No: 231/03   

 Date: 19/02/03

Respected Mr. Drewery Dyke!                            
Amnesty International/London                         
Copy to:
Mr. Morris Coptorne, the member of Iranian department of United National Human Rights.

In reply to your letter number 228/03 dated on 03.01.03 we wanted to notice that it is going on the anti-human and anti-democratic influences and effects against the active people of the Azerbaijan National Movement in South Azerbaijan. The people who demands the Azerbaijan National Human Rights in the framework of international rules appropriate to laws belonging to democratic fight are gone to prison, to courts and to other organs, their
requests are being rejected.We ask you to supply the sending of juridical board to South Azerbaijan in
order to:
-- To provide open court for Ehmed Azeri and journalist questioning of Ali Suleymani in Erdebil arrested on his file on February 26;
-- To mitigate and cancel the cruel decision made in Tebriz court regarding with the chief editor of the Shemsi Tebriz newspaper, Ali Hamidi Imani;
-- As you know the people who took part in the Shebuster events on December 12 2002 went to prison with fictitious accusations. Most of educated and young people: Mahmud Fazili,Erkin Musevi,Ayet Mehrelibeyli, Eziz Pirveli,
Teymur Nesirifer, Yusif Shahabniya, Hemid Zamani and Huseyn Elilu are being hostage with the hard security in Tebriz and Urumiye courts. To meet in order to reveal the truth and to release them defending their rights;
-- To provide the meeting with Mehendis Qulamrza Emani and Mehemmed Meliki whose blame is in the demanding of common national rights and  who  have being arrested in Tebriz for 3 years, to mitigate their files and to supply their freedom because of their innocence.We ask you to provide the visit of a juridical delegation to South Azerbaijan.

With best regards

 World Azerbaijanians Rights Defence Committee

 Azərbaijani Turkic

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