabpur             326   Hesen Yarmez

327   ehed Yari                          328   Haj-Ehmed Yari                   329   Mehemmed Yegane

330   Hamid Yeganepur            


Protests expressed separately by publishing organisations, foundations or social associations and individuals, a list of which is given below:


331   The Islamic Association of Zenjan University Students       

332   A group of student of Tehran University

333   A group of religious students of Hemedan-Azerbaijanis

334   A group of teachers, writers and social and cultural activists of Zenjan

335   The Islamic Society of the Students of Zenjan University

336   The Central Council of the Islamic Society Of Zenjan University

337   Women’s Voice

338   The new wave Cultural and Social Centre of Zenjan University

339   The third generation Centre for Cultural and Social of Zenjan University

340   The Centre for Cultural and Social of xxx of Zenjan University

341   The Publication Centre of Zenjan University

342   The Collective of Azerbaijani Academics

343   The Peak Periodical                                                               

344   The Anima Periodical

345   The Periodical of Wet Birds                                                  

346   The Periodical Blackboard                                                     

347   The Periodical Zenjan Sozleri

348   The Periodical Sheyda

349   The Periodical Qizil Ozen                                                      

350   The Periodical Focus

351   The Periodical New Waves                                                    

352   The Periodical Sole Heritage

353   The Periodical Third generation

354   The periodical Vejin


Name added recently:

354   Murtuza Ibrahim-nejad     355   Seid Erdebili                        356   vedud Esedi

357   Mrs. Jila Esedi                   358   Mehemmed Islami               359   Ekber Islami

360   Hesen Esgeri                     361   Esger Ekberzade                  362   Siyavush Ekberzade

363   Emir Huseyn Ekberi          364   Kerim Allahverdi                 365   Kerim Allahverdi

366   Ferzan Imami                    367   Milad Emrai                         368   Resul Umidi

369   Ehmetulla Enzelili             370 Aydin Anqoti                         371 Eli Envari   

372   Ekber Azad                       373   Boyuk Ayetullahi                 374   Eli Babai

375   Eli Babai                           376   Hesen Balazade                   377   Isfendyar Bavefa

378   Ebulfezl Bejani                 379   Behzad Bekhtyar                 380   Shehruz Bekhtyar

381   Huseyn Purbabai               382   Iman Purqasimi                    383   Iman Purqasim

383   Jelal Teqevi                       384   Fatime Tovhidi                     385   Mohsun Tovhidi

386   Mohsun Jabbari                 387   Ekber Jiddi                           388   Babek Jiddi

389   Mohsun Jelali                    390   Rovshen Javanshir               391   Mehemmed Javanshir

392   Dariyush Hatemi               393   Davud Huseynzade             394   Khisro Heqqi

395   Huseyn Khalkhali             396   Mahmud Khiyabani Tebrizi 397   Yusuf Dadashi

398   Sadiq Dadger                    399   Suleyman Daghli                  400   Ramin Dervish-nejad

401Ehmed Dildade                    402   Ferhad Dunyadide               403   Nasir Devvar

404   Fershid Dilmeqani             405   Shehram Radmehr               406   Sejjad Radmehr

407   Behnam Radmehr             408   Haleh Radmehr                    409   Emin Radmehr

410   Vehid reshidi                    411   Elshen Reshidi                     412   Ismayil Reshidi

413   Arif Reshidi                      414   Vezir Reshidi                       415   Ruhulla Reshidi

416   Eli Rzai                             417   Ferhad Rzai                          418   Nasir Rzapur

419   Khelil Rzai                        420   Ferhad Rzai                          421   Mohsun Refi’i

422   Fethulla Zeynebi               423   Yehya Samanli                     424   Taha Seadeti

425   Adil Seadeti                      426   Eli Seidi                               427   Perviz Seyyai

428   Heyder Shadi                    429   Ehed Sherifzade                  430   Umid Shukri

431   Seljuq Shehbazi                 432 Misem Sheykhi                      433   Ramin Sadiq Esl

434   Eli Sadiq Berzger              435   Mehemmed Sebri                 436   Ferzad Semedli

437   Esger Seyfi Jahani             438   Esger Abbaszade                 439   Eli Abbasi

440   Shehnam Abbasi               441   Babek Abbasi                       442   Abdulla Abbasi Javan

443   Ruhulla Abbasian              444   Ferid Ebdulelizade               445   Eli Abdullahi

446   Khisro Ebdi                       447   Saleh Edl                              448   Hemdulla Esgeri

449   Qurban Etai                       450   Resul Elm-shahi                   451   Mehdi Elevi

452   Behruz Elizade                  453   Mohsun Elizade                   454   vehid Elizade

456   Shehram Eyvezian            457   Yashar faiqi                          458   Shehram Fettahpur

459   Feramerz fettahi                460   Ibrahim Fethi                       461   Ferhad Feturechi

462   Misem fedai                      463   Elirza fershi                          464   Siyavush Ferhadi

465   Emin fezli                          466   Tovfiq Feyzullahi                 467   Mehemmedrza Qasimi

468   Ibrahim Qasimi                 469   Eli-Mehemmed Qazizade    470 Ne’met Qedr-khudai

471   Arif Qaradaghli                 472   Shemsi keremi                      473   Eng. Hesen Kerimi

474   Atila Kishizade                 475   Abbas Lisani                        476   Huseyn Lisani

477   Rza Lisani                         478   Eli Lisani                              479   Mehdi Lisani

480   Javanshir Lisani                 481   Mehemmed Lisani               482   Bijen Mujabi

483   Qudretulla Mejd               484   Mehdi Mehemmedpur         485   Mejid Mehemmedpur

486   Elirza Mehemmedi            487   Seyyad Mehemmedian        488   Resul Mukhtari

489   Bekhsheli Muradi              490   Ilqar Merendi                       491   Elirza Muqeddesi

492   Sevdim Eli Musevi            493   Seid Mughanli                      494   Salik Movlai

495   Mrs. Ezize Movlai             496   Seyyid mehemmed Miyanci 497   Saleh Mirkazimi

498   Ekrem nejjari                     499   Seid nejjari                          

500   Mehemmed Nejefi Zare’   501   Mahmud Nesiri                    502   Kamal Neimi

503   Abbas neimi                      504   Mehdi Neimi                        505   Mehdi Novruzi

506   Elirza Nikkhah                  507   Yusuf Hushyar                     508   Rehim Vahidi

509   Qafar Vuqari                     510   Mehemmed Yaveri              511   Leyla Yaqubi

512   Ekber Yusufi                     513   Elirza Yusufi Sadat

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